Numerology Number 8 – Traits, Life Path, Challenges

Numerology number 8. You know that kid you went to high school with who excelled at everything, got good grades, and was planning to launch his app before graduation?

Yeah, that kid was most likely a numerology number 8!

Those with the number 8 have traits such as diplomacy, drive and ambition.

In fact, some of the most successful people in the world are ruled by the number 8 –it’s the success number!

On the flip side, 8’s can also go in the opposite direction and end up struggling.

So, what makes or breaks an 8?

It’s all about characteristics and how they rise up to meet their challenges. (more on this below)

Are you a numerology number 8?

You have number 8 energy if you:

  • Were born on the 8th, 17th, or 26th of any given month
  • Have an 8 in your Life Path number (or any other core number in your numerology chart)
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Here’s everything you need to know about the numerology number 8, including their best love matches!

numerology number 8 traits and life purpose

Life Path of the Numerology Number 8

Let’s get right to the good stuff:

As a numerology number 8, you’re driven to succeed in all you do. Ambition, success, power, money, and authority are in your numerology DNA!

You’re that person that is good at everything.

You have the qualities needed to reach your goals, no matter what they are:

  • Would you like to be the CEO of a company? Totally doable.
  • Want to open a gluten-free bakery? You’d rock it!
  • Thinking of volunteering for the PTA? They are gonna have some mega fundraisers!

You’re a natural-born leader, are organized and efficient… and have great intuition about people.

These characteristics give you the foundation to become wealthy and a massive success!

Your relationship with money has roots stemming from your deep need for financial security and the freedom that it brings.

This need may be a result of the struggles you’ve had in life so far.

However, it’s not all about the money…

Take a look at the actual number 8. See how the top and bottom are balanced, or equalone circle on top of the other? This detail plays an important role in your Life Path and energy.

Your life purpose is to create a life of balance, and to even out your relationships with money, family, hobbies, and whatever else you enjoy.

With balance, you can enjoy the rich and joyful life that you are here to experience!

Number 8 success tips:

  • Allow. You need to be mindful to embrace money into your life. A great book for learning how to allow money into your life is Money and the Law of Attraction.
  • Balance. Spiritual practices (like journaling or the law of attraction) are fab tools to bring balance into your life.
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Numerology Number 8 Personality Traits

Self-discipline is a breeze for you. No one has to crack the whip because you are completely self-motivated and ambitious. 

You work super hard to achieve your goals. And when you have a set-back, you regroup and come back stronger than ever!

You never give up, even when anyone else would, or when the odds are stacked against you.

Another awesome trait you have is confidence, which helps you get what you want in life.

You’re loyal

You are a loyal friend and most likely experienced a lonely childhood. That’s why you cherish your friendships!

You can forgive almost anything, except betrayal.

This is true of all your relationships, personal and professional. 

Risk taker

You have amazing potential, and are willing to take risks to get what you want.

On the flip side, this can lead you to lose lots of money if you’re not careful. (So, be cautious when putting all your eggs in one basket!)

Also, it’s hard for you not to jump in with two feet, but take your time — try dipping in one toe first. Test the waters on a small scale and learn as you go.

The good news is that even when you get knocked down, you don’t stay there for long.

Using your masterful skills and intelligence, you can rise up to the top of your field again — even after a loss.

Eights and money

Being a numerology number 8 doesn’t magically mean you will be successful and wealthy. First, you need to rise above the challenges you will face in your life.

But, if you look at the numerology charts of the most successful people in the world, you will find that many of them have number 8 energy.

On the flip side, you would also find that some destitute folks also have 8’s within their charts.

It’s all about your power and how you use it…

The bottom line is this: You have a strong personality and need to channel that energy in a positive way!

To use a Star Wars reference, you already have the “force,” you just need to use it wisely.

Number 8 personality traits summary

  • Diplomatic
  • Driven
  • Ambitious
  • Organized
  • Efficient
  • Good judge of character
  • Smart
  • Disciplined
  • Confident
  • Strong
  • Successful
  • Loyal
  • Hard-working

Now that you’re clear on your Life Path and characteristics, let’s move on to your potential life and emotional challenges. The insight you are about to learn can help you steer clear of these possible pitfalls!

numerology number 8 traits

Numerology Number 8 Emotional Challenges

Maintaining balance

Because the energy of the number 8 centers on success, authority and wealth, many people wish they had more 8’s in their numerology chart.

We’ve even heard of people going to the extreme and changing their name so that they can become a numerology number 8!

Before you take a drastic step like that, remember that an important part of being an eight is balance.

In other words…

It’s important to have other numbers in your chart so that you don’t end up with too many positive or negative traits of an 8.

Sure, 8’s have the potential to amass success and wealth, but if they aren’t balanced, they won’t be happy.

It’s like the Nicholas Cage movie Family ManCage’s character was an investment broker who woke up one day to a completely different life… surrounded by poopie diapers and a minivan!  

At first, he missed his rich life and fancy suits. But after a while, he realized what he had been missing by focusing completely on wealth. In the end, he was happiest with a more balanced life.

