The Psychic Development Secret That Will Rock Your World

Here’s the scoop: If I had known this ONE psychic development secret, I wouldn’t have almost quit becoming an intuitive reader a million times and stressed out over EVERYTHING. (Seriously, so much stress.)

Yep, the secret is that big.

Nope, it’s not super complicated.

The thing is, no one is talking about this psychic development secret.

It’s all but forgotten in a sea of Zener cards, third eye exercises, and guided meditations. It’s pushed aside to make way for chakra clearing and aura cleansing.

Don’t get me wrong, those things are all important and have their place. But without this secret, you’re going to be building your psychic muscles on gooey-soft ground.

Curiosity peaked? Great! :)

psychic development secret

Okay, the secret is:

Developing psychic ability is SO MUCH EASIER when you are relaxed and having FUN with it.

It really does make all the difference in the worldand I have proof. :)

It’s ALL About Energy…

In high school, I had a science teacher named Mr. Spirlet. And while I haaated high school, I simply couldn’t help but smile in Mr. S’ class.

Just a few minutes after we all sat down, he would have us cracking up with stories of how his son overdosed on candy and ran around the house on a sugar high.

Soon, the bright spot in my day would be opening his classroom door to hear more of his stories and antics. I started to look forward to his class. The crazy part? Out of the high school that I hated, science was my LEAST favorite subject.

But because Mr. S always made our learning environment relaxed and fun, I retained SO much info from his class… like the Coriolis Effect and how soap works by making water wetter. I mean seriously, who knew?!

And make no mistake about it: Mr. S didn’t make science a joke.

It wasn’t just his silly stories that kept me interested in his class. So, what was it?

Here’s a hint: I retained so much information from science because the ENERGY in Mr. S’s classroom was super high.

Here’s How This Whole Psychic Development Secret Works

That high energetic vibe allowed me to open my mind and let my guard down… which is just what you need to do to develop your psychic abilities.

That’s not to say that psychic development will come just by you popping on some spoof videos about metaphysics and turning the whole thing into a joke. No way! 

Your intuitive gifts are sacred and should be treated with gratitude, honor, and respect.

Remember, these are beautiful spiritual gifts you are developing here… not some hokey parlor trick.

But when you allow yourself to RELAX and have FUN along your journey, a magical thing happens:

Relaxation + Fun = High Vibe

High Vibe =

Developing your psychic and/or mediumship abilities becomes much easier!

And super good news? A high energetic vibration makes developing your intuitive gifts easier, but it also:

  • Makes it easier to trust the psychic vibes that you are getting (instead of questioning if you’re making all of this stuff up in your head! Been there, done that!).
  • Allows information to flow more smoothly when you are giving a psychic or mediumship reading.
  • Makes the connection with your Spirit Guides stronger.
  • Makes your connection with your Higher Self super strong.
  • Helps you become a natural anti-drama magnet!
  • Helps you to stress and worry less.
  • Makes life more joyful!

And who can complain with those results? :)

How Fun Helps You Develop Psychic Ability

If you read my blog posts compared to some others out there, you’ll notice I have a pretty relaxed tone.

I tell you about my journey — messy parts and all. I tell you about my pet. And, I talk to you like we’re BFF’s chatting over a latte at Starbucks.

That’s because I want you to have FUN while you’re here!

Being relaxed and letting your guard down allows you to feel happy and upbeat, which raises your energetic vibe and makes it EASIER to connect to psychic energy.

How Psychic Energy Works

Psychic and spirit energy vibrate at a naturally high frequency…

When I was a kid, my grandmother had Pinwheels in her garden. I would sit near the garden on a windy day and watch the Pinwheel spin around and around (it didn’t take much to entertain me as a kid, what can I say? lol).

Spirit and psychic energy are like a Pinwheel on a windy day.

When there is no wind, you can see the individual colors on the blades of the Pinwheel. But when the wind picks up, it starts spinning so fast that all of the colors blend together!

As humans, our energy is pretty dense (think of your body as a Pinwheel that’s NOT in motion). That means our vibrational frequency is slow.

Now think about Spirit and psychic energy… it’s light and airy (there’s no body to weigh it down, plus, it’s loving and drama-free!). Therefore, it vibrates at a high, fast frequency.

So in order to connect, we need to INCREASE our vibration.

In other words:

The reason that developing psychic ability is so much easier when you are relaxed and having fun with it is because that approach inherently raises your vibration.

See the snowball effect forming?

Psychic development can come naturally when you allow yourself to enjoy the journey and not stress.

When you have fun along your journey, and your abilities start to develop, you’ll have a higher vibration.

Plus, the confidence built from that not only empowers YOU, but future clients if you choose to be an intuitive reader or medium.

Psychic Secret Takeaways

Living life in a high vibe, joyful way will help you KNOW that you are connected on a deeper, spiritual level to your higher self/soul and spirit guides. That alone gives you the proper perspective when doing spiritual work.

Even though this is serious business, allowing yourself to relax and enjoy your journey puts you in the energetic state you need to be in to naturally develop your psychic abilities.

Well, there you have it! That is the one of the best kept secrets of the psychic development world!

So go ahead and pop on your favorite tune, take a walk outside, and enjoy yourself on this journey. :)

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