Your Psychic Gifts – 6 Tips to Trusting Your Gut and Intuition

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If your psychic gifts are just awakening, you may be wondering how to trust your clairvoyance, and your gut. Believe me, I know it can be a roller coaster!

One minute, you feel in-tune with your abilities, and the next, you’re wondering if you’re really psychic. If you’re in the doubt-camp, I’ve got some fun news for you — and it’s a game changer!

Did you know that real psychic ability is subtle?

Yep! Clairvoyance, clairsentience, and the other intuitive gifts are nothing like those over-the-top scenes you’ve seen in the movies. In reality, there’s no jaw-dropping realization, and no flashing neon sign.

This is good news because…

You’ve probably tapped into your intuition throughout your life but didn’t realize it. And with the tips in this post, you’ll see how easy it is to connect with your ability, and feel confident!

your psychic gifts - 6 tips for trusting your gut instinct

How to Trust Your Psychic Gifts and Clairvoyance

1. Remember: Psychic ability is natural

We’re all born intuitive — you, me, your pets, and even your fav artists!

Trust me, your Spirit Guides did not just drop you here on Earth so you can fend for yourself like you’re trying to survive The Hunger Games.

Even better? Psychic experiences are probably happening right under your nose.

We’re all born with an internal ‘GPS’ called intuition.

Intuition is our sixth sense, and it’s as natural as our physical senses.

For example, if you’ve ever had a gut feeling or sense about something, that was your inner knowing (claircognizance) guiding you.

Or, if you had a precognitive dream, it was your clairvoyance (psychic seeing) guiding you. 

Had a funny feeling about a new neighbor? Thank your clairsentience!

In reality, you’ve been using your intuitive abilities since before you can even remember!

That makes them a natural part of you, not a dramatic or foreign thing. It also means that anyone can increase their clairsentience and other intuitive senses.

Tip: It’s normal to doubt your ability when you are new to your psychic awakening. I struggled with confidence in the beginning, too. But, knowing that your abilities are a natural part of you is a great way to start building trust!

2. Keep a record of intuitive experiences

  • Did you ever get a good or bad vibe when you met someone new?
  • Have you ever trusted your gut instinct, and it turned out to be right?
  • Or maybe your nephew broke your vase when he came flying in with his big backpack, and you thought to yourself, “I saw that coming!”

Those things all happened because of your psychic gifts. They weren’t a coincidence, and they weren’t by chance — even if that’s what your logical mind is trying to tell you.

So, every time you have an intuitive experience, write down:

  • what happened
  • how you felt
  • how the situation turned out

Then, anytime you feel doubt around your intuition, visit your journal and remind yourself, “I am psychic. Being psychic is natural.”

3. Get to know your Spirit Guides

Fun fact: We all have Spirit Guides who have agreed to help us through life. I have a Guide that gives me guidance on parenting, one that rocks at business, and many others!

Your Spirit Guides connect with you through your clairvoyance and other psychic abilities. So, obviously, they are excited for you to develop your intuition!

Getting to know your Spirit Guides will validate your gifts and strengthen them.

4. Follow your intuitive hunches

Our intuition is always communicating with us.

To build trust in your ability, start with the small things, like in these intuition examples:

  • Did you get a gut feeling to pick one Uber driver over another one? Trust your gut.
  • Does the tuna sandwich all of a sudden look delicious even though you’re normally a ham and cheese gal? Try it out!
  • Are you feeling a nudge to chat with one of your co-workers? Head over!

By following these nudges throughout the day, you’ll be ready to listen to your intuition when the big stuff comes up. Who knows? You may even use your inner knowing to help others!

Tip: Any intuitive ‘hits’ you receive are for your highest good — they never happen without reason… Maybe that co-worker has the answer you need to a problem that’s stumping you — or you discover a new fav sandwich!

5. Release expectations

I can’t overstate this — psychic abilities are nothing like you see on the big screen.

But on top of that, they don’t feel or look the same from person to person!

It’s like a group text message. When someone responds with “K”, one person may think that’s totally rude, one person may appreciate the confirmation, and one person may wonder why they didn’t send a GIF.

The bottom line is, we can all experience intuition a bit differently:

  • Some of us are clairvoyant and receive psychic impressions through images and visions.
  • Others are empaths or clairsentient, and get vibes about things.
  • Some are clairaudient, and listen to that ‘little voice within’.
  • And yet others are claircognizant, and have a strong sense of inner knowing.

So, release what you think should happen, and listen to your intuition, in whatever form it takes.

Tip: Don’t forget to write all your intuitive experiences in a journal, so you can measure your growth.

6. Let go of fear

Dorothy Thompson said, “Only when we are no longer afraid do we begin to live.”

Though Dorothy wasn’t talking about psychic ability, this quote always makes me think about embracing your intuitive gifts, and following its guidance so you can live your best life!

And don’t worry, there are no negative spirits that want to connect with you.

If you’ve found your way here, I’m pretty sure you are a kind and loving person!

And as long as you are working from a place of love, and connecting with your ability for your highest good, you won’t have any problems. I pinky promise!


Trusting Your Psychic Gifts Takeaways

  • Real life psychic moments aren’t time-stopping or Hollywood worthy. They are subtle, natural, and can even present in non-obvious ways!
  • Take time to understand how YOU experience intuition and start trusting the small things — like which kind of sandwich to order at lunch.
  • Journal each experience you have and use that record to increase confidence in the intuitive guidance you receive.

That’s all I have for you today, friends. I hope you’re pumped to start trusting your psychic gifts.

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