3 Soul Mate Relationship Myths

soulmate relationship myths

Soul Mate Relationship Myths

Soul mate relationship myths. You know the drill. The music swells, the camera circles, two overly-attractive actors meet; and you reach for your glass of rosé because OMG, HOW SWEET!

Adorable? Sure.

But let’s face it… Hallmark and Disney didn’t do us any favors when it comes to soul mate expectations.

Rom-coms are good for an evening laugh fest, but not much else.

On this blog I chat a lot about numerology and astrology compatibility (and even meditating to improve your love life).

But before we go too far into any of those, you should know about common soul mate relationship myths.

Myth 1: Soul Mate Relationships are Perfect

Here’s the scoop: even the deepest connections between soulmates will have bumps in the road.

Nothing on Earth is perfect all the time (except maybe Ryan Gosling *insert heart emoji*).

Remember when Brad and Angelina (a Gemini) got together? It was Brangelina this, and Brangelina that — for YEARS.

But sadly, we now know that even their picture-perfect relationship had hiccups along the way.

In fact, how rough the road is between you and your soul mate depends on the karma and soul contracts each of you brought into this life.

It can also depend on whom you’re matched with.

Take the Sagittarius and Gemini, for example:

These two signs have a good time together, yet they are still destined for some fights.

You see, Sagittarius is serious and gets frustrated by Gemini’s lack of responsibility. And once the going gets tough it’s likely they’ll have to work to keep things moving forward.

Bottom line:

Soul mate relationships can be swoon-worthy, but they’re not without their speed bumps.

Myth 2: Soul Mate Relationships Always Have a “Happily Ever After”

Let’s go back to that adorable movie. Once the actors meet, and your rosé is finished, everything is assumed to be happily ever after.

But in real life that’s not always the case.


Because soul connections are karmic connections intended to fulfill a purpose. So, the relationship may end once that purpose is fulfilled.

Just like Brangelina, being soulmates doesn’t always mean staying together forever. Brad and Angelina came together to fulfill a purpose (possibly to give all those lovely kids a home!) and now they can move on.

Before I sound too much like the Grinch that stole soulmates, remember… We are all spiritual beings having a physical experience.

Life is magical, but it’s not our end game. We are here to evolve spiritually, and deep meaningful relationships are one way we do that!

So, take comfort. A soulmates parting isn’t the end of a chapter; it’s the beginning.


Myth #3: It’s Not All About Romance

Hollywood movies always seem to end at the romantic peak of relationships. The guy gets the girl, and the girl gets the diamond ring and a trip to Paris. Swoon-worthy, yes, but again, not realistic.

In real life, soulmate relationships are full of hard work, early mornings, and business trips. They’re filled with life goals, conversations about kids, pets, and toothpaste. (Stop squeezing it from the middle!)

All relationships develop over time, and soulmate relationships are no different. The romance doesn’t die, it evolves with the time.

Plus, soulmate relationships don’t have to be romantic at all.

See, soulmates are karmic connections between anyone, including your family members or friends. The Universe has a goal for soulmate relationships, and it doesn’t always include a ring and a dozen roses.

So, with all these myths, what’s the truth?

In simple terms, soulmates are karmic connections that fulfill specific purposes. They are spiritual connections that we carry from lifetime to lifetime.

And even though these relationships may not last forever (or be romantic), they help develop our spiritual selves!

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