Developing Your Psychic Ability – Your Questions Answered

Hey, guys! I get a lot of email from our community asking about developing your psychic ability. So I thought it would be helpful to answer a bunch of questions in one big post. This way, the answers can benefit everyone.

This post is like a big kettle that’s boiling over with psychic goodness. It’s a long one, so grab your favorite drink, put your feet up, and enjoy!

developing your psychic ability

Questions About Developing Your Psychic Ability

Psychic Development Question 1: No classes in area

Q: I live in the sticks and don’t have any classes in my area. Are there any online resources that you would recommend?

Yes! But first let me share a few of my favorite exercises:

  1. Get a photo of an ancestor (such as a great-grandparent) and try reading it. Tune in to the energy of the person in the photo, and write down everything you feel about them.
  2. Visit and antique store. Pick up an object that you are drawn to and notice how the energy feels. (This is called psychometry.)
  3. Ask a friend if you can give her a practice reading. But don’t worry about being wrong. The point is to get used to working with energy and using your gifts. (Here are some tips to help you be confident when giving readings.)

Also, you should start working on raising your vibration by doing things that bring you joy. This will help you connect with your intuitive gifts and work from a place of love, for the highest good of all.

As for online resources, I’ve got two great ones for ya!

I’ve written two guides to help beginners embrace, understand, and develop their psychic abilities. They are:

Psychic Development Question 2: overcoming anxiety

Q: Is there a correlation between feeling spirit and having anxiety? 

Hey there! I’m not a doctor and don’t play one on the internet, but I personally believe there is a connection. You see, when you first start developing your psychic abilities, you can feel a lot of anxiety.

That’s because first, there’s the whole energetic piece. 

Sensing the energy of auras and spirits can cause you to be ungrounded. And this can leave a bit of an anxious feeling in your body.

But even though you might feel ungrounded, there is nothing to fear. This happens because you are not used to working with energy — like when your arms get sore after not working your biceps for a long time.

Once you learn how to ground yourself, the feeling will go away. 

This yucky feeling happened to me ALL the time when I first started out. Have you read how I was so ungrounded after my first psychic development class that I almost quit? Fortunately, you are armed with info, so this won’t happen to you. :)

Second, there is a shift in consciousness taking place all over the world.

People are realizing that intuitive ability is natural. But it wasn’t always this way. In the past, psychic ability was taboo. So give yourself some grace. It’s normal to have a bit of anxiety as your journey starts.

Psychic Development Question 3: coming out of the psychic closet

Q: Is it okay to be open with my family,  to tell them that I’m a psychic medium? When I’m ready to tell them I seem to lose my voice. I don’t know what to do.

I would encourage you to tune into your heart and trust your inner guidance on this. That’s because you should feel comfortable talking about developing your psychic ability. This is more important than anything.

So connect with your heart and do a short meditation. What does your soul say? Go within and listen.

If you want to keep your journey private for now, that’s okay. But if you’re ready to talk about developing your psychic ability with others, do it! These tips will help .

Psychic Development Question 4: is this normal?

Q: I’ve been trying to get to know my Spirit Guides. Every time I connect I get very very emotional. Not in a sad way but in a way I can’t control. Is this normal?

Yes! Our Spirit Guides are pure, Divine love, so it’s normal to feel emotion as you connect with them.

It’s like crying when you’re happy. Last month, I cried when my husband bought me an electric pencil sharpener. Silly? Not to me.

My husband knows I love coloring mandalas and fashion coloring books, and he thought I’d like an electric pencil sharpener. It cost him like 5 bucks at the pharmacy, but I felt so loved that I cried tears.

Multiply that times about a zillion and you’ve got what you’re feeling. 

It’s a soul connection, you know?

Developing your psychic ability isn’t like learning algebra. It involves the soul and emotion and the Divine, so it’s normal to feel. Let the emotion come. And if you need help connecting to your Guides, here’s a post that will help.

Developing Your Psychic Ability Question 5: Spirit Guides

Q: Is it normal for a spirit guide to show itself in a half human half animal form? Every time I ask to see what my Guide looks like I see a half-woman/half-deer…

Could one of your guides be half deer, half woman? I say sure, why not? We have self-parking cars now and Cheerios are gluten free.

Anything is possible.

For example, have you ever felt drawn to Atlantis? According to Dolores Cannon’s hypnosis clients, these half-animal beings were common in Atlantis. They also report that they were very gentle creatures. Yeah, it may sound silly, but who are we to judge? :)

So if it feels positive to you (even if it seems odd to your logical mind) go with it!

Developing Your Psychic Ability Question 6: the aura

Q: Do you have any tips for actually seeing the color of the aura? I can see it for sure, but I can’t see what color it is. It just looks white. 

Sure! But first, white could be an active color in the aura — so you could be totally rocking it!

Second, as you keep practicing, you’ll see more and more colors.

Third, before you do any aura exercises, try looking at a bright, vibrant image first. For example, take a few minutes scrolling through Etsy or Pinterest for abstract art. This is like stretching out your hamstrings before going for a run. It warms your psychic muscles up!

So take a look at the beautiful colors in the artwork. (Abstract art is great because it blends like the aura.) Then, try these aura exercises.

Psychic Development Question 7: fear and panic

Q: I’m experiencing visions and gut feelings which are causing me panic and anxiety. I’ve asked my Spirit Guides to ONLY show me the things from the light and anything that is for the highest good of me or my family.

Do you think these messages are trying to tell me I need to take action to protect myself and loved ones? 

No, I don’t think so. You see, we have so much stuff from childhood (religious stuff, scary movies, etc.) that it gets ingrained in our subconscious.

So remember this golden rule: if it scares you, it’s not from Spirit.

To overcome the fear, I encourage you to work on raising your vibrationYou could spend time meditating, going for a walk, watching TV, baking with your kids — anything that relaxes you and brings you joy.

You can also use a positive affirmation such as, “My gifts are from the light.” Remember, you are working on a divine vibration and there is no scary stuff there.

It’s all about love, and this is just a little speed bump!

Develop Your Psychic Ability Question 8: crazy or on the right path?

Q: Can you tell me if I’m on the right path? Some days I can feel people’s feelings, but then I just feel that I’m just being a fool. I’m not to sure if I should trust my gut feelings.

Oh girl, if you are feeling it, you’re not crazy or making it up.

Developing your psychic ability is SUCH a roller coaster ride. And the doubt you are feeling? It’s SO normal!

If we were chatting over Chai together, I’d tell you that if you are called towards developing your psychic ability, go for it!

Dive in and learn more. Does it resonate with you? Allow your intuition to guide you.

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