If you’re out of balance as an 8, you can become:

  • Narrow-minded
  • Materialistic
  • Self-centered
  • A martyr
  • Frustrated
  • Hostile

Moral of the story: Don’t assume that all 8’s live the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.

Remember, it’s about a feeling of security, freedom, and overcoming adversity. It’s not only about amassing huge piles of money.

Money challenges

Eights may find they have issues around money that need fixing before their hard work can pay off.

But if they can work through their personal money stories, they can enjoy wealth and use it to do good in the world.

People don’t always understand you

People don’t always understand you. They ask you for an honest opinion, and then can’t take your bluntness. Don’t ever ask an 8: “Does this make me look fat?”

To you, stuff is right or wrong, good or bad, black or white. This is what makes others feel that you can be a little harsh sometimes.

There’s an easy fix though — use that diplomacy that comes so naturally to you!

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Numerology Number 8 Work and Career

People say you’re a workaholic because you have a drive for success, financial security, and freedom.

For you, a strong work ethic is normal, and you wonder why everyone else isn’t working hard, too!

You have a strong bend towards entrepreneurship and leadership; in fact, many 8’s start and run their own businesses!

Positions of authority

8’s are in business and in positions of authority across all fields. Your dedication to meeting your goals, no matter what, keeps you moving up the ladder!

Lots of times, people with the numerology number 8 feel pulled towards careers in:

  • Medicine
  • Academia
  • Law
  • Law enforcement
  • The military
  • Government
  • Banking

Numerology Number 8 Compatibility and Relationships

Karma is of huge importance in the lives of a numerology number 8. 

This means once you make your bed, you’ll lie in it. You’ll reap what you’ve sown, you know?

It also means that you’ll have relationships in this lifetime with people from your past lives! Pretty cool, huh?

Romantic relationships

You aren’t a classic romantic, though love and companionship are important to you. Because you’re so practical, you tend to look at love through that lens.

But wait! That doesn’t mean you’re a cold fish, either!

You’re a faithful and loving partner who is willing to do more of his or her fair share of work in any relationship. Yay, you!

Tip: If Master number 11 is your Life Path, use a 2 for romantic compatibility. (Because 1+1=2.) And if you are a Master number 22, use a 4 (2+2=4).

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Family relationships

Number 8’s tend to have a rough start in life and often had to deal with a lot of family issues when they were young. You may have even found yourself having to grow up much faster than others your age.

Being a good provider for your family is SO important to you, which is one reason why you work so hard.

You want your family to thrive, not just survive.

Most Compatible Love Matches

8 and 2 – In this relationship, both people have the same priorities — home, family, and feeling secure. Their matching values and unique gifts make them a perfect match, like Lucy and Ricky! In this pair, the 8 has the freedom to go out, conquer the world, and support their family… while the 2 takes the reins at home, managing home and family life like a boss!

8 and 4 – Independently, these two are powerful and driven. Together, they are unstoppable! With similar values, work ethic, and need for a balanced life, these two are a match made in heaven.

8 and 6 – This couple values family and marriage, which creates a strong bond. Plus, this pair has personalities that compliment each other… The number 6, being loving and intelligent, is the biggest cheerleader of the ambitious 8. In turn, the 8 will support the 6 both financially and emotionally.

8 and 8 – Romance. Passion. Determination. Intelligence… This dynamic love match has it all! Together, these two are a true power couple! Since they are both so competitive, they need to be careful not to compete with each other.

Potential Love Matches

8 and 3 – The people in this pair are very different. 3’s need change and the ability to go with the flow. On the flip side, 8’s like structure, discipline, and organization. If these two can compromise, they can learn tons from each other and make it work!

Least Compatible Matches

8 and 1 – This couple may have some struggles. As business partners, they can make a powerful duo, but not so much on the romantic front! Both of them are motivated and value success, which can be too intense. These two may have a tough time slowing down and finding the down time to connect with each other.

8 and 5 – As polar opposites, the number 5 is the epitome of a free-spirit, while the numerology number 8 needs order and organization. Also, the 8 wants to be in charge, and the 5 is having none of that! Money-wise, these two don’t click, either… the 8 has lots of money and power in their Life Path, but that isn’t important to the 5.

8 and 7 – The intense numerology number 8 isn’t afraid to get out there and take the lead in a big way. But, the 7 prefers to stay out of the spotlight and is much more introverted. The determination and intensity of the 8 can be overwhelming for the shy number 7.

8 and 9 – You would think that two very motivated people could take on the world together. They can… except it may be a challenge for a numerology number 8 and 9. That’s because they’re driven for completely different reasons. While the 8 seeks material success, the numerology 9 focuses on humanitarian efforts.

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Numerology number 8, you’re a smart, ambitious, and confident individual. You have the blueprint for a successful and rich life!

Your Life Path is to overcome your personal struggles and create a life of balance.

Tip: Save a copy of this handy summary to Pinterest (hover over the image) and refer to it whenever you need!

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