The First Mediumship Reading I Ever Gave

They say you never forget your first love.  I’d say it’s the same for mediums and their first clients.

For me, ALL of my clients and their loved ones in heaven make an impact on me.  But in all the years that I’ve been a medium, one man in Spirit REALLY stands out.

He was the first Spirit I ever connected with as a professional medium.  His name is Bruce and he taught me how to make tuna salad. He also taught me to never give up on being a medium… even when nerves set in. Yeah, that’s how Bruce and I roll…

giving a mediumship reading

You Never Forget Your First Time

One evening, I sat in my living room getting ready to give my first ever professional reading.  By “professional”, I mean I was getting paid for it.  And believe me, I was SUPER nervous.

My client was Bruce’s wife, Pat.  Our session had been set up by a mutual friend, Gina.

I lovingly joke that when Pat arrived at my house, she had an entourage with her… two of her daughter’s, her daughter-in-law, and Gina for moral support (believe me, I was so nervous I needed just as much moral support!).

Once I linked in with Bruce’s energy, it was easy to see his personality was larger-than-life!

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Meeting Bruce

Bruce made me laugh.  In his life, he made a lot of people laugh.  He had this very confident energy about him, loved his family with his great-big heart, and also loved to eat!

I remember seeing him wearing khaki colored shorts and a t-shirt that had a food stain on it.  Pat said, “Yep, that’s Bruce!”

Towards the end of our time together, he started talking about tuna salad.  I felt that he was trying to tell me about a secret ingredient that he liked to put in tuna salad when he made it.

I was nervous that this wouldn’t make any sense to Pat, so I hesitated saying it. 

But, once I told Pat about the secret tuna ingredient, a smile spread across her face.  The secret:  relish.

Note to Newbie Psychics and Mediums:  Always say what you’re getting.  This post will help boost your confidence about giving readings and shaking off nerves.

A Spirit in my Kitchen

The next day, I decided that I’d make tuna salad to honor Bruce.  As I opened up the cans of tuna, he appeared to me, telling me to try the relish, you’ll like it! 

Well I had never added relish to my tuna salad before, but how can you argue when a Spirit appears in your kitchen and gives you a tuna-salad-making-lesson?

So, I added some.  And you know what?  It was awesome!  I’ve used relish in my tuna ever since.

Getting to Know Bruce and Pat

My relationship with Bruce and his wife Pat didn’t end with tuna salad.

Even though I was pretty good by this time at controlling when Spirit could and could not connect with me, Bruce ALWAYS managed to get my attention.

He’d often appear in my car or in my kitchen to tell me this-or-that about Pat.  Then, I’d go on and email Pat with these very “long distance” messages.  It was obvious that he loved his wife dearly.

He came to me so often that I would joke with Pat that I was going to set up my spare bedroom for him.

The Moral of the Story (Spoiler Alert: the tuna doesn’t matter)

If you’re studying mediumship or just starting out, I’m sure you see by now that there is something much bigger to this story than tuna.

I was so incredibly nervous that I didn’t really want to give that first professional reading that day.  What if I had let my nerves get the best of me?

What if I never got to meet Bruce, Pat, or the rest of their incredible family?

They say mediumship is about giving a voice to those in heaven and proving the continuity of life after death.

They also say mediumship is a gift.  To me, the REAL gift, is the connections we get to make with people, the way they warm our hearts, and the lessons they teach us.

If your nerves are getting the best of you before you give a reading, take a deep breath and connect with your heart.  Remember why you do the work you do.  Love can overcome all nerves and doubt.

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  1. Hey Jessica
    What an amazing story! I too feel as though I have a hidden ability but my fear keeps me from acting on it. For years, I’ve always wanted to practice mediumship, but how can I if I’m terrified of the outcome. I wish I could move past this, because giving a reading or passing on a message to a grieving person is such a wonderful gift and a privilege.

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