Psychic Development Tip #9: Visit an Antique Store

Ready to take an intuitive field trip? Loaded with goodies, an antique store can be a fun place to practice developing your psychic and mediumship abilities. Woo-hoo!

If you visit more than one antique store, you’ll notice that each one has a different vibe.

Notice how you feel by being in the store.  Do you feel anything in your physical body?  Do you feel any emotions? Is it hard for you to be in this space (if so, it could be because you are an empath)?

Try picking up an object and holding it in your hands. How do you feel now?

Psychic development
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Before venturing out to the antique store, you may want to read this post about how to do psychic readings using touch. It’ll give you some great pointers, including what to do if you feel “stuck” and don’t get any psychic impressions while you are holding an object. :)  Have fun!


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