How Numerology Works [Beginners Guide]

How numerology works. Grab a pencil and some paper and get ready to have some fun!

How numerology works, for beginners

How Numerology Works

Everything in the entire universe vibrates at a specific energetic frequency. You, me, plants, spirits, and Taylor Swift.

So, what does this have to do with numerology? Actually, everything!

Here’s the thing:

When you know the vibration of a number, you can uncover the qualities associated with that number.

That’s because numbers, dates, and names also hold a certain energy or vibration.

So, by using a numerology chart, we can assign a number value to each letter of a name. 

And then, when we add those numbers together, we unlock the name’s energy which gives us TONS of information about a person, such as their:

  • personality
  • character traits
  • life purpose
  • emotional challenges
  • best-suited careers
  • most compatible partners
  • and more!

How was numerology created?

The major consensus is that Pythagoras founded, and is the “Father,” of numerology. (He was the Greek metaphysician and mathematician you heard about in geometry class.)

Pythagoras combined his love of metaphysics with his love of math to create numerology.

Brilliant, right?!

There are Four Major Areas in Numerology Readings

  • Life Path Number. Your lifepath number represents your life journey (life purpose). It can also help you uncover your natural talents and gifts. Best yet? It’s easy to calculate your Life Path number. All you need to do is add the numbers of your date of birth together (MM/DD/YYYY).
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  • Soul Urge Number. As the name suggests, the soul urge number is spiritual. It also has to do with your ethics, values, and and who you are at the soul level. Ready to calculate your soul urge number? First, use the chart below to assign a value to each VOWEL of your full birth name. Then, add them up and voila! (Step by step directions for calculating your Soul Urge number here.)
  • Karmic Number. Your karmic number (a.k.a. destiny number) is about your hopes, desires, and fears. It’s easy to calculate this number using the chart below. Simply assign a number to each CONSONANT of your name. After that, add them up!
  • Expression Number. The expression number can reveal your talents, and the amazing things you have the potential to do. To get your expression number, give a value to each letter of the legal name you were born with. Then, add the numbers together. (Here are step-by-step directions for calculating and interpreting your Expression number.)

Now that you know what a numerology number is, let’s do an example together and get YOUR number.

How do You Calculate Numerology Using Your Name?

Do I have to do math to learn how numerology works?

Well, just a little, but I promise it’s easy and WAY more fun than algebra or calculus!

Numerology uses a simple math formula, with the emphasis on simple.

(Simplicity is the reason why numerology is a GREAT place to start when first learning about metaphysics!)

Let’s go through an example of how numerology works. In this example, I’ll use my name to get my Expression number, which reveals life potential and challenges.

  • First, grab a piece of paper and a pen and write down your full LEGAL name from your BIRTH CERTIFICATE. To clarify, don’t use your married name or nickname. 
  • Now, take a look at the chart below (or download it). Then, underneath each letter of your name, write the corresponding number. According to the chart, I would write:

J E S S I C A  L E E

1 5 1 1 9 3 1     3 5 5

numerology chart

  • Now, add up all the numbers. For my name, I am going to add the numbers 1+5+1+1+9+3+1+3+5+5. That equals 34.
  • Remember, numerology uses the numbers 1 – 9, and the “biggie” numbers 11 and 22 (major vibration or “master” numbers). Now, keep adding the numbers together until you get a SINGLE digit, unless the numbers equal 11 or 22.
  • Since my name is not an 11 or 22, I’m going to add my 3 and 4 together to equal 7. Because 7 is a single digit (and not an 11 or 22), seven is my number!

Of course, there are entire books written about numerology, but this gives you a basic idea of how numerology works.

Now, go ahead and calculate the number for your name. Then, take a look below to learn what it means.

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How Numerology Works: Numbers and Meanings

Numerology Number 1

Personality: Super independent, craves freedom, and does not like asking for help. Also, the most masculine of all the numbers and a natural born leader. Able to think outside the box and doesn’t care about following the pack.

