Numerology Number 1: Traits, Life Path, Compatibility

In numerology, number 1 is the main number from which all other numbers originate, so it’s super powerful!

It is also said to be the most masculine number, as it holds personality traits like leadership, drive and determination.

Get comfy and let’s dive into the number one details! We’re talking love matches, personality traits, career options, emotional challenges, and more!

numerology number 1 traits and life purpose

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Are You a Numerology Number 1?

You’re ruled by number 1 energy if your birthday is on the 1st, 10th, 19th or 28th of any given month.

And if you were born between July 21st – August 28th, or March 21st – April 28th, your “oneness” is intensified!

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Numerology Number 1 Life Path

As a numerology number 1, you have incredible leadership skills and the drive to do what you set your mind to. But it can take time for you to find your footing in life.

The kryptonite to your superpowers is your lack of confidence and frequently wondering to yourself, “Am I good enough?”

It can take a while for you to stop doubting yourself, and start having a healthy self-image.

As you go through the life journey of coming into your own, the idea of being independent and free excites you! On the flip side, it can also feel a little scary to start relying on yourself, rather than on loved ones.

That said, here are some tips for overcoming self-doubt:

  • Ask your intuition for guidance each day and trust your gut.
  • Start a meditation practice. It will help you connect with your Higher Self and strengthen your confidence.
  • Spend some time in self-reflection. List out 20 things you can do well, or have overcome!

Numerology number 1, you are on a fabulous life path. When you believe in yourself, you can kick butt and be totally victorious — no matter what you attempt. Y

ep, that means you can do whatever you set your brilliant mind to!

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Numerology Number 1 Personality Traits

You have a strong determination, and a strong personality to match.

Sitting and watching the world go by is definitely not your style! You would rather get up and get things done. Above all else, you desire freedom and independence.

You have the potential to be a mover and shaker in this world, and would be amazing at running your own business or giving an inspiring speech to a crowd.

Let’s break these traits and characteristics down for a more in-depth look:

You’re independent and passionate

Both men and women with numerology number 1 are fiercely independent.

You hate asking for help due to your perfectionism with whatever project you are currently in love with. (We say current project because 1’s can be passionate about a LOT of things!)

A “go-getter”

Your mind craves stimulation, so you are always working to put new ideas into action!

To be clear… Mental stimulation is not a want for you, it’s necessary for you to be happy (like peanut butter is essential to jelly!)

Because of this, you may find yourself hopping from one project to the next — especially once you’ve met your goal and mastered something.

(Tip: tackling new tasks can be a huge confidence booster for you!)


You think differently than most people and can think outside the box.

That tricky problem that no one at work can solve? Dollars to donuts, you’ll come up with an ingenious way to fix what’s stumping everyone else!

Sometimes, people feel intimidated by you, but you don’t want them to feel that way; it’s just that you have so much passion and energy that others feel they can’t live up to what you can do!

But don’t worry, you have a presence that draws people in.

You’re kind of magical that way!

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Awesome storyteller

Numerology number 1 folks have a knack for making the most boring stories funny and entertaining... and that makes them popular!

Your vivacious personality and broad-minded attitude about life add to your popularity. (Have you thought about starting a blog? Just sayin’.)

Number One Personality Traits Summary

  • Independent
  • Passionate
  • Honest
  • Driven
  • Leader
  • Perfectionist
  • Energetic
  • Gifted storyteller
  • Intelligent

Emotional Challenges of the Numerology Number 1


Although the world sees the number 1’s as fearless leaders, you can suffer from self-doubt, which can cripple you if you aren’t careful.

“Failures” or mistakes can throw you into depression and cause you to lose steam.

When coming from a place of self-doubt, you can be critical and self-absorbed, though you are loving by nature. You can also be willful and stubborn.

While others see you as a whirlwind of brilliant ideas and amazing productivity, you often battle negative self-talk that insinuates you’re not good enough.

Be sure to rewire your self-talk so that those defeatist thoughts don’t lead you to lose motivation.

Risky actions

Your desire to seek freedom and independence should be tempered with moderation.


Because numerology number 1’s can take freedom to an extreme.

This can lead to risky actions that can cause negative consequences, especially with money.

numerology number 1 personality traits

Work and Career

As a numerology number 1, you feel joy when you are working in your element — creative ideas that you can bring to life!

You’re also a natural leader, and leading others is where you are most comfortable and can best serve.

You lead by example and come up with visionary ideas that keep those around you inspired to do their best work. Magical, right?

Always ambitious, you’re careful to be fair at all times.

(Honesty and integrity are super important to you, and you hate when people lie.) You need to remember that not everyone has your determination, foresight and energy.

Number 1’s inspire others with their enthusiasm and imaginative ideas that always get put into action. If there was a slogan for your life it would be Nike’s “Just Do It!”

You set a goal, and you set out to realize it.

Numerology number 1’s rise to the top no matter what career field they choose!

Numerology Number 1: Relationships and Compatibility

Since you are in almost constant motion, it can be tricky for you to relax. Of course, this can cause friction with your partner if they can’t keep up with you.

That’s why it’s helpful for you to have a hobby that you can enjoy while your partner rests. One’s also need to remember to let their partner take the lead once in a while.

Most Compatible Love Matches

1 and 1 – Two 1’s make a power couple that can take on the world together (as long as they can compromise with one another). They admire and understand the drive and determination that the other has.

1 and 2 – These two can be a great match if the one is able to take the lead. Some happy 1’s and 2’s find harmony when the 1 is the breadwinner and the 2 manages the home front.

1 and 3 – These two compliment each other like strawberries and chocolate. While the 3 is highly creative, the 1 has the drive to make that vision come to life. Talk about unstoppable!

1 and 5 – This is the dream team of numerology. The 1 can be the perfect compliment to the free-spirited 5, since both of them value freedom above all else.

1 and 7 – These two are the classic definition of “opposites attract.” The number 7 is super smart and curious, and support from the driven numerology number 1 can help them shine!

1 and 9 – If one and nine were a candy, they’d be an M & M. The compassionate 9 can break through and soften the hard candy shell of the 1!

Least Compatible

1 and 4 – A one and four might not be sailing on the smoothest waters. They both have strong personalities and are set in their ways, which can be problematic. For example, the 1 likes to get things done ASAP while the 4 likes to take their time and plan.

1 and 6 – These guys might clash. Why? Because the 6 is super nurturing, which can make the number 1 feel insecure rather than taken care of.

1 and 8 – These two may make sweet music together as business partners, but not so much as romantic partners! Both 1 and 8 have strong personalities that can be way too intense in a relationship.

  • Read the full Number 1 Compatibility article (coming soon)

What if you are a Master Number 11 or 22?

We actually don’t use master numbers to determine compatibility. Instead, we reduce to a single digit.

For example:

  • Master number 11 would become a number 2 for relationship purposes (1 + 1 = 2)
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Here’s a summary infographic of all the numerology number 1 details from this article. Go ahead and hover over the image to save a copy on Pinterest. Then, you can refer to it any time. It’s like Cliffs Notes for numerology!

numerology number 1 personality and compatibility

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