Numerology Number 5 – Life Path, Traits, Love, Career

Numerology number 5 is the pure opposite of our friend, four.

Like a mocha frappe that’s the perfect blend of coffee and chocolate, five is a balance of male and female energy — with traits leaning slightly towards the feminine.

You’ll know a 5 when you spot one because they define the words free spirit; they hold characteristics such as curiosity and adventure!

Let’s talk about their Life Path, challenges, love life, best careers, and more fab traits.

numerology number 5 traits and life purpose

Are you a numerology number 5?

If your birthday falls on the 5th, 14th or 23rd of any month, you have numerology number 5 energy!

You also hold this energy if 5 is your Life Path, Soul Urge, Karmic, or Expression number.

To learn about another number, choose the DAY of the month you were born (ex. if you were born on January 21, click “21st”):

Number 1: 1st, 10th, 19th, 28th   Number 2: 2nd, 11th, 20th, 29th    Number 3: 3rd, 12th, 21st, 30th

Number 4: 4th, 13th, 22nd, 31st     Number 6: 6th, 15th or 24th     Number 7: 7th, 16th, 25th

Eight: 8th, 17th, 26th     Number 9: 9th, 18th, 27th

Life Path of the Numerology Number 5

No doubt about it, if you’re a numerology number 5, people don’t forget you!

You’re a whirlwind, a free spirit… a real-life Dora the Explorer, always trying and seeking new things.

You have a sense of adventure, excitement, and are the total opposite of a couch potato!

You’d rather have a root canal than have nothing to do. It’s a big, exciting world out there, and your gypsy soul wants to experience it!

On any given weekend we might find you taking a pottery class, signing up for piano lessons, or planning a trip to Mt. Everest!

You never know where the wind will take you, but you are always excited to find out. Van life? Why not?!

In everything you do, you do it to an extreme.

You feel emotion with intensity. You love hard, play hard, and ‘crash’ hard. You’re the Train song, “Meet Virginia”…

We may find you hopping from one relationship (or job) to the next to satisfy your thirsty soul for the moment. You are passionate, with a flare for the dramatic.

When you aren’t fulfilled, you feel restless, like a caged lion; this is when you need to be careful not to slip into the dark side of addiction, whether it be alcoholism, sex, etc.

Remember, you are an extremist, and as such, your ocean can turn from calm to typhoon in a snap… from wild child to recluse, if you’re not mindful of your tide.

Your Life Path is to balance your energy so you can live a healthy and free life with structure, self-care, and discipline. 

Number 5 Life Path tips:

  • Practice mindfulness. More than any other number, you can benefit from meditation using mantras and mindfulness. This will help you balance your energy and connect with your soul, where the wisdom and guidance for your highest good comes from. A cool bonus is that it will help you kick drama to the curb!
  • Ground yourself. Spiritual grounding helps balance your physical and spiritual energies to Mother Earth. As a five, it’s important for you to stay grounded to squash restlessness, and keep you on a positive and healthy path. Here is a trusted article with 19 ideas for getting grounded (so you’ll never get bored).

Numerology number 5, you’re  gifted with a free-spirited energy and ability to go with the flow.

If you are mindful to keep grounded and bring balance to all areas of your life, you will live the joyful and adventurous life you seek!

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Numerology Number 5 Personality Traits

You are non-judgmental and believe that people are generally good. Everyone starts with a clean slate with you!

You avoid anything mainstream like the plague. Why? Because you believe it will squash your independence and freedom, which you value the most.

As a loving and forgiving soul, it’s easy to see why people love being around you!

Free spirit

Fives hate routines and long-term commitments. As we said earlier, you get restless and tend to hop from place to place trying to discover where you fit in.

You are great to be around — unless others are depending on you to help them with a project. Some people might consider you to be a little flighty. My lab partner flaked on me again! Ugh!

Social butterfly

Fives are friendly and super social. You may have a ton of Facebook friends and could Instagram about your adventures all day long! #vanlife

But since you’re all about freedom, you rarely find yourself as part of any fixed group.

You like to keep your options open!

Fighter for the underdog

This world needs people like you, period. You have amazing energy and spread good vibes wherever you go.

Though you have strong opinions about everything, you are progressive in your thinking and are on the side of the underdog every. single. time.

One of your most endearing traits is that you are open to other people’s opinions. Live and let live, ya know?

Intuitive (psychic)

Psychically gifted, you have great intuition and you use it.

You are a great judge of character and your vibes are spot on!


Because you like to move around a lot, you find travel very appealing and will travel a lot in your life.

If you can mix the travel with work, that’s like scoring a hot fudge sundae with an extra cherry!

In your adventures, you’ll meet up with many different types of people — not all of them trustworthy.

Use your intuition and learn to keep your guard up with new people so you don’t get taken advantage of.

