Developing Your Psychic Abilities: 12 FAQs Answered

As your psychic abilities develop, it’s normal to have LOTS of questions. I mean, your intuitive gifts and mediumship are BIG topics. I’ve been there, too, and I get it!

That’s why, today, I’m answering 12 reader questions about developing your psychic abilities in detail.

This is a FUN, but LONG post. So grab a chai and get cozy!

Developing your psychic abilities - 12 common questions answered.

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12 Questions about Your Psychic Abilities

1. Newbie intuitive question

I’ve struggled getting anywhere [with my psychic abilities]. I meditate every day (and don’t always enjoy meditating) and then I get a bit worried of the unknown. Any advice? -Nicky

Yes! First, stop worrying about the unknown. :) In all honesty, there is nothing to be afraid of as you develop your psychic abilities.

Remember: intuitive work is light and loving. (And spirit energy is amazing!) All the freaky stuff you see on the big screen isn’t real.

Second, as for meditating, I get it. Not everyone loves it. But, there are other ways to increase your psychic abilities and raise your vibe besides meditating. For example:

  • Going for a walk in nature
  • Writing in a journal
  • Writing a list of 50 things you are grateful for. (I especially like this gratitude journal because it’s eco-friendly and has writing prompts.)

Third, you’ll find that ebbs and flows are normal as you develop your intuitive abilities. But don’t worry. I have the perfect technique to help you get unstuck and rock your gifts! Read how to take your abilities to the next level here. This works!

2. Clairvoyance question

I have visions all day long. Would you be able to explain to me how to interpret them? – Jeani

First, Yay! It’s great that you are opening up and embracing your psychic abilities. I LOVE to hear that. First things first though…

Do you want to have psychic visions ALL. DAY. LONG.?

If I were you the first thing I would do is get the visions under control so they aren’t happening all day. It’s wonderful to be open, but being too open can make you feel tired or ungrounded.

So before interpreting images, practice controlling your gift like this:

  • First, envision a light switch.
  • Then, imagine clicking it to the “off” position.
  • Last, as you do this, set the intention that your clairvoyance is OFF. This will give you a rest from having too many visions. And don’t worry. This won’t shut off your psychic abilities forever, but it will help you learn to CONTROL them.

And when you want to be OPEN, imagine the opposite:

  • Envision the light switch and turn it to the ON position.
  • Next, invite your Spirit Guides and/or your clairvoyant visions/messages to come in.

As for interpreting the visions, here’s what to do:

First, remember that interpreting visions and symbols is like learning a new language… a special one between you and your Spirit Guides! So be patient with yourself. Okay, here we go…

Interpreting Symbols Tip #1

Get a notebook and some sparkly pens to devote to your psychic abilities. Each time you have a vision, write it down in the book.

  • At the top of the page, write a short description of the vision.
  • Then, write down any thoughts, feelings and/or senses you feel at the time. 
  • Next, ask yourself: Does this feel happy? Sad? Something else? Tune in to your body. Do you notice anything? A twinge in a certain chakra, for example. Take note and write it down.
  • Last, continue to ask questions such as these. This helps you begin a two-way communication with your Higher Self and Spirit Guides.
Interpreting Symbols Tip #2

This fun exercise is also helpful for interpreting symbols in psychic and mediumship readings.

  • First, get yourself a tarot deck. The Rider Tarot Deck is a good one because it’s a classic.  
  • Now, take the booklet that comes with the cards and set it aside (you don’t need it).
  • Next, grab your notebook and, at the top of the page, write down the name of the first tarot card.
  • Close your eyes, take a deep breath and write out what the card means TO YOU. Don’t filter anything. There are no right or wrong answers. The point of this exercise is to get those psychic muscles working. So relax and allow it to be fun!

If you practice these psychic development exercises for a bit, the visions will start to make a TON of sense. And your confidence in your psychic abilities will grow tenfold!

3. Listening to inner guidance

I am going through an awakening. I have decided to slow down for now, as it has been a bit of a wild ride so far. I’m following my own intuitive guide — my true self guides me.  – Amar

Okay, so I know this isn’t a question, but I HAD to include this comment and say, Hells Yeah!

THIS is a way to go through an awakening — listening to your intuitive guidance. So if you feel like you need a break, take it.  

And if you feel like you need to binge watch Netflix, do that. If you need to journal, nap, or whatever positive thing your soul is telling you to do, do it.

Your psychic abilities and Higher Self are positive and loving!

4. How do I start developing my psychic abilities?

What do you suggest for me to start with if I’m psychic?  I’m 21. – Emily

Psychic and mediumship development tip, read old family photos and notice what you sense about your ancestorsHi Emily! I get asked this question so much that I’ve actually written two books on the subject. :) They are:

Besides using the guides, I would meditate daily. Meditation will raise your vibration, which helps develop your gifts.

