Pink Aura Traits: 6 Surefire Characteristics

Pink aura traits. There’s a candy store back home that used to sell massive candies. Like, 10 pound Nerds boxes, five-pound Hershey Kisses, and 4-foot Twizzlers.

When you walk in, the white floor and sugary smell almost gives you a headache, but not quite. There’s a sense of childlike calm and excitement floating about, and each shelf is a new discovery.

That is how I picture the pink aura — light, bright, and cheery.

On the flip side, those with a pink aura may be hiding nasty feelings behind a pretty picture. Unfortunately, it is also possible that someone with a pink aura has learned to cover feelings of pain with cheery behavior.

pink aura traits and meanings

Pink Aura Meanings

It’s interesting to note that pink auras do not occur naturally.

Pink auras happen when (quick — think back to art class!) red is mixed with white. The amount of red and white determines the depth of the hue.

  • A light pink aura means that you are calm, peaceful, spiritually connected and intuitive. This is one of the best shades of pink to have in your aura!
  • People with bright pink auras are compassionate, loving, and grounded (you probably love meditation!) This is great color energy to have!
  • A medium shade of pink, especially around the heart, can indicate that you’re in love!
  • Magenta auras, while rare, are found in secure, eccentric people with strong personalities. Magentas are powerful folks, but are not as intuitive as our light and bright pink friends.
  • A pink-grey aura indicates that you are lacking self-care, and need some TLC.

But even with different shades, pink auras have lots of traits in common — as you’ll learn next. (Learn how to see your aura.)

Pink Aura Traits

So, what does a pink aura say about your personality?

Well, pinks have a lot more to them than sugar and sweetness — there’s a little spice in there too! The spice however, often benefits the greater good.

On a Saturday night you may find them:

  • volunteering at a shelter
  • fighting for a cause they believe in
  • writing stories
  • playing guitar or creating their own music
  • helping a friend (or animal) in need
  • doing yoga or meditating
  • researching metaphysical topics, like crystals, essential oils, or Reiki

Now, let’s dig into their characteristics…

1. Social justice warriors

People that have a lot of pink in their aura are outraged by injustice. Think poverty and racial conflict.

They aren’t just outraged, though. They will actually get out there and DO something about it. For example, it wouldn’t be uncommon to find them demonstrating for a cause they believe in.

And if they are a pink who had a painful past, we can see why they are this way — it shows great compassion and a sense of determination.

Speaking of compassion…

2. Caring

Those with a lot of pink in their aura are very caring and compassionate. They are wonderful with children and animals, and are typically willing to make big sacrifices to foster improvements in society. Go pinks!


Because they are sensitive souls, those with pink energy need to keep their aura clean and clear of negativity.

3. Health-conscious and Intuitive

Those with pink energy care about health and wellbeing — for themselves and others. They care about health, healing, and are concerned about diet choices and exercise.

4. Grounded, Balanced, and Psychic

Since they are so caring, compassionate, and intuitive, pinks are natural healers with strong psychic and clairaudient ability… 

And since a pink aura mixes purple (spiritual) and red (grounding) energies, they have a balance and strong awareness of the spiritual and earth realms.

Tip: An aura cleansing bath is a relaxing and fun way to ground yourself and keep your energy vibrant.

5. Supportive and outspoken

You know that one friend who always plans the get-togethers? Those with pink auras care about friends sticking together and supporting each other.

I can’t help but think of the character Pam from “The Office”. Throughout the first few episodes, Pam is very timid. She’s friendly, cheery, and doesn’t rock the boat.

But, as we get to know her, it’s clear that she has strong opinions and isn’t afraid to show them! For example, she took a stand against corporate injustice and followed her boss out the door — right into unemployment!

And, her creativity is often shown through her graphic design and painting talents.

6. Quick-tempered

We’re going back to art class for a second (did you know there would be a pop quiz today?).

What color is pink closely related to? That’s right, red.

So what does that mean for pinks?

They have the tendency to be a bit hot-headed, but also strong and powerful. Think force of nature with smile.

Interesting, right? But wait, it gets even better. Check this out…

7. Creative

Those with pink auras also take on the creative characteristics of a red aura. This means they can be fantastic novelists, artists, songwriters, or singers.

How to Get More Pink in Your Aura

Auras are like mood rings; like chakras, they change to reflect how we feel (emotionally and physically) at any given moment.

That said, it’s totally possible to get more pink in your aura (in fact, I encourage it!)

In this case, it’s best to lean towards lighter shades of pink that have a lot of white in them (think: baby pink or blush). These color will help you feel calm and connected with your intuition.

Here’s how:

  • Meditate
  • Place a pretty blush-toned blanket on the end of your bed
  • Get yourself a rose quartz crystal, and place it near your bed or where you work
  • Invest in a piece of rose quartz jewelry
  • Meditate with pink mala beads
  • Add blush-toned clothes to your wardrobe
  • Do something creative
  • Sing or listen to music
  • Spend time outside with your feet in the grass or sand

Pink Aura Takeaways

Pink indicates happiness, and people with this color in their aura work to be as positive, harmonious and loving as they can. But even though they are gentle, wise, and caring, they also have self-discipline and strong moral values.

Because of the relationship to red, pink energy will appear in your aura when you are in love. It will also be there when you’re with close friends and family because you love those interactions. You may even be the family member who loves planning those family events!

Here’s a list of their traits and characteristics one more time:

  • grounded
  • balanced
  • powerful
  • creative
  • outspoken
  • psychic (clairaudient)
  • caring
  • health-conscious
  • helpful
  • social justice warrior

Well friends, that’s what we know about pink auras. Do you know someone with these traits? What injustices have they fought?

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