Challenges: Has to be careful not to fall into a pattern of doubting self. Does not do well when he/she “fails.”

numerology number 1 personality traits

Numerology Number 2

Personality: Classy, feminine, intuitive. Very much the opposite of number 1. Awesome at working “behind the scenes,” and influencing people with charm and intelligence. Doesn’t care about being in the spotlight.

Challenges: Let’s face it. Number 2’s can be super sensitive and kind of moody sometimes. They have to make sure to stay grounded so they don’t get carried away daydreaming.

numerology number 2 personality traits and characteristics

Numerology Number 3

Personality: 3’s were the popular kids in school. Charming, confident, and enjoy being the center of attention. Very creative. Often healers, musicians, and artists.

Challenges: 3’s have to be careful not to take on too much. They can find it hard to focus on one thing at a time, and tend to put off doing tasks they don’t enjoy.

numerology number 3 traits

Numerology Number 4

Personality: 4’s can be a bit like Felix Unger of The Odd Couple! Neat, organized, logical. A great worker and loyal friend that enjoys a routine. 4’s tends to be content in life, keep to themselves, and don’t seek drama or being in the spotlight. They are trustworthy friends that you can always count on!

Challenges: Can be stubborn and rigid, which can cause conflict in relationships. May get overwhelmed if they feel they are not in control.

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numerology number 4 personality traits

Numerology Number 5

Personality: Likes to try new and different things. Lots of changes in their life. Can seem to others like they never “settle down.” 5’s try new things, change jobs, and move more often than other people.

They like to be on-the-go, do what they like to do, and don’t worry so much about what others think they should be doing.

Challenges: They can desire freedom so much that it can get in the way of life. For example, might splurge on concert tickets, and not think about how they will pay the rent.

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numerology number 5 personality traits

Numerology Number 6

Personality: Kind, gentle, loving. Family oriented. Desire to live a peaceful life free of drama. 6’s have a big heart and are willing to help others.

Challenges: It can be helpful for 6’s to know how numerology works so they don’t get carried away helping others and neglect themselves. Should watch that others don’t perceive their “help” as butting in. This can lead to hurt feelings and being a “martyr.”

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numerology number 6 traits

Numerology Number 7

Personality: Have you heard the tagline, “Inquiring minds want to know?“… that sums up a 7.  Curious, smart, introverted. Would rather be learning a new topic than gossiping or watching The Kardashians.

(When I learned how numerology works, I was amazed because this sounds like me, and 7 is my expression number. Yes, numerology really works!)

Challenges: Can be so caught up in their own mind that they can seem cold and as if they don’t care about others. 7’s are smart — and they know it, so they have to be careful not to come off as “snobbish.”

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numerology number 7 traits

Numerology Number 8

Personality: Talented in the area of business and planning. Ambitious, self-motivated, and able to take charge, too! Rational thinkers. May be an entrepreneur.

Challenges: Their life can get off-balance, and they can be caught up worrying about money and attaining material possessions.

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numerology number 8 traits

Numerology Number 9

Personality: Generous and tolerant of others, as well as respectful of all beliefs and religions. In other words, a true humanitarian.

Challenges: Can take on the problems of others. Has to be careful not to get burnt out taking care of others.

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numerology number 9 personality

Master Number 11

When learning how numerology works, remember that the numbers 11 and 22 are Master numbers, and don’t get reduced to single digits.

Some believe that those with master number 11 are set for greatness.

Intuitive, classy, and charming, 11’s are natural born leaders. In fact, some world leaders and athletes have this master number.

numerology master number 11 traits

Master Number 22

22’s have almost unlimited potential and combine the best of the numbers 11 and 4. Most importantly, 22’s are leaders, innovators, and have the ability to do great things.

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I hope this article has been helpful in learning how numerology works. 

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How to Learn Numerology


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