Two Words You Should Never Say in a Psychic Reading

I used to love Mondays.  When my kids were small, Mondays were the days I’d drop them off at school and drive an hour to my psychic mediumship development class.

I worked with this particular group for about a year and a half and learned a lot.  My mentor, Terry, had one strict rule… two words that we were never allowed to say when we gave practice readings to each other.

Whether you’re a newbie or about to turn pro, this tip is one you’ll want to incorporate into your readings.

never say in a psychic reading

The words are: I THINK

If you are new in your psychic, medium, or tarot journey, start taking notice if you’re using the words “I think” when you:

  • give practice readings
  • are talking about your intuition
  • are doing psychic development exercises.

When I first started in my psychic development, I’d automatically say, “I think such-and-such,” even though I psychically felt or had a knowing about something.

Society teaches us to “think” about everything, so it feels natural to use those words.

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Tips to Get Out of Your Thinking Mind

Are you saying “I think” too much when you give readings?  It’s COMPLETELY eye opening to be aware of this, isn’t it?

Now that your eyes are open, you can start using the proper lingo. :)

Next time you catch yourself saying “I think” when giving a reading or practicing your psychic development, try some of these phrases instead:

  • I feel
  • I sense
  • I see (if you’re seeing an image)
  • I hear (if you’re hearing something via clairaudience)
  • This situation feels


Let’s pretend Mary is sitting in her first psychic development circle (you go, Mary!).  Her mentor asks her to give her intuitive impressions about the student sitting across from her.

Mary:  I think you are a kind person.  I also think you like animals.

If I were mentoring the group, I’d gently ask Mary to be aware of her words.  I’d ask her to try again:

Mary:  feel that you are a kind person.  I have a sense that there are animals around you and I feel that you love them very much.

As Mary continues to practice this new skill of using intuitive language, she will learn to trust what she’s getting more.

And like a ripple on a pond, her gifts will open more.  In time, she will begin to “see” how many animals, or what kinds of animals.  She may “hear” a pet name, etc.

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Eliminating “thinking” in your readings will help you be more trusting

When I was a new intuitive reader, saying the words “I think” used to make me feel safe.

In my mind, if I was thinking, then it was OK to be wrong.  Why?  Because thinking and being wrong was better than using my gifts and being wrong.

But over a period of many years, I learned that getting my ego and thinking mind out of the work allowed my heart to open.

When your heart opens in this work, several things happen:

  • You connect with your spiritual helpers
  • You trust the Divine
  • You serve your clients for their best and highest good

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I lovingly challenge you to stop thinking and start sensing and feeling.  Allow your gifts to flourish.

This will help you become more confident about your gifts and touch other souls by working from your heart space.

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  1. Hey Jessica- How are things going for you? It was nice to read your new article on your blog. Your name has come up in conversation twice in the last 7 days…amazing stuff ;)

    1. Hi Lynette! How are you? I hope you’re doing well. I remember you had some really big, exciting plans :) I’m completely enjoying working on the blog, thank you! It’s so much fun! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment and check in. I’m so glad you did! Jessica

  2. I had never thought of this before. I don’t do psychic readings, but I do healing work and coaching. What if I stopped saying “I think” ?

    1. That’s a very interesting question Carla. I’ve never thought about it from a healing perspective. But I would think (no pun intended!) that the words “feel” and “sense” would be quite powerful. <3

  3. Hi Jessica, I love this post and it hits home as a great reminder to me to get out of my head and let my experience drop down into my heart and my body. So, so, so true and soooo important! xox, Reba

    1. Thank you so much for the comment, Reba. It’s amazing how we can gain a new perspective when we just drop into that heart space <3

    1. Thank you for the comment Linda. I agree, there are more, for sure! I’m actually working on another post about it. Jessica <3

  4. thanks for this! i also think” oops! i feel this is the right way to do it :) i also felt that i should stop using this think word.

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