7 Traits of Crystal Children

7 traits of crystal chilidren

7 Traits of Crystal Children

Crystal children. It’s a pretty common belief today that kids learn more in a shorter amount of time. And why not?

They have the world’s knowledge available to them at the tap of a screen. My kids used to come home from school with homework and I wondered if they were smarter than I was at their age!

Of course, we don’t want to confuse the Crystal children with Indigo Children (who are older), or Rainbow Children (who are younger).

The discovery of Crystal Children started with the Indigo discovery by Nancy Ann Tappe.

So what is a Crystal Child? And what sets Crystal Children apart from the Indigos and Rainbows?

These traits will help you identify a Crystal kid in your life:

1. Opalescent aura

Crystal kids were named for the look of their auras. You see, Crystal auras have a gorgeous hue due to their beautiful and uplifting energy!

  • The auras of Indigo Children are indigo blue, indicating great intuition and clairvoyance.
  • Rainbow Children have a rainbow-like aura radiating health, balance, and connection with divinity.

So cool, right?

2. Wise beyond their years

All the Star Children (Indigos, Rainbows, and Crystals) are old souls. They are quick to forgive, delightful to be around, and even-tempered.

In their early years they are easy to bond with, and may be like no child you have ever met before! These children are affectionate and have come to bring peace to the planet.

If you are lucky enough to have a Crystal kid in your life, you will notice how affectionate they are… like when they offer comfort to other children.

3. Sensitive

These special children are sensitive to:

  • sound
  • color
  • their environment
  • the emotions of others
  • and more

They are empathic to the point of taking on the emotions of others, even to their detriment.

And with their heightened sense of injustice, they are prone to anxiety. That’s because Crystal children yearn to create balance and peace where there is none.

4. Non-verbal

Crystals are very intuitive children, and often know what others are thinking and feeling.

They can communicate in telepathic ways that parents may worry about. For example, they may speak after age two, or be diagnosed with Autism.

Yet, Crystal children are often musical, and may sing before speaking.

They are able to see beyond the “surface” and sense people on a true, soul level. They also carry a peaceful presence and can affect others in a healing, positive way.

5. Connected to nature and animals

Many Crystal children choose to be vegans or vegetarians. This is due to a true love for nature and animals. They are fearless and adventurous in the outdoors, and restless when stuck inside.

They are not as drawn to technology and video games as much as other children. Instead, they prefer being outside with their own imagination.

And of course, they are wonderful pet owners who bond with their animal friends.

6. Need alone time

We don’t usually think of children as needing alone time, but these guys do.

They can experience overwhelm due to their sensitivity, so it’s necessary for them to rest and restore.

Tip: Crystal kids should have a space that they can retreat to — to rest or play until they feel rejuvenated enough to interact again.

7. Magnetic personality

Crystal children have a special sparkle in their eyes, drawing people in.

But they can also be vulnerable to bullying due to other people’s jealousy. Interestingly, they will often feel empathy for the bully.

Once a Crystal child has touched your life, you will love soaking in their affection and unconditional love.

More and more of these brilliant, loving children are being born. It’s a positive sign of our human evolution, as they raise the vibration of the Earth with their kindness.

As parents, we can do a lot to impact positive change when we honor the needs of Crystals. Their wisdom and peaceful healing benefits all beings, and our planet.

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