Master Number 11 Powers: Traits and Balancing Your Energy

Master number 11 powers. If you are lucky enough to have number 11 in your numerology chart (Life Path, Soul Urge, Karmic, or Expression), you’re super special!

master number 11 powers and balancing your energy

Eleven is the first Master number in numerology and is the root of all other numbers.

If you’re thinking, “Wow, 11 must have powerful energy,” you’d be right!

But wait, what does “Master number” even mean?

In numerology, we only use the numbers 1 through 9 (a.k.a., cardinal numbers), except for the Master numbers.

Master numbers are high-vibration numbers, which means they hold major energy.

You see, everything in life and the afterlife is made up of energy. The more energy a number has, the higher its vibration (energy) is.

Master number 11 holds the double vibrations of 1+1 (in other words, two number 1’s). It also holds a powerful combination of number 1 AND number 2 energy (1+1=2).

Even if math is not your cup of tea, there’s no way to misunderstand how awesome this is!

Read on…

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Master Number 11 Power Traits

Others often view a person with number 11 as an old soul, because they are:

  • Empathic
  • Sensitive
  • Introverted
  • Intuitive

You have both the intense, ambitious energy of the masculine number 1, and the softer, giving energy of the number 2. It’s a perfect blend of male and female energy!

As a natural-born leader, you are able to use your empathic abilities to sense the energy of others… which draws people to you like a magnet…

After all, everyone wants to have their feelings validated. And what better way to validate someone than by understanding their emotions?

Not only are people drawn to you, but your charisma keeps them stuck to you!

But since you’re an introvert, you may not always want to have company.

You need alone time to recharge, to think, and connect spiritually with your Higher Self.

Fortunately, you are usually able to gently (but firmly) let others know that you need some alone time.

When you are out of balance, you might find that you are letting the needs of others take over your sacred time. When this happens, you need to up your number 2 energy (more on that, below!)

You are intuitive and creative

Intuition is another of the Master number 11 powers which is mind-blowing. It lets you sense and know things without knowing how you know them.

Also, you are easily inspired.

It takes little energy for you to come up with wonderful ideas… while others have to work harder and don’t seem to get the same fabulous results.

Since you adore harmony and peace, you don’t flaunt your effortless abilities, but share them with a smile.

numerology master number 11 traits

Master Number 11 – Balancing Your Energy

Master number 11 has a true weak point to watch out for. Because you have both the number 1 and number 2 energy, it can sometimes feel like a battle inside of you!

That means you always need to work towards balance in your life.

Don’t worry, though.

Here are some helpful tips for balancing your energy.

Too much number 2 energy

You have to be careful not to get burnt out by others’ problems, even though you want to help.

When you feel this inner turmoil, it means you have too much number 2 energy going on.

Take this as a cue to retreat, reconnect, and make sure your number 1 energy is protecting you.

Signs that your energy is out of balance:

  • Anxiety
  • Irritability
  • Feeling overwhelmed

When your energy is out of whack, you are actually doing less good in the world.

Plus, it’s confusing for those around you… they may not understand why you’re suddenly irritable when you are normally so patient and peaceful.

To achieve your full potential, you need to advocate for your sacred time… You know, like the airplane oxygen mask demo you always see — you can’t save others until you put on your mask first!

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Too much number 1 energy

On the flip side…

When you have too much number 1 energy (and not enough 2 energy), you expect perfection from others, since you are so demanding of it from yourself.

You might even become over-confident and take financial, romantic, or physical risks.

The key to calming down this more aggressive energy is – you guessed it – re-connecting spiritually with your Higher Self. (Meditation or journaling, anyone?)

In fact, it’s best for those with Master number 11 power to make spiritual connection a daily habit, before aggressive energy has a chance to grow.

Your daily calming habit can act as a mirror, shining light on the darker places.

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Reaching Your Master Number 11 Powers

So, what’s the key to realizing the rich potential of your Master number 11 powers?

Making sure that your dual energies are in balance.

You can be a full force for good if you remember that your 1 and 2 energies need to be connected and kept in balance.

Meditating, journaling, or doing whatever recharges your energy is the best way to let your gifts flow to others. It’s not selfish at all — it’s necessary for you to manifest your life purpose.

In numerology, 11 is considered a high number and definitely makes you special! Read the life purpose of the Master number 11 here.

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Learn More About Numerology

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