List of Numerology Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Numerology Challenges. In numerology, each number holds a specific energy, which can tell us a lot about someone’s traits.

For example, the number 4 holds genius energy, while those with number 1 energy are super independent!

On the flip side, each number also holds its own challenges or ‘weak points’ in its Life Path.

Understanding these challenges can help you overcome them and live your best life! 

So, if you’re a sensitive number 3, you can learn to protect your energy so you don’t feel so drained by work drama!

Cool, right?

list of numerology challenges

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Calculating Your Life Path Challenge Numbers

In numerology, it’s believed that we all have three challenges within our life path: a main challenge, and two sub-challenges. 

Start by calculating your sub-challenges, then your main challenge.

1. Add up your birthdate numbers. Then, reduce them to a single digit.

  • March 17, 1973:
    • Month 3 (0 + 3)
    • Day 8 (1 + 7)
    • Year 2 (1 + 9 + 7 + 3 = 20; 2 + 0 = 2)

2. Sub-challenge 1. Now, find the difference between your month and day of birth. In this example, 8 – 3 = 5. This is your first sub-challenge number, and represents issues that you may face during the first half of your life.

3. Sub-challenge 2. Next, find the difference between your day and year of birth. So, 8 – 2 = 6. This number represents challenges you could face during the next half of your life.

4. Main Life Path challenge. Calculate the difference between your first and second sub-challenges. 6 – 5 = 1. This represents your main challenge throughout life.

Got your three challenge numbers?

Great, take a look at the list below to understand what the numbers mean, and empower yourself to overcome them.

And don’t worry, there’s nothing scary or bad here at all. 

List of Numerology Challenges

Number 1 challenge: Insecurity

No doubt about it, ones are movers and shakers, but they also struggle with insecurity.

So, even though they are excellent leaders, you’ll often find them battling self-doubt. (Or worrying that others want to steal their power-position at work!)

They also worry about being good enough and can get depressed if they think they’ve failed at something.

Number 1’s are their own worst critics and super hard on themselves.

Their numerology challenge is to overcome a lack of confidence to feel successful and free.

Overcoming this challenge:

  • Intuition. Ones should learn to rely on their intuition and intelligence because they’re a powerful combo! It’s also important for 1’s to avoid petty arguments and let go of resentment.
  • Meditation. 1’s are all about leading and getting stuff done, so meditation can be super helpful for them. It helps slow them down, be mindful, and get centered.

So, the more centered and focused you are, the more you can succeed in whatever you’re tackling!

Number 2 challenge: Sensitivity

People ruled by the numerology number 2 are gentle and quiet. They are caring human beings who feel emotions deeply.

Due to their sensitivity, they can get emotional, jealous, moody — and even fly off the handle.

On the flip side, they are influential and powerful. They are trusted advisors that have a knack for making things happen behind the scenes!

But even though they are kind and strong, those with 2 energy worry about what others think of them. Criticism and feeling ignored by others can cut them deep.

For this reason, twos need a lot of love (especially from their partner) to feel secure and harmonious.

The challenge for a number 2 is to learn self-love. When they do, they will bring peace and balance to all areas of their lives.

Tips to overcome the challenge:

  • Self-care. Twos tend to put everyone else first. To avoid resentment and burnout, they need to make self-care a priority. A bubble-bath, a night binge-watching TV, or a daily meditation practice can be soothing for these sensitive souls!

This means that with balance and mindfulness as a guiding light, you can lead the joyful life you’re meant to live!

Numerology Number 3 challenge: Confidence

Numerology number 3’s are charming, creative, well-liked, and have stellar communication skills.

But as inspiring as that sounds, they can also feel irritable, sad and stuck if they’re not living up to their potential.

For example, you may see a 3 struck by a brilliant idea one day — and defeated and questioning their judgement the next.

Number 3’s can also fall into a pattern of worry and seeing the glass as half-empty.

“What if…?” scenarios can race through their sweet minds and limit their brilliance.

They then may feel depressed and stuck.

So, the numerology challenge for a 3 is to believe in themselves. They should also use their superior gifts of communication to inspire others and lead a joyful life. 

In fact, 3’s will find it fulfilling to lift others (and themselves) up with positive thoughts and talk, rather than negative. Nixing criticism (of self and others) and replacing that with love can do wonders for the soul!

Tips for overcoming this challenge:

  • Slow down. 3’s tend to take on too much at once. Even though they are loved by others, they can retreat from the world when overwhelmed. Meditation can be soothing and help with focus. And speaking of focus, threes can help themselves by following the FOCUS principle… Focus On Continuously Until Successful. In other words, tackle one project at a time.
  • Make a list. Making lists of things they’ve overcome or learned can be the fuel that boosts 3’s confidence! This simple exercise can be enough of a push to take action, and live up to their potential. Here are 25 more ways to boost confidence from Zen Habits.
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You will live your best life as a numerology number 3 when you value and believe in yourself. When you overcome this challenge, you can inspire others, and fulfill your purpose!

Number 4 challenge: Security

Fours are like Felix Unger of The Odd Couple. Neat, organized, tidy, systematic. Everyone could benefit from a smart and dependable 4 in their corner…

4 is the friend who organizes the trip and maps out the itinerary… the one that makes sure to take pictures to capture your special moments! 

To live their best life, the numerology number 4 has to overcome challenges around feeling secure. More than anything else, a stable and routine life is what a 4 needs to thrive.

Often times, 4’s crave this stability due to a difficult or traumatic childhood. Building a peaceful life can help a 4 heal that pain and live up to their potential.

