Psychic Children: 10 Signs Your Child is Intuitive

10 traits of psychic children

Traits of Psychic Children

Psychic children are something I get asked about a lot, and I’ve talked to many parents who want to know, “Is my child psychic?”

The first thing you need to know is this:

If you have a hunch that your child has spiritual gifts, he or she does!

But don’t just take my word for it. Let’s take a look at the top 10 traits of highly intuitive kids.

Tip: Your child does not need to have all the traits on the list. Just use it to get a sense of what psychic children are like.

1. Sensitive to the energy of other people

Psychic children are empaths, which means they can feel the energy of other people (including if they are happy, angry, sad, etc.).

Because of this, they tend to be super sensitive, and get overwhelmed easily.

Don’t worry, though. Once your child learns how to work with their intuitive gifts, things get better.

That said, here are my two favorite strategies to help empathic kids (article coming soon). These are the same techniques I used with my own kids when they were little, and they work great!

2. Sensitive to their surroundings

Because psychic kids feel energy, they are sensitive to their environment. Makes sense, right?

Loud noise or areas where there are a lot of people can overwhelm them (even a loud TV can bother them).

And remember that places have energy, too!

For example, have you ever gotten a wonderful or creepy feeling when you walked into someone’s home? Psychic children can also sense this energy.

Tip: Intuitive kids need quiet time to themselves to recharge every day.

Relaxing music, writing, or coloring can help them relax. Plus, physical activity can release excess energy, and ground them. Hello… playground!

3. Psychic kids have great instincts about people

You can’t fool a psychic kid!

They have a sense of who people truly are and can see beyond the surface.

They also know when someone is lying to them or not being sincere.

And, if you tell an intuitive child that everything is fine when it isn’t, they will know!

4. They talk about spiritual figures, imaginary friends, or loved ones in heaven

  • Spiritual Figures

Many psychic children talk about, or have a love of, spiritual figures. For example, the four-year-old daughter of one of my clients says she talks to Jesus every day. She even asks her mom to buy little gifts for Him when they go shopping!

Spiritual figures like Jesus and Buddha are Master Spirit Guides, so it’s natural for intuitive kids to sense or feel connected to them.

  • Imaginary Friends

That imaginary friend your child is chatting with may actually be their Spirit Guide!

Spirit guides are loving spiritual beings that help us on our journey through life. We all have a main Guide, and several other guides that come and go throughout our lives.

Tip: It’s totally okay to ask your child questions about their friend, like their name or what they look like. You can even have them draw a picture of their Guide!

  • Deceased Loved Ones

Lots of intuitive kids talk about loved ones who have passed away — even if they never met them!

They may know things about your loved one, or talk with them.

For example, my client’s baby laughs and laughs while she looks at ‘something’ in the corner. And her son says that “Papa” talks to him at night when he goes to bed.

The amazing thing? Her son never met his Papa!

5. May remember a past life

Sometimes, intuitive kids have memories of their past lives. They may even say things like, “I remember when I was the mom,” or give you other clues of a past life.

When my daughter was three, she used to tell me about “washing diapers” and “taking care of all the babies.” She also said that “the man used to bring milk.”

It’s a fascinating topic, and the best books I’ve read about children’s past lives are:

6. Have a special love of animals

Psychic children love and cherish animals!

Our furry friends exude unconditional love, and are bundles of pure, loving energy. Gifted kids sense this energy and are drawn to it.

7. Psychic children are very compassionate

Psychic children are very loving, kind, and compassionate human beings.

People may say that there is ‘something about your child, or that they are happier after being with them.

Teachers may have a soft spot for your child, too. They may even say that they are a joy to have in class, or are helpful to their classmates.

8. Prefer home over school

Remember the first two traits on this list? Psychic children being sensitive to others and their surroundings?

Imagine being that sensitive and having to spend time in a room with 20+ kids and noise all day long!

This can cause intuitive kids to be anxious and flat out refuse to go to school. Some are even labeled with ADD, ADHD, etc.

Tip: If this is a problem for your child, get them in the habit of taking a bath and putting on fresh clothes after school. This will wash off all that overwhelming energy.

9. Sleep issues

Sleep issues are never easy, especially for intuitive kids. They may experience vivid dreams, nightmares, or have trouble sleeping.

Each family handles this in their own way, but in my house, my husband would crash in the spare room so my daughter could sleep in my bed. This let us all get some much-needed rest!

10. They are creative

Intuitive ability is a right-brained function while analytical functions (like math), are left-brained.

Creative expression, such as art, is also a right brained activity, which is why intuitive kids are so creative and imaginative!

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How to Support Your Psychic Child

  • Honor what your kids feel. Don’t brush off their feelings as nothing or coincidence.
  • Read these tips to help psychic and empathic kids understand their gift.
  • Read about the different types of star children and psychic kids:

Tip: Don’t stress out trying to fit your child into one of these categories. Instead, have fun with the articles, and use them to gain insight!

There are so many psychic children on Earth today and it is no accident.

More than ever, we are aware that we are spiritual beings and are becoming more connected with the divine. So, relax and let your child’s gifts unfold at their own pace.

You are the parent of a creative, compassionate, and loving soul. Enjoy it!

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10 traits of psychic children

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