I would also dip my toe in the water and start giving practice readings. I know that sounds intense, but let me explain:

Did you ever learn to ride a bike? I did and it was terrifying. My dad said he was holding the back of my seat so I wouldn’t fall — and then he LET GO.

I wish I could say there was a happy ending to this story and that I rode my bike all the way down the street to the ice cream truck, but I can’t.

Instead, as soon as I noticed that he’d let go I freaked out and fell over. Of course, this was followed by lots of crying!

But did I eventually learn to ride? Yes!

And did my confidence grow? Yes! I could even ride without holding the handlebars back in the day!

The point is this…

When you are first developing your psychic ability, it’s a lot like learning to ride a bike. It’s scary, but the fear DOES go away the more you use your abilities. 

That’s right. Your fears, including lack of confidence and doubt will GO AWAY as you develop a relationship with your gifts. :)

So if I were you I would:

  • Ask a friend if I could give her a practice reading.
  • Then, I’d schedule a time for her to come over and, 10 minutes before she arrived, I’d set the intention that the reading is for her highest and best good.
  • Next, I’d meditate. And during my meditation, I’d invite my Spirit Guides in to help me.
  • I would also write down any feelings, images, or messages that come to me during the meditation… even if they seem insignificant.
  • When my friend arrives, I have her ask me a question she needs guidance on. 
  • Then, I’d close my eyes and tune into her aura and tell her what I see and/or sense. (Notice I didn’t say *think* – use your sixth sense.) I’d also share the feelings that came up during my meditation, as they likely pertain to this issue.
  • When I feel the reading is over I’d thank my Spirit Guides. 
  • Next week, I’d do the whole process over again with this or another friend.

Like riding a bike, practice makes it easier. So that’s what I would do — jump in and start developing your psychic abilities!

5. Am I a medium?

Hi Jessica. Please help! Am I a medium? 

This question came from Rylee who shared her experiences, including dreaming of Spirits. She was also nervous that her family would think her intuitive gifts were crazy. (How many of us can relate?)

The problem: the more Rylee avoided talking about her gifts, the more emotional she got, and the heavier her energy felt. She finally asked me, “Is it always like this?…”

I’m always moved when people share their experiences, but this one really choked me up. I applaud those that allow themselves to be vulnerable enough to reach out for help. With that said, here’s what I responded:

Okay so first, let’s answer the big question, “Am I a medium?

YES! :)

Like I always say — if you are asking that question, you KNOW, somewhere in your heart that you ARE a medium. Sometimes, we just need to be validated in what we feel. (BTW here’s a post with 15 signs that you’re a psychic medium.)

Second, it’s common for Spirit to visit us in our dreams. Why? Because it’s easier for them to connect with us when our logical minds are resting. (That way, we are not doubting their presence.)

In fact, it’s common for those developing mediumship to:

Third, let’s talk about the emotional piece of this…

It’s perfectly okay to feel emotion. I once had a mentor who said there is “no crying in mediumship” and it affected my work for a long time. Pardon my language but… Screw that!

If you are deeply feelings things, it means you are an empath (also known as clairsentient). So start by managing the empathic part of your gifts first. I promise, it can be done. I’ve done it myself. Here are some posts that will help:

Last, “will it always be like this?” No, it won’t. In the beginning, it’s exhilarating and overwhelming all at the same time. If I had a Kleenex for every time I wanted to quit… well, I would have made a lot of money on Kleenex stock.

You see, your psychic awakening is the beginning of a journey. It’s a lifelong, beautiful journey of love and growth. Trust me, you are going to learn SO much about yourself during this time.

  • This post is a MUST read. :) It’s 10 things I wish someone had told about becoming a psychic medium. It’s raw and honest. Lots of love!

6. Clairvoyance fears

Is there a best formula to use when one recently opened their third eye? Because I have to admit — it’s quite scary with these sounds and visions. – Sifiso

ClairvoyanceYes, this clairvoyant post will help.

Also, you should work on getting your energetic vibration up. More about that in a minute, but first…

You should not be seeing or hearing anything scary. Everything from the spirit realm is totally loving because it’s from the Divine.

When scary creeps in that means your Ego (the physical you, not the spiritual YOU) is getting in the way.

That’s why you need to raise your vibration. Once you do, that scariness will melt away and you’ll feel SO much more connected to your Higher Self.

Now, as for how to raise your vibration. It’s easy!

All you need to do is spend time doing activities you like. For example, go on a hike, do some woodworking, sing, dance, draw, journal, anything that makes your soul feel good!

The other thing I recommend is reading Esther Hicks book Ask and it is Given. For me, this book was LIFE CHANGING.

Not only are there books, there are also YouTube videos (just search Abraham Hicks or Esther Hicks). Plus, there are TONS of amazing books, audios, and card decks that you can use for daily inspiration. I am super passionate about these teachings because they taught me how to be joyful. (They gave me a new perspective on life!)

