Complete Psychic Ability List for Beginners

There are six types of psychic ability, and as you’ll see in a minute, they’re simple to understand.

Best of all, you can use your gifts to help others and to gain clarity and guidance in your own life.

This list is a MUST have (like those shoes on your birthday list) cheat sheet of all the common and uncommon psychic abilities. It’s like SparkNotes, but better!

complete psychic ability list for beginners

Psychic Ability is Like Instagram or Facebook

Just like social media helps us stay connected with people, psychic ability helps us connect with spiritual or intuitive guidance.

There are four main types of psychic (intuitive) abilities:

  • Clairvoyance – psychic seeing
  • Clairaudience – psychic hearing
  • Clairsentience – intuitive feeling and sensing
  • Claircognizance – inner knowing

We connect with our intuition through the different types of psychic abilities known as the ‘clairs’.

Each of these abilities works in a different way, but tells the same message.

For example, if I wanted to let you know I was baking cookies (chocolate chip, of course), I could:

  • Send you a text
  • Call your cell phone
  • Open my front door and let the smell float over to your house
  • Post a picture on Instagram

All of those ways of communicating would almost guarantee you rushing to my kitchen… They deliver the same message in different ways.

That’s how psychic abilities work, too. Each intuitive ability gets the message through in a different way.

Tip: The repeated prefix ‘clair-’ is from the French ‘clair(e)’ and means ‘clear’.

Types of Psychic Ability

Let’s go into a little more depth about the types of psychic abilities. As you explore these intuitive gifts, you may realize that you have all of them, or just one or two.

Either way, it’s easy to develop all these abilities with practice and the right guidance.

We’ll start by learning about the most popular type of psychic ability, clairvoyance.


Clairvoyance is the ability to connect with your intuition through visions, images, and colors.

You may also see faint colors around people (their aura). Cool, right?

Typically, clairvoyant visions are seen in your mind, via your third eye (psychic eye). Don’t worry, though, they aren’t scary or dramatic like you see on TV (and you won’t see a spirit sitting on your couch).

People often picture a psychic waving their hands around a crystal ball and looking into the future, but real clairvoyance is subtle and insightful.

You may see:

  • A color or object in your mind’s eye
  • Pieces of a “scene” unfold in your mind
  • A vision that’s like you’re watching a movie in your mind’s eye
  • An image or symbol

Here are some posts that will help you understand and develop this special intuitive gift:

what is clairvoyance


Have you ever:

  • Picked up on the thoughts and feelings of the people around you?
  • Felt like you need to curl up alone with your fuzzy blanket after spending time with others?
  • Avoided the news because it’s painful to watch? (Those animal shelter commercials… *Gulp*, I’ve been there too!)
  • Sensed the energy when you walked into a room?

If these signs resonate with you, it’s likely that you have the psychic ability of clairsentience!

Clairsentience is the ability to connect with your intuition through sensing, feeling, or physical sensations. Being an empath is also part of clairsentience and means you can feel the emotions of others.

Those with clairsentience pick up on the energy around them.

As a clairsentient psychic you may:

  • Not be able to shop at consignment stories
  • Feel overwhelming joy when your friend shares good news, almost as if it were happening to you
  • Get drained when you’re around people for too long
  • Get good or bad vibes about your new neighbor

You may also know for certain when someone is lying to you, or elaborating, or hiding parts of a story. If you have empathic abilities, you may also feel twinges like a headache (yuck), or cramps (double yuck) when others are in pain.

As a clairsentient myself, I can tell you that it’s super important to learn how to control your gift so that you don’t feel drained. This post will give you some tips on how to do the same.

Helpful posts:

what is clairsentience


Clairaudience is that ‘little voice within’.

It’s the ability to connect with your intuition through the auditory channel in the form of words, phrases, or music. As your gift develops, you also may hear larger blocks of thought that feel like they are downloaded to you.

This intuitive gift is usually experienced in your own mind, in your own voice, as an inner hearing. (Psychic hearing sounds like when you are reading to yourself.)

For example, you’re driving along when you suddenly hear “turn right” in your mind. When you turn, you discover that your favorite coffee shop is selling lattes for $1 today, yay!

You may also experience clairaudience as inspiring thoughts or ideas that pop into your mind, or as sudden messages like “check the garage door”.

To learn more about this amazing psychic ability, read:

what is clairaudience


Claircognizance is the ability to connect with your intuition through gut feelings. It’s the psychic ability to know something without logic or facts; an inner knowing.

