Psychic Development Tip #4: Practice Psychometry

When you first learned to ride a bike, it was probably pretty hard, right?  Do you remember the first time the training wheels were taken off and you felt wobbly and unsure of yourself?

I sure do! I cried and begged my dad to put them back on so I could feel steady again.

Psychometry is a fantastic skill for any intuitive at ANY level – but I especially LOVE it for people who are new in their psychic development because it gives you the security of “training wheels.”

Psychic development tip, increase clairsentience
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All objects hold energy, so instead of “wobbling around” trying to link to Spirit (in a mediumship reading), or to the energy of your client (in an intuitive reading), it can be SUPER helpful to be able to FEEL the energy coming off of the item you are holding. Makes sense, right?

It’s really easy and fun, too:

  • Ask someone to hold an item that has their energy on it. Metal objects, like a wedding ring or set of car keys are awesome for psychometry.
  • Close your eyes and take a breathe.
  • Don’t force it, just allow pictures, sounds, or feelings to come to you.
  • If you feel stuck, ask questions in your mind.  Is the owner of this object happy or sad?  What sort of activities does the owner enjoy?

With practice, it’s amazing what you can do with psychometry!  Enjoy!

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