So once your vibration is up, the scary visions and sounds will go away. I promise, there is nothing to be afraid of.

7. Fear is holding me back

I have a feeling I have been developing mediumship gifts. I’ve always felt intuitive but fear is holding me back from developing my gifts, and making me want to oppress it completely. What can I do? – Kayley

Fear holds people back, for sure. As you can see from my other replies in this post, there is nothing to be afraid of because the Divine is all light and love. It’s actually the purest form of love there is!

If I were you, I would sit down and write out exactly WHAT you are afraid of? Have you thought about that?

  • Is it a fear of seeing scary images? (We’ve talked about that above)
  • Fear of others thinking you’re crazy? (that was a huge fear for me)

Go within to understand what is holding you back. You may even have an eye-opening aha moment! Need help getting started? This beginner psychic post will help (be sure to use the journaling prompts that are in the post, too!)

Sending lots of love your way!

8. Why do I feel energy?

I have a strong rush of energy that goes through my body and tingling. It’s so powerful. I also get it going through my hands when I try to put them together. It’s like two opposite magnets fighting against each other. I had a [psychic] awakening two weeks ago and since then I can close my eyes and see black background with white shapes like angels, stars and sparkles. Can you please explain this to me please? – Melina

Sure! First off, you’ve completely hit the nail on the head when you used the words “rush of energy.” You see, when your psychic abilities first start developing, it’s like going to the mall during a black Friday sale…

You know how it is… you run into Kohl’s at 4am after downing three-and-a-half cups of strong, black coffee.

Your cold from sitting outside in a lawn chair while you waited for the doors to open. Then finally, TA DA! Let the games begin!

You (and seemingly everyone else on planet Earth) runs in to grab the latest version of talking Elmo. It’s chaotic and your adrenaline is pumping big time. And maybe you got your Elmo, and maybe you didn’t. Either way, you felt a SURGE of energy when those doors opened!

At first, your psychic abilities can feel like THAT. The energy is chaotic and untamed because you’re not used to it.

Now about the sensation of your hands being like magnets. To me, this is a sign that you would be AMAZING at psychometry. (Here’s a detailed post about how to do psychometry. Do read it because it will help you channel that energy.)

As far as the black background with shapes — this tells me two things (both exciting!):

  1. You are clairvoyant (which means you receive intuitive information through visions and images)
  2. You’re a psychic medium

Either way, the shapes and sparkles are just a start and your clairvoyance and mediumship will become stronger and clearer over time.

9. Am I clairaudient?

Yesterday, I heard someone calling my name and checked with my mum whether she called me and she said no. Do I have clairaudience? – Chloe

When that happens to me I’m always hopeful that it’s Ryan Reynolds calling my name, but it never is. Kidding. :) Hearing your name when no one is around is one of the signs that you are clairaudient. So yes, you are likely clairaudient (which is a wonderful intuitive gift to have!)

Instead of reinventing the wheel, I’m going to direct you to some other blog posts that I’ve written about this topic. (You can also get my Beginner’s Guide to Clairaudience here. (Yep, it’s specifically for clairaudient newbies!)

10. What is the third eye?

I’m a bit curious if I have psychic ability. Two friends gave me a reading and said “you’re gifted.” They said I have a strong third eye, things like that. Well, I always thought that the third eye is like seeing ghosts, etc. – Gilian

Au, contraire! Clairvoyant ability is THE most misunderstood psychic ability of all. I wrote a whole blog post about it here, which you will find helpful.

Also, developing clairvoyance is easy if you know how. Here’s a whole post about how to do so.

11. Can adults and children be psychic?

I came across your article about psychic children. Is it possible for us to still be psychic as adults? I think I am. – Advik

Oh yes, for sure! As young children we are still aware that we are spiritual beings. But over time, we are taught to rely on logic… Most of us weren’t encouraged to trust our gut, our intuition, or the voice within.

But those intuitive gifts are still within us — and we can reconnect with them.

So yes, it is still possible to be psychic as adults. And if you think you’re psychic, I’d encourage you to do some journaling or ask your Higher Self. I bet your HS will say, “YES! You are psychic!”

So remember: nothing is lost and you can always reconnect with your intuitive gifts. Here are 28 ways to get started.

12. How do I find support for my gifts?

I feel like my intuitive feelings are getting stronger, but my family doesn’t believe in things like this. I want to embrace and learn how to further understand things. Do you have any advice? – Anshirley

Aw, I’m always sorry to hear this. But yes, I do have advice.

  • First, here’s a post about coming out of the psychic closet without anxiety.
  • Second, here’s a post about living with your gifts when no one understands. It’s perfect for what you are going through. Keep shining and have fun developing your psychic abilities!

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