New Intuitive Reader? Don’t Make This Mistake

Many years ago, I was getting an intuitive reading from an amazing woman. She was down-to-earth, sweet, and accurate.

We were about 10 minutes into the session when I asked for intuitive guidance regarding a family situation. I was ready to kick off my shoes, curl up on her couch, and listen to some spiritual advice while I sipped my latte.

But it all went wrong…

one mistake new intuitive readers sometimes make

Instead of giving me the divine guidance I was seeking, she got excited and said, “Oh I know exactly what you mean!” Then, she began telling me that she had been in a similar family situation.

For the next 20 minutes, the reading had nothing to do with me at all! It was about her family and how she handled it.

I didn’t feel like the conversation was intuitively guided, and I didn’t feel that she was guided to open her heart and share her story with me, either.

I felt like she had disconnected from my energy and wanted to vent about what had happened to her.

I felt sad, but learned a lesson that day:

Don’t talk about yourself when you are giving an intuitive, tarot, or mediumship reading.

Why do we resonate with our clients’ issues?

There will be times when clients come to you with problems you can relate to or are experiencing something similar to what you’ve been through. This can happen because:

  • Like attracts like
  • We all come from the same creator
  • We are all on this planet having human experiences

It’s natural to be compassionate, feel a connection with another person, and want to share from our hearts. But when you start talking about yourself during a reading, you shift away from the energy of your client.

So, remember:

Always set the intention to serve your client’s highest and best good before giving an intuitive reading, or any other type of reading (mediumship, Akashic Records, tarot, numerology, past life, etc.)

If you feel divinely guided to share, do so briefly so you stay connected with your client’s energy.

Psychic ability and mediumship work in all sorts of magical and subtle ways. Just remember to keep connected to your heart and work for the highest and best good of others. This will keep your energetic vibration high, and you will serve others with love.

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