Where Does Psychic Information Come From? (and Why It’s Not Scary)

I get emails almost every day from people who are scared because they don’t know what they’re tapping into or “allowing in” with their psychic abilities.

Before they pick up a pack of Zener cards and start working on opening their third eye, they want to know where psychic information comes from… and who can blame them?!

Hollywood movies and dark corners of the web are well known for pumping out less than reputable information — especially when it comes to metaphysics.

So if you’ve been on the fence about developing your psychic abilities due to fears of “psychic attacks” and scary or mean spirits, stick around!

Let’s tackle one of my most frequently asked questions: where does psychic information come from?

psychic information

Where Does Psychic Information Come From?

Here’s the scoop: No matter what psychic abilities you have, the information comes from the same sources… your Higher Self and spiritual team (we’ll get to that in a minute).

It’s kinda like the same friend calling you, texting you, and FaceTiming you. :)

In Hollywood, having visions and hearing voices (which is totally NOT how clairaudience works, BTW) often has a scary or ominous message attached to it. Those storylines sell tickets, but are not any more factual than medical or crime dramas (CPR is wayyy harder than that, Dr. Gray).

But if you only take away one thing from this post, let it be this:

Psychic information will never intentionally scare you. Your entire spiritual team always works for your highest and best good and is sending you information to help you.

So how does your spiritual team get you these messages? The answer is through your “clairs”:

  • Clairvoyance – psychic seeing (you SEE an image in your mind’s eye)
  • Clairsentience – psychic feeling and sensing (you get a feeling or sense about something/someone)
  • Clairaudience – psychic hearing (a word or phrase pops into your head)
  • Claircognizance – psychic knowing (you have an Inner knowing about something)

So, who is this lovely and super helpful spiritual team? The ones in charge of sending the psychic information you receive? Let’s meet them now!

Your Spiritual Team

1. Higher Self

Your Higher Self is the version of you know that knows exactly why you’re on this earth. It’s your soul – your “spiritual self” which has been around for many lifetimes… like probably centuries (so it’s supa’ wise).

Your HS is especially responsible for sending psychic messages that pertain to yourself or someone you love. This is called intuition (which we all have).

Because our Higher Self guides us for our best and highest good, those psychic messages can be things like:

  • Start that business you want.
  • Don’t trust that guy!
  • Grab an umbrella before you head out!

It’s basically the spiritual side of you guiding you. :)

2. Spirit Guides

You’ve probably heard talk of Spirit Guides before. Think of these guides as a team of trusted advisors.

You know how you know EXACTLY which friends and family members to call together when you need advice? These Spirit Guides are like the spiritual version of your trusted counsel.

Some Spirit Guides are deemed to help you in certain areas of your life (like one of mine is there to help guide me with my children, and one is around specifically to help with my readings).

They pass you psychic information however they can reach you.

If you doubt them or don’t hear them, they might try to get you the message another way. For instance, the first time I met my guides I didn’t think they were real. Then, someone in my psychic development class saw MY guides during an exercise and validated what I had originally saw!

The same goes for your spiritual guides as for your Higher Self — their help is ALWAYS for your highest and best good.

3. Spiritual Team

Your spirit team is an extended version of your Spiritual Guides. 

While your Guides are assigned to help you with certain areas of your life, while your spiritual team includes super high spirit guides, such as Ascended Masters. It includes the “biggies”, like Jesus, Buddha, and your loved ones in heaven.

When you’re first starting out, you may not be able who is passing you psychic information — your Spirit Guide, an Ascended Master (a.k.a. “biggie guide”), or your late Aunt Jen. But as you continue down the path of your psychic development, you will be learn to sense who is sending you the message, and why.

Your spiritual team has the highest and best intentions for you — just like your Higher Self and Guides.

They may give you “higher purpose” guidance like, move closer to home, connect with that person, or try to have a baby one more time.

4. Angels

Angels can offer psychic information just like your Higher Self, your Spirit Guides, and the rest of your spiritual team. While we often think of angels as just floating around in Heaven, they are also incredibly wise Divine presences.

Angels often use an indirect route to provide you with the insight or knowledge you need – even when you don’t know you need it. They can give you angelic wisdom straight from a loving source – themselves!

You may notice seeing repetitive numbers a lot when you’re trying to make a decision (111, 333, etc.)

Angels love offering support, and can always be reached for clarification or Divine intuition. But once you ask for that, but sure to keep a lookout for signs that they’re around!

Psychic Information Takeaways

Our trusted Higher Self and spiritual team of Spirit Guides, angels and loved ones in heaven are the ones who send us information through our intuition and psychic gifts, so there is no need to be worried about who is “coming through.” :)

This psychic information is meant to serve you and not frighten you.

Once you start developing your psychic abilities, you will be able to sense who is giving you the psychic message — a Spirit Guide, your Higher Self, or your dearly departed grandpa.

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