10 Signs of Psychic Awakening

10 signs of psychic awakening

A psychic awakening can take place at any time in your life, at any age.

Of course, we’re all born with a sixth sense, but if we aren’t encouraged to use it, it can sit on the sidelines like a back-up quarterback.

Today I’ll teach you the telltale signs of an intuitive awakening, what causes it, and how to embrace your newly expanding abilities!

What Causes a Psychic Awakening?

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all reason for why a psychic awakening happens, but there are definitely some common triggers.

  • Accident or near-death experience. A near-death experience can cause a psychic or mediumship (the ability to see spirits) awakening. John Holland and Maureen Hancock are two famous mediums whose intuitive gifts opened after an accident.
  • Losing a loved one. People often turn to their spirituality for comfort after the passing of a loved one, and this divine connection can inspire a psychic awakening. Feeling the presence of a loved one after they’ve passed can also heighten your sensitivity to spirit energy.
  • Birth of a child. Intuition often heightens for new parents as they “tune in” to the needs of their child and sense what they need or want. This is a natural and beautiful doorway to the intuitive realm!
  • Healing or energy work. Past life regression, Reiki, cranial sacral therapy, and other spiritual healing can raise your vibration, cause a shift in your energy, and reignite your sixth sense!

Trauma and abuse can also cause a psychic awakening. Victims of abuse learn to rely on their intuition for survival, and become more sensitive to energy, increasing their psychic ability.

As I said before, there are no rules on why an awakening happens. But as you can see, a life-changing event, or a shift in your energy can inspire a psychic awakening.

10 Signs of Psychic Awakening

1. You start hanging out with new people

As your psychic abilities awaken, you may feel an expanded sense of spiritual awareness, or want to hang out with new friends that are on the same path as you.

It’s totally natural (and exciting) to feel curious about the spiritual realm, and desire richer and more meaningful relationships and conversations as your intuitive gifts open.

2. You want to learn more

When you experience a psychic awakening, you want to learn as much as you can. It’s like you can’t read enough blog posts or metaphysical books!

You see, as we open up, we are reconnecting with our soul, so it’s common to want to learn as much as possible and lead a Zen life.

If this sounds like you, I invite you to grab a free copy of my eBook and audio, 7 Real World Steps to Embracing Your Intuitive Gifts.

3. Your eating habits change

If you’re suddenly craving lighter foods and it isn’t even summer, your intuition might be awakening!

Fruits and vegetables have a higher vibration than your old meat-and-potatoes fare, so it’s natural to start reaching for them during this time.

You can even follow a psychic diet to keep your energy light, and help you feel better physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

4. You have intuitive ‘hits’

Feeling like your intuition is kicking in, experiencing gut feelings, or sensing that you’re being divinely guided are all surefire signs that you’re having a psychic awakening.

You may also be receiving ‘signs’ that you can’t ignore.

None of us are newbies in the spiritual sense, but if using psychic abilities is new to you, I encourage you to learn how intuition works. This will give you a great understanding of why you’re getting signs, and where they are coming from.

5. You experience third eye activity

When your psychic abilities are opening up, you can experience slight pressure or a tingling sensation in your third eye chakra (located between your eyebrows).

This is natural and means your clairvoyance is strengthening, and that you can connect with your intuition through images and visions.

6. You become more physically sensitive

As you develop your psychic abilities, you might notice that your physical senses become heightened, too… The loud TV irks you; the morning coffee smells more divine!

This is because your clairsclairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance – are opening and strengthening.

You might notice one clair awakening or all of them.

7. You sense spirits

Sensing the presence of spirits is a surefire sign that your psychic and mediumship gifts are awakening!

You may sense that your Spirit Guides, angels, or loved ones in heaven are around.

8. You start having vivid dreams

When we are awake, our perceptive faculties act as guardians against unknown input. Huh? English please!

A lot of people ignore their extrasensory feelings. They ‘debunk’ their intuition and say, “Oh, it’s probably just my imagination.”

But when we sleep, our logical mind takes a rest so our higher state of awareness can come out to play (and teach!)

So, if you notice you are having more frequent or vivid dreams, it’s another sign that your psychic abilities are awakening.

Tip: Keep a dream journal near your bed and write down your dreams when you wake up. You may wake up with the answer to a problem or gain major insight!

9. You are more sensitive to energy

As your psychic abilities open, you might develop an aversion to a particular place or person because something doesn’t feel right. It may feel “off”, and you don’t know why.

You may also start avoiding drama, negativity, or the nightly news because it feels so yucky. This is especially true for clairsentients or empaths who can feel the emotions of others.

On the flip side, you can also feel when someone has a beautiful soul and wonderful energy!

10. You start having energy headaches

Have you ever exercised after not having exercised for a long time, then woken up sore the next day?

A psychic awakening can cause a similar experience… Because using your clairs is like using muscles you haven’t used in a long time.

But just like with exercise, you’ll get used to working with psychic energy and the headaches will go away.

Soaking your feet in warm water with Epsom salts or having a foot massage will pull the energy down from your crown chakra to ground and center you.

Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor, so be sure to contact your health care provider if you have headaches.


When you first realize that you are having a psychic awakening, it can feel strange or unfamiliar. But this arena is no different than any other new field or endeavor.

It’s normal to feel a little hesitant at first, but connecting with your intuitive gifts is very natural, and there is nothing to fear.

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