3 Ways to Calm Anxiety When You’re on a Spiritual Path

Okay, I’m the first to admit – being on a spiritual path and becoming “enlightened” is totally magnificent, but

There are times (especially when you’re first going through a spiritual awakening) where it’s hard to stay in Zen mode…

When life gets nutty, it can feel like your “logical” side and your “spiritual” side can’t get in sync!

I admit – it still happens to me sometimes, even after almost 20 years on my spiritual journey…

It’s totally normal to have this push/pull of WANTING to live a spiritual lifestyle, but feeling sucked in and anxious when life gets tough! Believe me, I get it.

These feelings while you’re on your spiritual path (or during a psychic awakening) can feel like a big bully in the school yard. They taunt you, wait for you to mess up, and seem to always be around to kick you when you’re down.

The good news is that you can learn to easily reconnect with your Zen feelings whenever you feel anxious or overwhelmed about life…

And the more you practice, the easier it gets!

3 ways to calm your nerves while you're on a spiritual path

So let’s talk about some easy ways to pull you out of that “un-Zen” state and make you feel a bit more connected with your spiritual path:

Pro Tip: Different things work for different people. So, what works for me might not work for you, etc. Keep trying different techniques (or a combination of them) until you find what’s most helpful for you. 

Let’s dig in…

1. Aromatherapy

I use essential oils for almost everything now… seriously! I even use clary sage on my tummy to alleviate cramps!

But one of my favorite ways to use essential oils is to relax and calm my frazzled nerves… which helps me reconnect with my spiritual path and soul.

I diffuse essential oils when I meditate and journal, sprinkle a few drops in my salt bath, and even use a touch on my pillow.

Here are the best essential oils for calming your nerves on your spiritual path:

  • Lavender. I seriously adore this classic essential oil. It’s fantastic for stress relief and relaxing. I put it in my bubble baths and even on my skin (always mixed with a carrier oil, of course)! If you want to get out and about, rub a little on your wrists and take the peaceful scent with you.
  • Lemon. You probably don’t think of citrus when you think of anxiety relief, but the zesty smell can really wake you up and bring your brain back online!
  • Chamomile. People have made chamomile tea to relax for years — this oil brings all the same benefits. I love a good cup of tea, but I diffuse this oil if I’m out and about or not wanting to sit down and drink a whole cup.
  • Frankincense. I originally had frankincense in my cabinet for infections and cuts, but it’s also great for anxiety relief. Frankincense draws out inner peace and strength. Plus, it has a really earthy scent and can help pull you back into the present.
  • Peace and Calming. This oil blend was developed specifically for this purpose! It’s made up of Ylang Ylang, Orange, Tangerine, Patchouli, and Blue Tansy. All of these oils are great on their own, but the combination brings the best of everything and creates a unique and powerful scent.
  • Jasmine. If you’ve ever been around a jasmine tree, you know this sweet and gentle scent! It’s known to invoke feelings of joy, peace, calm, and self-confidence. Win-win!
  • Rose. A LOT of rose petals go into making this oil, so it’s a little costly, but it’s so worth it. Roses have a natural way of uplifting spirits, bringing joy, and promoting peace. This isn’t one that I dump in my bubble bath, but I do put some on my wrists if I’m feeling down so I can catch whiffs all day.
  • Sandalwood. This oil is actually a natural mood enhancer! Nifty, right? It’s known to lift spirits and bring emotional balance.
  • Vetiver. If you don’t work with oils a lot, you may not have heard of this one — but it’s amazing! It has an earthy fragrance and is perfect for deep relaxation. You can also mix it with lavender for an extra boost or drop some in your bath.
  • Basil. The smell of basil reminds me of my mom’s homemade pizza — so it immediately brings me some joy! But it turns out, there’s a natural reason for that joy. Basil is actually said to relieve anxiety symptoms and provide mental clarity. 

BTW, if  you’ve never used essential oils before, don’t worry. This newbie essential oil post covers everything you need to know!

2. Meditate

You know I was gonna go there, didn’t you? :)

The act of meditating takes us out of the chaos and puts us in the present.

And friends, being present/mindful is so important when we’re on a spiritual path!

The problem is that overwhelming/chaotic feelings cause us to:

  • Feel out of touch with our Higher Self and spiritual health.
  • Keep us feeling stuck in the past (remember when you TOTALLY blew that presentation 4 years ago?)
  • Cause us to feel overwhelmed about the future (what if you blow it again with this upcoming presentation?)

Even though our body is responding as though a saber tooth tiger just walked in, there’s typically actually no present threat that we need to respond to, so…

By putting ourselves in a witness state of mind (watching rather than interacting with thoughts), we can start to come back to the present moment, give our brain a break, and reclaim our spiritual health.

Guided meditations work best for this situation because it gives us something to focus on rather than letting our frantic brain run loose. (If you type in “guided meditation” into YouTube, you’ll find lots of them!)

Quick Guided Meditation Tips

  • Make the commitment to listen to the voice for however long the meditation is.
  • If your mind starts to wander, gently bring it back to the moment.
  • Don’t forget to have your diffuser going with an oil from the list above to really elevate your mediation.

Move around

This may sound like the last thing you’ll want to do when you’re in mid-overload, but the gentle distraction and movement can really help pull you back into the present.

It can also release nervous energy and cause your endorphins (happy hormones) to get involved! And of course…

When you are feeling happy, your vibration raises and you become more in-tune with your soul!


Yoga works well when you’re feeling anxious because it’s very gentle and causes you to be mindful. Plus, yoga incorporates a lot of deep breathing which can really help bring down anxiety levels.

Go for a Walk Outside

If yoga brings up memories of failed poses and $55 leggings, try taking a walk outside!

Getting out and about in nature has healing properties no matter what’s going on. The earth is grounding, the fresh air offers perspective, and it gets you ‘offline’ (for the love of all things green, turn the phone off!).

While you’re out there, be mindful and listen to nature. Do you hear the grass moving? The branches blowing? Birds singing? Allow yourself to be caught up in the moment and really enjoy the sights and sounds.

I can almost guarantee this will help you feel reconnected with your spiritual path!

Be Gentle with Yourself

Self-love is a lesson that we ALL eventually learn while on our spiritual path. So please, cut yourself some slack.

  • If you’re sitting there trying to meditate, and it just doesn’t feel right, get up and take a walk!
  • If you’re out walking and the humidity is just WAY too much (curly hair probs), go inside and try some yoga.

Be flexible with yourself and your mental state — you don’t need any added pressure trying to make something work just because I said it in this post :)

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