13 Traits of Indigo Children and Adults

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Indigo Children

Indigo children. Did you ever feel different when you were growing up? Like you just didn’t fit in anywhere, or seemed to be more intuitive than other kids?

Or maybe your parents said you were too sensitive, or you got anxious going to school… even though you always made the new kid feel welcome, and aced the 4th grade spelling bee?

If you were born between 1978 and 1988, I’ve got exciting news for you! There is a place where you fit in.

You may be one of the Indigo Children, put on Earth for a very special purpose!

Grab your fav snack and get cozy. You’re about to learn something very cool about yourself.

Am I an Indigo Child?

Have you ever wondered: Am I an Indigo Child, or:

  • How do I know if I am an Indigo Child?
  • What does it mean to be one of the Star Children?
  • Are there others like me?

The short answer: Maybe.

You see, most of the Indigo Children were born between 1978 and 1988, but can be any age. Yep, that includes Millennials or Gen-Xers.

Some people realize they are Indigos very young; others take a bit longer.

Who Are the Indigo Children?

Indigo Children are a beautiful subgroup of Star Children. They intuitively know how to balance energy and maintain warrior-like sensibilities.

Some of the other Star Children include:

  • Crystal Children
  • Rainbow Children
  • Incarnated Angels
  • Elementals
  • Wise Ones
  • Pleiadeans (or Pleiadians)

Wondering if you’re an Indigo kid? Take a look at the most common traits below.

13 Traits of Indigo Children and Adults

Indigo children and adults are compassionate and intelligent people. This list will help you answer the question, Am I an Indigo Child?

So, take a breath, and see how many of these characteristics resonate with your soul. Then, trust your intuition. Don’t second-guess yourself. Your inner wisdom has all the answers.

1. Creative

Many times, Indigos choose careers that allow them to be creative, such as:

  • writing
  • painting
  • sculpting
  • designing
  • blogging

2. Indigos are curious

Indigo Children are also very inquisitive, curious and cautious. It’s common for them to learn the why of what they are asked to do.

Learning the why of things is very important.

3. Are psychic empaths

Besides being creative and curious, Indigo Children are empaths. This means they:

  • are very sensitive
  • can feel the emotions of others
  • have deep connections with people and animals

And because they are such sensitive souls, violence and watching the news can be hard for them.

4. May have rebelled in school

Indigo children are leading edge thinkers. That means they don’t like pointless, repetitious schoolwork.

As kids, these guys and gals may have rebelled in school due to being restless or bored.

Tip: Adult Indigos dislike hierarchical systems and embrace self-reliance.

5. Sense of equality

One of the most beautiful qualities of Indigos is that they accept people for who they are. They also believe in equal treatment for all.

You’ll find them advocating for groups that struggle with acceptance into society, such as the LGBTQ+ communities.

6. Leaders

Indigos are leaders and aren’t afraid to be trailblazers!

In fact, many provide support to others on their spiritual paths.

7. Problem solvers

Because they are so smart, Indigos like solving problems. You’ll find them taking an interest in politics, medicine, and legal issues.

They definitely are not of the “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” type! Instead, they feel that it’s their responsibility to change things for the better.

8. Anxious

These beautiful souls are sensitive to the energy around them and get over-stimulated easily. Because of this, they often deal with anxiety throughout life.

Tip: Avoiding caffeine is a good idea, so they don’t upset their hyper neurological systems. Spiritual grounding is also helpful.

9. Intuitive

Many Indigo children and adults take interest in psychic or spiritual studies. They may also feel they have a connection to something bigger than themselves.

One tell-tale sign that you are an Indigo child is a strong intuition. You may even:

  • know things about people before you meet them
  • have a sense of “knowing”
  • be able to see auras
  • have had premonitions or visions
  • be able to communicate with Spirit

10. Focused

No doubt about it, these Star children are smart and process information quickly.

But sometimes, they may feel like their mind is all over the place. They also get bored if things don’t happen fast enough, and become frustrated when others can’t keep up.

11. Like to eat healthy foods

Like all Star kids, Indigos are mindful of what they put in their bodies. Some choose to live vegan lifestyles, while others only eat organic foods.

12. Electrical sensitivity or telekinetic

Fun fact: if you tend to short-circuit electrical devices, you might be an Indigo Child!

Many have electrical sensitivity and:

  • can burst light bulbs when they are upset
  • have to frequently replace cell phones and other electronics
  • can’t wear watches

13. Knowledge seekers

Because they desire spiritual fulfillment, Indigo Children seek the meaning of life. Remember: they are “why” seekers. And they’re destined for great things when they stay vigilant on their search for purpose!


So, how many of these Indigo characteristics do you have?

Take a few minutes to meditate and sit with this wisdom in your heart. Then, take comfort knowing that you identify with a group that captures the “real you!” You are one step closer to understanding your purpose and needs!

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