Tips for Getting Comfortable with Spirit Communication

spirit communication tips for new psychic mediums

Tips for spirit communication. Hey there! Today, I’m answering a community question:

Sometimes when I sleep, I see a flash, and right after, I feel a sensation in my heart. Does that mean a spirit is trying to communicate with me or? I know that I don’t have any illness or heart problems so it’s not a physical issue. Can you clarify what’s going on? – Frances

First, super important:

I am not a doctor and don’t play one on the internet. I can tell you what my experience is with spirit communication, but, if you are having chest pains, seek medical help. You will NOT have pain when communicating with spirit.

With that said, let’s get to the spirit communication tips.

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Spirit Communication Explained

There are some common things that happen as your psychic and mediumship abilities open up.

For example, you might:

  • See a Spirit in your mind’s eye with your clairvoyance (totally NOT in a creepy way, I promise!)
  • See flashes of sparkly lights.
  • Know things about a Spirit — without knowing how you know. (This is known as claircognizance or inner knowing.)
  • Feel a Spirit with your clairsentience (psychic sensing and feeling). For example, you may feel the personality of a spirit, or sense how they passed away.

For me, I know spirit is around when I see sparkling white lights out of the corner of my eye. I can also feel when they are around.

Tip: if you are a psychic medium, you may even feel slight physical sensations. But don’t worry, it’s not scary or “too much.”

For example:

  • If a person passed of pancreatic cancer, you may feel a twinge in your stomach.
  • For a toothache, you may feel a twinge in your tooth or mouth.
  • If a person had migraines (or passed of a head injury), you may feel a heaviness or tingle in your head.

These sensations:

  • Will never cause you physical pain.
  • Will only last for a moment.
  • Are subtle.

So don’t worry. Be excited that you are connecting with the spiritual realm!

What if you are afraid?

When I was a little girl, I used to be afraid that there were monsters under my bed. But as much as my parents assured me there was nothing under there, I wasn’t convinced.

I needed to see with my own eyes that the bed was all-clear. So, I would bend down as my mom stood by and peek under the bed to take a look. Of course, there was nothing there (but dust!)

So, what does all this have to do with spirit communication?


In order to get comfortable connecting with the other side, you need to know this:

Your intuitive gifts are always within your control.

All the scary stuff you see in movies like The Sixth Sense just sells movie tickets. In fact, real spirit communication is loving and subtle. In fact, spirit energy is loving and uplifting.

I hope this encourages you to love mediumship as much as I do. That said, here are my top two tips to get comfortable when connecting with those in heaven…

Spirit Communication Tips

1. Ask your Spirit Guides to “tune it down”

If it ever feels like too much, ask your Spirit Guides for help. That’s what they’re for.

Simply tell your Guides that what you sense/see/hear is a little too strong and ask them to tone it down. Easy, right?

Pro Tip: Visualize taking a remote control and lowering the volume (i.e., turning down the sensation, image, etc.)

2. Remember that you’re in control of your abilities

The worst gift I ever got from my husband was an oven mitt. Yes, I said, “mitt,” as in, just one. My kids still shudder when they remember Christmas of ’08 when dad gave mom the oven mitt… 

But since ’08, I have taught my husband that oven mitts are a horrible gift to give a wife.

With love and patience, I’ve showed him what kinds of things I like to receive as gifts. (Nothing fancy — I’m happy with pizza and a movie.)

The point is you need to work with your Spirit guides on how they send you intuitive information.

If you would like spirit to communicate with you in a different way, let your Guides know. Believe me, they are happy to help!

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