Does Abuse Increase Psychic Ability and Intuition?

does abuse increase psychic ability and intuition

I love writing fun posts, but today I want to talk about something serious. I hope this post brings love and understanding to those souls who need it.

Abuse and Intuition

Years ago I read a theory that intuition and psychic ability may be heightened in people who have been abused. (I’d give credit to the source of this idea, but it was about 20 years ago, and I can’t remember where I read it.)

If you think about it, you’ll see that this makes a lot of sense.

So, if you were (or are) the victim of abuse and are having trouble embracing your intuitive gifts, having this awareness might help.

How Abuse Increases Psychic Ability

If you’ve ever been the victim of emotional, physical, or sexual abuse, you know what it’s like to feel anxious and ‘walk on eggshells’.

If the abuse took place at home, you remember the feeling of your stomach tightening as you walked home from school, or drove home from work.

You may even recall the feeling of being ‘on high alert’.

In order to survive, victims of abuse learn to sense the mood and energy of their abuser and their environment.

That’s why, in an abusive environment, your intuitive senses become heightened, and get stronger.

As a victim, you notice physical cues, like:

  • He’s quiet today.
  • I’ve seen that look on her face before; I’m going to keep to myself so she doesn’t blow up at me.

In addition, you also begin to rely on your intuitive feelings.

Your intuition tells you:

  • Things don’t feel right today.
  • The air feels heavy and tense.
  • I can sense his mood is off today.
  • My gut tells me to stay in the other room.

Without even realizing it, victims of abuse rely on the intuitive ability of clairsentience (psychic sensing and feeling).

Intuition Isn’t Suppressed in an Abusive Environment

Intuition is a natural part of you.

All living things, including animals, are intuitive.

You’ve probably seen a cat or dog run away from someone they feel is not good, or heard of animals moving to high-ground before a storm.

Animals sense the energy around them, and trust their intuitive feelings. They don’t question it.

But as humans, most of us are taught to suppress our intuition and rely on logic alone.

In an abusive situation, though, intuition isn’t suppressed.


Because it becomes a means of survival.

Victims of Abuse Have a Strong Sixth Sense

Psychic ability and intuition are a lot like muscles — the more you use them, the stronger they become.

And since victims of abuse rely on their intuition often, their sixth sense strengthens. 

A child who is abused by a parent may (sadly) be more in touch with her intuition than a child who is in a loving home:

  • The first child has to sense and feel things about people and her environment to survive.
  • The other relies more on her parents to tell her which situations and people are safe.

When she walks out the door of her home and goes to school, it’s easy for the first girl to get a ‘feel’ for people and her surroundings. She learns that some people have kind, loving energy — and others do not.

This child is using the intuitive gifts of clairsentienceclaircognizance, and empathic ability.

She may also feel her Inner Voice nudge her. That Inner Voice is known as clairaudience, and is another way her intuition guides her.

Takeaways and Resources

It’s been on my heart to write this article for a long time. It makes me sad when people feel like they are abnormal because of their intuitive gifts.

I hope this article has landed gently with your heart and soul.

xo Jessica


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