Overcoming these numerology challenges:

  • Step outside the comfort zone. Learning to delegate can help 4’s. This can be hard, because they are set in their ways and don’t like to feel disorganized. But learning to rely on, and trust, others can be healing to a 4’s wounded soul. Start small and go slow.
  • Get outside. Mother Nature can be a great healer for numerology 4’s. Whether it’s a casual nature walk, training for a half-marathon, or hiking a dusty trail — any outdoor activity that a 4 enjoys is perfect!

It’s totally possible for you to live the secure, organized, and stable life you want. As you make strides towards stability, you will start to shine as the brilliant soul that you are!

Number 5 challenge: Unhealthy Practices

Fives are intense, passionate spirits that embody a gypsy soul. They seem to change addresses, jobs, and relationships (especially before age 30) more often than their socks — and they are perfectly fine with that!

In fact, they require change to be happy… One month their bedroom is painted blue, and the next month, it’s completely switched up to Boho style. They may go bungee jumping one weekend, and attend a meditation retreat the next.

No new adventure is off  limits to a numerology 5!

But more than anything else in life, 5’s value freedom. They need freedom to be happy, almost as much as they need air to breathe.

Their challenges come from their desire to attain freedom no matter what. 

When a 5 feels unfulfilled (or that their freedom is being hindered), they may slip into unhealthy practices like addiction.

Overcoming these challenges:

  • Slow it down. It can be helpful for 5’s to stop and think things through before taking action. They can ask themselves things like, “Am I making this change as a way of escaping responsibility?,” or… “Does this decision bring me joy?” These questions can be eye-opening for a five!
  • Meditation and mindfulness (the power duo!) Mindfulness and meditation can help 5’s balance out their energy and find structure. It can also help them find peace and feel spiritually grounded. New to these spiritual concepts? No problem! The following articles will help:

Your challenge as a 5 is to bring balance into all areas of your life. By living a balanced life, you can live a life of joy and wanderlust in a healthy way!

Numerology 6 challenge: Self-care

Numerology number 6’s are gentle, loving souls who set high standards for themselves. These nurturing folks are humanitarians that are here to better the earth. Big job? Yep, but no problem for a kind-hearted 6!

On the flip side, this is also the cause of one of their biggest numerology challenges.

You see, because they are so compassionate, others may try to take advantage of their sweet nature. This can leave a number 6’s sensitive soul feeling emotionally devastated.

Also, since they are so busy taking care of everyone else, they can forget to take care of themselves… and this can lead to major burnout. 

We know that self-care is outside the numerology number 6’s comfort zone, but… when they book that massage, take that bath, or indulge in a Saturday afternoon movie… they feel refreshed and can live up to their potential!

Overcoming their challenges:

  • Reading books by authors like Wayne Dyer and Esther Hicks (affiliate links) or watching uplifting videos on YouTube can help a six relax… and remember that everyone is on their own path.

So, your challenge as a 6 is to have as much kindness and compassion for yourself as you do for others. 

Numerology number 7 challenge: Being Overly Analytical

Curious, smart, analytical and very intuitive. Quite the mix, right?

Though these traits are a powerful combo, 7’s tend to have a hard time trusting their intuition. This can also cause them to be uncomfortable with their inner feelings.

Number 7’s may also feel like it’s hard to improve their life. For example, instead of using their intuitive gifts to make changes, they may embrace “stuckness” and complain.

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How to overcome these challenges:

  • Sevens can work on boosting their confidence in their own intuition. (Here are 11 effortless ways to develop intuition.) Also, they should focus on what they are good at and how far they’ve come, not on limitations or how far they need to go.
  • Sevens can also enjoy making daily or weekly gratitude lists to help them stay positive. The classic book, The Power of Positive Thinking, is a great choice for a 7!

So, your life purpose as a 7 is to balance and use your analytical and intuitive gifts. This balance will help you live a peaceful and happy life.

Numerology challenges of the number 8: Financial security

Eights get stuff done, period. They are self-starters who excel at owning businesses, and planning and organizing events. In fact, many of the most successful people in the world are numerology number 8’s!

The problem for an eight is that they can get too wrapped up on attaining material things, money, and status.

Their hunger comes from fear and the deep-rooted desire for the freedom that money can buy. But, number 8’s have to be careful not to get so caught up in power and “stuff” that they only live for status.

Overcoming this numerology challenge:

  • Eights can overcome their numerology challenges by balancing their power and wealth with the other good stuff going on in their lives… like family time and socializing.
  • It can also be helpful for them to focus on their blessings and let go of the fear of losing what they have.
  • Learning about the laws of the universe, especially the Law of Attraction, can help eights find balance. (The book Money, and the Law of Attraction is a perfect choice for eights!)

By balancing your ambition between work and family, you can live the rich and fulfilled life you desire!

Numerology Challenges of the number 9: Avoiding burnout

Numerology number 9’s have big hearts, and it feeds their soul to help others in need. As humanitarians, they respect all religious and personal beliefs — even when different from their own.

The struggle for a nine is helping others without getting burnt out or becoming resentful. This way, they can fulfill their life purpose with joy.

How to overcome this challenge:

  • Nines need to remember that they matter, too! It’s okay to soak in a tub, relax and watch a movie, or turn off their cell phone and enjoy quiet time.
  • Daily meditation and/or journaling can help 9’s connect with their Higher Self, and nourish their soul.

Remember, you can only do your best humanitarian work when you are fresh, rested, and happy.

I hope this post about numerology challenges has been helpful. Do you identify with a particular number?

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