Psychic Development Tip #13: You’ve Got to Practice

Sure, we all have talents and gifts. But without practicing using those talents, do you think we’d be any good?

Me thinks NO.

Think about it. Gifted musicians, athletes, etc. have ALL practiced using their gifts to develop them. I mean, does a toddler just pick up a guitar and start jammin’? As much as I’d love to see that, no.

For example, my son can play guitar by ear. He’s definitely gifted. I have a picture of him at six months old, plucking on a guitar before he could walk.

And developing your psychic abilities, mediumship, and reading tarot work the same way.

Are you gifted? Yes!

But you still gotta practice. Even the best athletes practice.

So how do you start developing your intuitive gifts?

Actually, psychic development exercises are much easier than you might think. Plus, developing clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance, claircognizance and seeing auras is fun and fulfilling.

But remember that giving practice readings is KEY to developing your abilities. I mean KEY. Critical. The grand mama of all things you need to do. Mucho importante. 

Giving practice readings will help you:

  • Work with (and sense) energy
  • Overcome the fear of giving readings (because you will be getting feedback as you practice)
  • Understand how YOU receive intuitive information. For example, do you see images in your mind’s eye, get senses about things, have a feeling of inner knowing?
psychic development tip, practice giving readings
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How to Give Your First Reading

Today, schedule two practice readings. Ask a friend, or a friend of a friend if you can read for them. If you’re a newbie, that’s OK. This is just for practice, so don’t stress yourself out.

At first, you might not feel like much is happening, but trust me, it is. Your gifts will get stronger each time you practice.

Tip: You can also give a reading by holding an object. This is known as psychometry. With psychometry, you read/sense the energy from objects. So, if you hold someone’s necklace, you can sense their energy on it!

This is a great technique for psychic beginners. It’s like training wheels for psychic readings. :)

And if you’ve been developing your gifts for a while, but doubt yourself — OH I totally get it! For YEARS I went back and forth debating quitting because I lacked confidence in my abilities.

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