What to Eat Before Giving a Psychic or Mediumship Reading

what to eat before giving a psychic or tarot reading

Hi, friends! Last time, we talked about following a psychic diet and some of the foods that make you more psychic.

Today, we’re wrapping up this three-part series and chatting about what to eat before you give an intuitive or mediumship reading. (Hint: it’s more important than you think!)

What to Eat Before Giving an Intuitive Reading

Stop for a minute and ask yourself…

What’s going to give you the best and clearest connection to your intuition?

  1. A cheeseburger loaded with all the fixings and a side of curly fries
  2. A vegan, gluten-free wrap with hummus and a side of lentil soup  (Yum!)
  3. Delicious pepperoni pizza and a soda

The answer is NONE of these.


The truth is you can eat almost anything you want before giving an intuitive, tarot, or mediumship reading.

You don’t have to break out the yoga pants and go vegan on reading days… Unless you want to, of course!

That said, here are my best tips on what to eat before a psychic reading for a clear connection:

What to Eat Before a Reading

  • I’m a firm believer that you can eat almost anything you want in moderation before giving a reading. Why deprive yourself? As your intuition strengthens, you’ll find that you are reaching for higher vibrational foods, but for now, if you want pepperoni pizza, eat a slice or two instead of the whole pie. If you over-eat, your digestive system will be working hard, and bring the energy down away from your crown chakra and ground you., which is the opposite of what you want.
  • Eat something light about 60-90 minutes before giving a reading. Don’t go into a reading starving. Remember how Goldilocks was always looking for that sweet spot between hot and cold porridge? That’s what you’re going for — a “just right” feeling. I usually nibble on a few organic crackers and cottage cheese before readings.
  • Don’t drink alcohol before a reading, ever. Spirits and “spirits” don’t mix.
  • If high vibrational foods give you the clearest connection to your intuition, eat them on reading days. For example, try a small salad with a little protein 90 minutes prior to a reading because eating high vibrational foods make your psychic abilities stronger. Organic fruits, veggies, raw chocolate, non-processed foods, herbal teas, fresh herbs, etc are good choices.
  • Drink lots of water on reading days. Mediumship and intuitive readings are energy work and you need to replenish your body with water.
  • Get grounded after the reading by eating your full meal. I personally eat light prior to the reading, and save my full meal for after giving a reading. I’m always super hungry after giving a reading, plus, eating helps ground me quickly.

So there you have it. Eat light about 60-90 minutes before a reading, remember to drink lots of water, and ground yourself after the reading. Easy peasy!

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