How to Ask Your Spirit Guides for Help

how to ask your Spirit Guides for help and trust their answers

How to Ask Your Spirit Guides for Help

How to ask your Spirit Guides for help. If you’re trying to increase your intuition or strengthen your psychic ability, you’ve probably heard that connecting with your Spirit Guides should be on the tippy top of your to-do list.

And I know, everyone tells you that you need to do it — but how? Where are these guys and gals and how do you connect with them?

I know I fumbled around a lot when I first started. I even wondered for a while if Spirit Guides were real!

But once I connected with my Guides, I don’t know how I survived without them.

They make a huge, positive impact on your life, and today, I’ll teach you how to connect with your Guides, too.
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What are Spirit Guides?

Some of you might be thinking, “Slow down, I don’t even know what a Spirit Guide is!”

Spirit Guides are souls that lived human lives and have evolved to help you through your human experience.

You have several Guides, including a ‘main’ Guide that stays with you for life.

Think of them as your best friends in the spiritual realm. As spiritual teachers, their “job” is to help you in whatever area of your life you need.

They communicate with you through your intuition and are always around, ready to offer you divine guidance for your highest good!

Your Spirit Guides have helped you many times without you even knowing! (If you’ve ever felt like something or someone was guiding you or telling you not to do something, it may have been them.)

Now that you know what a Spirit Guide is, let’s talk about how to connect with yours.

How to Ask Your Spirit Guides for Help

Maybe you haven’t met your spiritual helpers yet, or you aren’t sure how to access their guidance. If that sounds like you, don’t worry! The truth is, they want to connect with you, and they’ll make it as easy as they can.

Here’s how to ask your Spirit Guides for help…

Step 1. Connect

Meeting your Spirit Guides for the first time is exciting, and a great way to strengthen your intuitive gifts!

  • When you are ready to connect with your Guides, do your best to set up a space that brings calm, peace and openness. Think Zen — quiet, with incense or essential oils in the diffuser.
  • Then, set the intention to connect with them.
  • Once the space is set and you’ve settled your mind and body, move on to step two.

Step 2. Ask

Your spiritual teachers are ever-present, so you can chat with them any time, either out loud or in your mind.

To be more specific:

  • First, think of what you need help with. Need to make a decision? Nervous about learning something new? Performing a task you need help with? Seriously, anything goes — cooking, doing a crossword puzzle, applying for a job… whatever you need!
  • Next, get a specific request ready and verbalize it. Then, be on the lookout for signs (more about recognizing signs and answers below).

Tip: You will eventually get so used to communicating with your Guides that you can do this on the fly, even while you are juggling other things. But at first, rid yourself of distractions and focus when you ask for help.

Okay, now that you know how to ask your Spirit Guides for help, let’s talk about how they will answer.

Recognizing Signs and Answers

Signs and answers from your Spirit Guides can come in many different ways.

For example, maybe you’re debating what new car to get, and you start seeing the car you want everywhere.

Or you were wondering if you should reach out to a friend, then see something that reminds you of them.

It’s easy to write these off as coincidences, but with practice, you’ll learn to trust your Guides.

Yes, trusting can be hard at first, but your Guides will show you clear signs. All you need to do is ask, then, pay attention:

  • Sometimes, you’ll see an image or vision in your mind’s eye that offers a solution.
  • Other times, a clear answer will pop into your head. (That’s your Guides giving you a message!)
  • You may have an inspired idea that feels good and positive.
  • Their answers might also appear as a gut feeling, sense, or a strong emotion.

More Ways to Ask Your Spirit Guides for Help

  • Meditation is another great way to seek the aid of your Guides, especially if you find it tough to speak with them. Start by taking some relaxing breaths. Then, focus on what you need help with and imagine connecting with them.
  • Write your Guides a letter. Some of us are better with the written word than with verbalizing our needs. I mean, letters are so personal, right? And you spend a lot of time thinking about the recipient as you write, so this is a great way to connect with your Guides! Since they are with you all the time, when you write your request, they will receive it instantly.



Stay open to your Spirit Guides and be open to their guidance, which can come to you in several ways.

They are here to help, so feel free to chat with them… Ask for their names or give them the first name that pops into your head.

No matter what, your Guides will offer you loving support. So, pick your favorite way to ask for help and go for it!

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