Psychic Development Tip #5: Use Zener Cards

Zener cards are the funky cards that have shapes on them: Star, wavy lines, circle, square, and a plus sign.

You may remember the scene where Bill Murray’s character uses them in Ghostbusters.

Zener cards can be great fun to practice your psychic development – especially if you are working in a group or have a partner to pair up with.  

It’s REALLY easy. Here are two psychic development exercises that you can do using Zener cards:

psychic development tip using Zener cards
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First, grab a pack of Zener cards.  I’ve never seen them in Walmart or Target, so I ordered mine on Amazon.

Or, you can grab some index cards and draw:

  • a circle on one
  • a square on another
  • wavy lines on the third
  • a star on the fourth card
  • a plus sign on the last card

Zener Card Exercise #1 – Three or more people

Grab your Zener cards and put them in a pile face down.

Grab some friends and sit in a circle.

Pick up one of the cards.  Look at it and concentrate on it.  Don’t show it to anyone.  Hold the card in your lap or put it back in the pile.

Let’s say you picked up a circle.  Imagine the circle in your mind’s eye.  Close your eyes if it helps you visualize.

Now imagine you are “sending” the image of the circle to the floor on the space between you and your friends. Don’t send a teeny-tiny circle, send a big circle, one-two feet in diameter.

Let everyone know you are done sending the image.

Have your friends concentrate on the area in the middle of the floor where you sent the circle. Their eyes can be open or closed. Tell them to imagine seeing the energetic image you sent.

Give everyone about a minute, then go around the group and have everyone announce what symbol they saw.

Zener Card Exercise #2 – For Two People

Grab a partner.  Sit across from each other or in two chairs back-to-back.

Pick up one of the cards, but don’t show it to your partner.  Let’s pretend you picked up the star.

Focus on seeing the star in your mind’s eye (the area slightly above and between your eyebrows).

Once you have a good strong image of the star in your mind, imagine telepathically “sending” it to your partner’s third eye.

Let them know you are done sending, then have them tell you what image they “received”.

Now switch and have your partner be the sender, and you be the receiver.

Rinse and repeat the exercise as many times as you want :)

Tip:  If you have a friend that doesn’t live close by, you can also practice this over the phone.

This exercise can be super fun!  The first time I did it in a psychic development class, my partner and I got 100% correct.  We were shocked!

Tip:  When my kids were little, we used to do this using the little cards from the game Candy Land.  Instead of shapes, we would send each other colors!

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