For example:

Claircognizant feelings can be very strong and come on as a flash of insight:

  • You hear that a friend was diagnosed with an illness, but you know he’ll be okay.
  • You’re about to sign a contract but have a gut feeling that there is a mistake in it.
  • You awaken at night with an insightful answer to a problem.

If you’ve ever known that you should take a different route to work, not take that drink, or throw out those leftovers, you’ve experienced inner knowing.

At the time, you probably didn’t know why you were having those feelings. Your friends may have made fun of you, or you may have thought you were being silly — but your gut was telling you that you were right.

When you experience it, you don’t know how you know, but the message is loud and clear inside you.

For example, your daughter asks if she can go play at her new friend’s house. Your answer? Namasta-NO!

You don’t know why, but you just know that her friend’s house is bad news.

It’s wonderful when we honor and act upon our claircognizance. These messages are a gift, for sure!

More claircognizant goodness:

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Clairalience means psychic smelling. It’s the ability to smell fragrances from the spiritual realm, like flowers or perfume.

For example, you might suddenly get a whiff of pineapple when your grandma in heaven (who’s signature dessert was pineapple upside-down cake) is around.

Spirits will often connect with us through our clairalience to let us know they’re around.

what is clairalience


Our last psychic ability is clairgustance which means inner tasting; that is, you can taste things like chocolate without eating chocolate. Joy to the world!

This isn’t the most common psychic ability, but it can be useful in giving mediumship readings. For example, if a spirit loved to eat chocolate-covered cherries, the medium might sense or taste chocolate.

what is clairgustance

Next Step:

Now that you know about all of the psychic gifts, let’s figure out which ones resonate with you! This fun post will help you discover which natural psychic abilities you have. Get cozy and start reading.

Which of the psychic abilities did you discover that you have?

9 thoughts on “Complete Psychic Ability List for Beginners”

  1. Elizabeth Hill

    About ten years ago or so, I could and can still do is if someone has gone somewhere I can “see” them where they are going and when they would return. I would be on mark withing a few minutes or so. Do you know what it is called? And is there a way I can enhance it?

    Thank You
    Elizabeth Hill

    1. Hi Elizabeth! First, super cool! You may want to do some research on Remote Viewing :) It’s too lengthy to explain here, but it’s AWESOME.

  2. How do you know with any of the “Clairs” if it’s spirit versus your own imagination, worries, fears, optimism or projections on any given situation? I’m newly developing & I’m having a terrible time deciphering what is me and/or what is spirit.

    1. Hey Edward! I think this would be an awesome topic for me to write a blog post about. One way you can know is that the messages/feelings are always positive. It can also feel like the thought “popped” into your head out of no where, and is always for your highest good. I’ll plan to write a post about it :)

  3. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for another great post! I had a strange experience a little while ago; I was meditating and my mind was wandering (normal for me), I can’t remember what I was thinking about, but I suddenly heard a male voice say my name in my mind. This was definitely in my head and the first time this has happened. I didn’t recognize the voice, it just happened in between thoughts. Has this ever happened to you? It didn’t scare me, it just startled me and kind of broke my concentration. Very strange experience!

    1. Amazing! Its great to know what that “Voice” is! It definitely surprised me, but in a good way! I know my Spiritual Path is just beginning, and it means a lot to read and share experiences! Thanks again!

  4. Hi Jessica
    I have always felt since I was young that I had something.
    I remember when my uncle passed away I was not at the funeral, but the day before the funeral I rang mum and was able to describe the coffin even the photo sitting on top of the coffin and described the picture frame?
    The last few months things have became a lot stronger , in the sense that I have a bit of all the 5 clairs
    I find when I’m doing little readings or getting certain things, I am on such a high ( energy from spirits) but when I am not getting things I am very moody and even depressed, how do I balance this feeling out???
    Thanks Nicky

    1. Hey Nicky, meditation of course helps because it will keep your vibration high and keep you connected. But anything you enjoy will have the same effect. For example, I’m on a coloring kick right now (Vogue coloring book for adults – ooh la la!). When I’m coloring, I feel so relaxed and happy and I can feel Spirit flooding around me. Answers to problems, etc. start popping into my head. The key is to find what works for you – going for a walk in nature, painting, drawing, crossword puzzles – whatever! :) And make sure you are using your intuition to guide you every day – that way you always feel divinely supported and connected.

  5. This was helpful. I now have a name for something that I have been doing my whole life. I am claircognizant. But I am not always right, except for when I’m crossing streets. Do you have any suggestions for strengthening my abilities?

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