Summary of personality traits and characteristics

  • Free-spirited
  • Non-conformist
  • Curious
  • Adventurous
  • Social
  • Non-judgmental
  • Freedom seeking
  • Opinionated
  • Loving
  • Accepting
  • Forgiving
  • Progressive thinking
  • Fighter for the underdog

Now that you’re cozy with the traits of the numerology number 5, let’s talk about your spiritual and emotional challenges. Armed with this info, you may be able to avoid these potential pitfalls.

numerology number 5 personality traits

Numerology Number 5 Emotional Challenges


Sure, many people want you to settle down, get a steady job and be an adult. But you don’t worry about that too much. And you don’t worry about where the rent money will come from because it always shows up.

One of the biggest challenges you face is being unreliable and irresponsible… which can be made worse by the friends you choose.

Remember, you’re a great judge of character, so choose friends who will uplift you.

It’s also helpful for you to grow into the idea that, though you want to be free, you need to be there for the people who love you…  and to take care of YOUR needs so that others don’t have to step in.

Risky and addictive Behavior

The biggest difficulty, however, comes with pleasures of the flesh. You are easily tempted to experiment with drugs, alcohol and sex.

This trait, along with your lack of forethought and planning, can be dangerous for you.

Be leery of those who would encourage you to try these things. They might not have your best interest at heart.

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Numerology Number 5 Career and Work

You tend to have a tough time landing in a career path that’s right for you because of your need for freedom and change.

Anything that is repetitive or systematic will BORE. YOU. TO. TEARS. This can lead you to jump from job to job without any real plan or concern.

But like a true free spirit, you believe that you can always find another job.

You don’t really have a long-term goal for your finances or career; you just want to live a happy life and believe everyone else should, too.

Settling down after age 30

It’s common for numerology 5’s to find their place in the world (including the workplace) after age 30.

Once you settle in, you’ll work your way up the ladder with ease. You’re a fast learner, and enthusiastic once you find your calling.

Whatever your job, it needs to include elements of unpredictability and motion. You like to learn and try new things because of your five personality and quick mind.

Many 5’s enjoy working from home or running their own business because it gives them freedom and variety.

This is a good fit, once you have found your true calling. Otherwise, you will flit around from business to business without becoming successful at any of them.

Possible career choices

Fives excel at working with people and can do well in sales. They also make great attorneys because of the whole fight for the underdog thing.

Numerology Number 5: Relationships and Compatibility

It’s easy for people to love you because of your fair, charming, easy-going nature.

But when someone doesn’t like you, they really don’t like you. Not that that bothers you in the least (if you even notice!)

The people who don’t like you are closed-minded and see you as a liberal with too many dangerous ideas.

Your dating life

You see yourself as a free agent and don’t have a problem dating several different people at once.

When you are in a relationship, you are loyal. You care about people, and would never sneak around and cheat on a partner.

But if a relationship gets too tedious or confining, you’ll break it off ASAP.

Don’t worry, though. Since you’re so dynamic, you never have a problem finding new friends or lovers!

Most Compatible Love Matches

Pro tip: Don’t use Master numbers 11 and 22 when determining compatibility. Instead, use a two for Master number 11, and a four for Master number 22.

5 and 1 – This pair fit together like puzzle pieces and share the same love of independence and freedom. Their personalities compliment each other in many ways. A true dream team!

5 and 3 – This couple is full of charm, and helpfulness, and love socializing with anyone and everyone. Since both partners hate schedules and value freedom, this can be a heavenly match.

5 and 5 – Did you see sparks fly — and it wasn’t even the 4th of July? You may have just spotted a numerology number 5 and 5 couple! This relationship is the stuff that movies are made of — freedom, desire, and adventure! A sexy pair that could travel the world together!

5 and 7 – Though polar opposites, this can be a fantastic love match! Numerology 7’s need time to be alone, think, and reflect. On the flip side, 5’s often have plenty of activities going on! In this relationship, both people can give the other the space to be themselves.

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Possible Love Matches

5 and 9 – The main problem for these two is that they are both so busy that it can be tough for them to come together and work on their relationship. But, if this pair can be mindful to spend time together, they can find harmony!

Least Compatible Relationships

5 and 2 – In this relationship, both people are very different. If they have good chemistry and are willing to work at it, this pair can make it work. However, this is a true pair of opposites and the 2 would need lots of affection from the free-spirited 5.

5 and 4 – This duo has very different values, which can cause some major clashing. 5’s live for going with the flow and feeling free, while 4’s need stability and security. In order to make it work, they both need to compromise on their strong beliefs. (And if they can do this, they can learn tons from each other!)

5 and 6 – Compromise is the name of the game for these two. Above all else, the 5 must have freedom and space to roam and explore. On the flip side, the 6 must feel a sense of being able to help and have some control. 6 will need commitment, while 5 will always be looking towards what’s next on the horizon.

5 and 8 – This pair may avoid following rules and find themselves disagreeing with each other. The bottom line is that 8 is used to being the boss, while 5 is the ultimate freedom seeker… and refuses to be told what to do. Also, 8’s tend to value and focus on financial success, while the 5 couldn’t care less!

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