Living with Your Psychic Gifts: When No One Understands

Living with your psychic gifts can be wonderful, but a little overwhelming in the beginning. Some days you will feel super excited, and sometimes, you will doubt your abilities.

Other days, you might even feel like no one gets it, or feel like you have no one to talk to.

So, let’s talk about how to embrace your intuitive gifts so you can start developing them.

living with your psychic gifts... when no one understands

Living with Your Psychic Gifts

Many psychic people have asked me, “Why can’t I just be normal?”

Well, here’s a truth bomb for you:

Being intuitive is our natural state of being!

In fact, we can all access intuitive guidance from our Higher Selves and Spirit Guides. And we can all reconnect with our natural psychic gifts.

So, the very first step in embracing your gifts is letting go of fear and accepting them yourself.

To help get you started, tune into your heart. Then, ask yourself these questions. (You may even have an “aha” moment!)

  • What are you afraid of? (That you’re not really gifted, that you will connect with something scary, etc.?)
  • Does living with your psychic gifts make you feel like no one understands? If so, what steps can you take to get the support you need? Take a course, connect with other intuitive souls, etc.

Once you’ve tuned into your heart, allow yourself to relax. Take a walk in nature, an aura bath, or meditate.

Next, take comfort knowing that the feelings you’re having are normal. Yep!

Most people who have had a psychic awakening (me included) have felt the same way you feel right now.

Living with your psychic gifts is AMAZING, and just takes a little support to help embrace them. To help, here are some of my students’ top fears. See if any of these resonate with you.

developing your psychic abilities - free guide and audio - 7 Real World Steps to Embracing Your Intuitive Gifts

1. Worried that others will judge you

There are many wonderful things about living with your psychic gifts. You get to connect with intuitive guidance, connect with your Spirit Guides, and have a sense of purpose and peace.

And who can complain with those results?

But some people might:

  • not believe you
  • think you’re working with spooky spirits
  • want you to “prove” yourself

It’s okay, though! They are on their path, and you are on yours. And it’s not worth wasting your beautiful energy to try and convince anyone.

So, focus on the wonderful parts of living with your psychic gifts instead, like:

The most important thing is to stay true to yourself. Remember: you are on a magical journey of self-discovery!

Tip:  Just like with politics or any other hot topic, people are going to have their own opinions and beliefs about psychic ability. And that’s okay. So, if your abilities are a hot button issue with your in-laws, don’t discuss it with them.

Instead, save the intuitive chats for your like-minded friends.

2. Making new friends

Here’s the scoop. Most people who are living with their psychic gifts have gained new friends through their journey… Like minded, high-vibe friends.

Like attracts like, so don’t worry. Everything is exactly as it should be.

The cool thing about a psychic awakening is that it makes life more peaceful and joyful.

If people start distancing themselves from you, it’s okay. The universe will put fabulous new people in your path to support you.

3. Use terms that resonate with you

For the first decade that I did this work, I avoided using the word psychic. I would always say intuitive instead.

To me, it felt a little “softer.” So, use lingo that works for you, and that YOU feel connected with.

(Here’s a handy list of psychic definitions for you to look at. Take notice of what words pop at you!)

4. Build your support system

Do you feel lonely living with your psychic gifts? We all have times when we feel like no one understands what we are going through.

That’s why I recommend you build a support system. I promise, your experience will be more enjoyable if you have like-minded people that you can talk to.

Tips for Building Your Support System

1. Take a psychic development class, online or off. It’s powerful to immerse yourself in learning and it can help you connect with your gifts!

If you’re not sure where to start, my Beginner’s Guide to Clairaudience is super popular and easy to understand.

2. Follow the Intuitive Souls Facebook page. We post uplifting content and lots of helpful tips. Plus, it’s fun to engage with others in the community.

The other great thing is that you will see that there are lots of others just like you out there! This is super helpful in those lonely moments when you feel like no one understands. :)

3. Download my free eBook and Mp3, 7 Real World Steps to Embracing Your Intuitive Gifts. It has helped over 25,000 people!

Don’t go it alone. Reach out today and start building your support system.

Final Thoughts

You are a pioneer! People like you and me are the lucky ones who get to pave the way for others and inspire them. So always remember, living with your psychic gifts is a blessing.

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