Purple Aura Traits and Characteristics

purple aura traits and meaning

Here’s your bold statement for the day:

Purple aura people were born to revolutionize the world.

From a young age they were dancing around with homemade microphones and starring in their own made-up shows. Adorable.

Or they were bringing home stay animals to care for. So sweet.

They are highly intuitive, creative, and passionate — about everything.

Purple auras are not common, but you know when you come across one. In fact, you probably come across one on TV most nights, since purple is the aura color most likely to be famous.

Let’s take a trip into the wonderful mind of purple aura energy and learn how to bring more of this color into your own energy field.

Purple Aura Meaning

The color of your aura says a lot about you and reflects your emotional state at any given time.

For purples, the world is their oyster, and they’re here to make a big impact on it.

From the time they were young, they have known that they were born to reach the masses and have a long-term impact on society.

They are also able to tap into their imagination like no other, especially those whose hues lean towards violet: 

  • Light purple and lavender auras signify balance, calm, kindness and compassion. Those with this hue are highly creative and intuitive!
  • Violet auras (and indigo auras) indicate clairvoyance and a connection to the spiritual realm. You’ll find that psychics, mediums, and tarot readers have an abundance of this shade of purple in their aura, especially around their crown chakra and third eye chakra.
  • Dark purple auras that look black or ‘muddy’ can indicate fear, challenges, and are an indicator to slow down and reconnect with your Higher Self.

Those with purple tones have a deep-seated desire to revolutionize the world, improve people’s lives, and experience personal growth.

Purple Aura Personality

Those with purple auric energy have amazing traits and characteristics, including being:

  • Psychic
  • Passionate
  • Visionary
  • Highly creative
  • Clairvoyant
  • Intuitive
  • Mysterious
  • Sensitive
  • Calm

On the flip side, they aren’t known for their practicality.

For example, think of the most creative, epic mass franchise ever. Were you thinking of Star Wars?

Yes, that’s right. George Lucas himself is said to have a purple aura!

Purple aura folks can often be found staring off into space or imagining an alternate reality. To be honest, who can blame them?

While this tendency gives them the base for some great creative stories (like Star Wars), it can also make them appear “spacey” or distant.

However, their contentment living in a world of feelings and emotions helps balance out the world’s logical thinkers.

Those with purple auras enjoy:

  • Anything outside
  • Dreaming up a new story to write
  • Spending time with a few close friends
  • Getting lost in a good book or movie
  • Singing or dancing
  • Watching a play (or better yet, being in one)
  • Dabbling with tarot cards

Purples are open books and can be easy to spot because of their colorful clothing, outrageous hair styles, or unique and bold jewelry!

And of course, that balances out with their total acceptance of the eccentricities of others.

Purple Auras and Psychic Ability

Let’s talk about a major part of the purple aura personality — intuition.

People with other aura colors may find psychic ability confusing or mysterious, but not those with purple auras. They are highly intuitive; (creative and intuitive, talk about an unstoppable power combo!)

Sensitivity and intuitive abilities are natural to them as mustard is to a hot dog.

Purple Auras at Work

Beyond entertainment, purple auras can often be found working in psychology and other fields of healing such as Reiki or aromatherapy because their intuition makes them spot-on in figuring someone out!

You may hear them say something like, “I’m not sure about that person, something feels off,” or “We were instantly best friends; it’s like I’ve known her forever.”

Because of their creative spirit and connection to other worlds, they also make fantastic writers (um, hey C.S. Lewis!)

Lastly, they are great teachers because they have a knack for figuring out HOW to best reach a student. Handy, right?

Remember, purples need to reach the masses.

That means, they would rather work for a cause than a paycheck. Rest assured, wherever you find purple energy, you find them making a difference.

Tip: To recharge your energy, take a cleansing bath, and use my tips to keep negativity away.

Harnessing Purple Aura Power

Do you have a purple aura? To find out, you can have an aura reading or learn how to see your energy color.

If so, do yourself a favor and decorate your space with some lavender or dark purple. It doesn’t have to be much, but the color itself is so powerful and gorgeous.

As a creative person, I’m sure you don’t need a lot of ideas, but here are some anyway:

  • A purple accent wall
  • Throw pillows or curtains
  • Laptop case (especially if you do something creative from your laptop, like graphic design or writing)
  • Nail polish
  • Amethyst crystals or jewelry

Purple Aura Takeaways

Purple is the color of the crown chakra and those with this auric color are intuitive, mysterious, and born to shine!

They are gateways to other worlds and fresh ideas.

If you have a purple in your life, hang on to their coattails because their advice will be invaluable. Plus, you never know when they’ll rise to fame (don’t forget about us when you’re famous!)

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  • Yellow auras (solar plexus chakra color)
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