16 Easy Ways to Develop Clairvoyant Abilities

If you’re ready to develop clairvoyant abilities, look no further! Here are all my proven tips and exercises to increase psychic vision (#3 is essential for beginners).

develop clairvoyant abilities with these 16 exercises and tips

Develop Clairvoyant Abilities: 16 Easy Exercises

1. Meditate each day for 10 minutes

You knew meditating was going to be on this list, right? That’s because meditation raises your vibration which is essential to becoming clairvoyant. 

It also helps you clear your mind of clutter and connect with your inner knowing and gut feelings.

2. Meet your Spirit Guides

Did you know that you have a whole team of Spirit Guides dedicated to your spiritual development, and ready to help you connect with your natural psychic ability?

So, set aside 10 minutes, then, close your eyes and ask your Guides to show themselves to you. Ask them their names, and imagine seeing them in your mind’s eye. You can also talk with them, and ask them anything you’d like!

Go with the flow and trust any intuitive feelings or images that come to mind.

3. Develop clairvoyant abilities with visualization

The term clairvoyant literally means “clear seeing.” So, it makes sense that visualization is one of the best ways to develop clairvoyant abilities. And, it never gets boring, because there are tons of fun ways to visualize!

4. Be at one with nature

Not only does being with Mother Nature ground you, it also increases clairvoyant abilities and strengthens extrasensory perception.

To connect with your intuition, go for a walk or meditate outside. It will raise your vibration and psychic power.

5. Learn psychic ‘symbols’

As you develop clairvoyant abilities, you may have visions that are symbolic rather than literal.

For example, you could have a vision of your sister walking down the aisle… or you might see something that symbolizes a wedding — such as white doves.

To connect with your psychic energy:

  • Close your eyes and take a cleansing breath.
  • Imagine you are connected with your natural psychic gifts, and feel confident in your intuition.
  • Now, think about the emotion of joy. As you do, focus your attention on your third eye (the area between your eyebrows).
  • Relax, and allow joyful images to come to mind. What do you see? A color or a pretty sunset? There are no wrong answers — whatever symbolizes joy to you is perfect!
  • Spend about a minute doing the exercise, and really allow the feeling of joy to flood your mind. When you are done, blow into the palms of your hands to ground yourself.

Practice this intuitive exercise as often as you’d like to unlock and strengthen clairvoyance. Then, write down your impressions in a journal for an awesome keepsake!

Tip: As your ability increases, you will develop a bond with your Spirit Guides, and start seeing more and more images!

6. Learn to see auras

All living things have an energy field that surrounds them, known as an aura.

The best part, thought? Anyone can learn to see this energy, which is represented by color!

Your aura is like your own personal mood ring — it reflects how you are feeling. The colors can range from a bright, brilliant red to deep, dark shades of gray.

Learning to see your aura, and the aura of others is a fun way to connect with your psychic intuition!

  • Here’s a post that will teach you how to see auras (you can practice on yourself or your friend)

7. Use tarot cards to develop clairvoyancy

Tarot cards are not only OMG-gorgeous, using them is also a powerful way to develop clairvoyance.

To boost your psychic sight with tarot:

Choose a tarot deck that you love and set aside the card meanings that came with it (yes, seriously!) Now, use your intuition to create or interpret your OWN meanings for the cards.

All you need to do is spend some time with each card, then, write down what you sense about the card in a notebook.

8. Give psychic readings to family and friends

I can feel you cringing, but don’t worry! This is an important step towards understanding your gifts and trusting them.

After all, you can read all you want about horseback riding, but until you get out there on the back of a quarter horse, you won’t become a great rider.

It’s the same with developing your psychic ability. So, take Nike’s advice and “Just do it!” It will make you a stronger clairvoyant psychic (and medium).

9. Journal

Here’s your excuse to get back into the habit of journaling (you were looking for one, right?). Not only does this help you get in touch with your Higher Self (soul) and Spirit Guides, it also develops clairvoyance.

Here are some of my fav journaling prompts to develop your intuitive abilities and connect with your psychic gifts:

  • In my soul, why do I feel called to develop my intuitive gifts?
  • What positive message does my Higher Self have for me about my psychic development?
  • How do I feel if I imagine my clairvoyance is improving?
  • What is the next step I should take in my psychic development journey?
  • In what positive way(s) will my life be impacted when I start living the intuitive life I am meant to live?
  • When is a time that my intuition helped me?

10. Open your third eye chakra

Your third eye chakra is connected to your pineal gland, also known as the seat of the soul. (I know, doesn’t that sound wonderful?!)

To open it, and connect with your clairvoyance:

  • Get comfy and close your eyes
  • Relax and allow your mind to clear
  • Set the intention to open your third eye
  • Chant “Om” slowly five times
  • When you are done, blow into the palms of your hands to ground yourself

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11. Take a class or course

Joining a psychic development class gives you a safe, loving environment in which to develop clairvoyancy. I invite you to learn about my Beginner’s Guide to Clairvoyance, and of course, continue reading all the helpful posts on this site.

12. Keep your energetic vibe high

No, this does not mean drinking six cups of coffee a day (though that would be yummy!) It means having a high energetic vibration.

Having a high vibe is important for strengthening clairvoyant abilities, and makes unlocking your gifts much easier. Plus, a high vibration means that you will be a happier person!

13. Keep a dream journal

You may start having more vivid dreams as your abilities develop (don’t worry, they won’t be scary).

Clairvoyant dreams happen because our logical minds are checked out for a while when we’re sleeping (which is a good thing). Our relaxed state allows us to connect with our Higher Self without second-guessing ourselves.

So, starting today, keep a dream journal near your bed. Then, be on the lookout for precognitive dreams of future events, or those that offer you intuitive guidance.

Your journal will help you remember your dreams, notice patterns that are easy to spot, and see how much your gifts are strengthening!

14. Play a clairvoyance game

Remember playing the Memory game as a child… that game where you place all of the cards face down, then flip over one at a time, trying to make matches?

It’s time to dust that old skill set off and use that game to develop clairvoyancy! The key is to practice using your clairvoyance (not so much your memory).

For example, if you flip a card and it’s the Ace of hearts, imagine also seeing that card in your mind’s eye. As you continue to flip cards, keep envisioning them all in your mind’s eye so that when they are face down you can “see” them in your mind’s eye.

15. Use crystals

Crystals are fun to incorporate into your psychic development journey. Try using lapis lazuli or clear quarts to encourage your third eye chakra to open and balance.

Tip: Choose your favorite crystal, and place it on your third eye as you meditate for an intuitive boost!

16. Set the intention to receive guidance through your dreams

Remember those Spirit Guides? They don’t sleep — even when you do! So, ask them to help you out while you sleep and send guidance through your dreams. Make sure to keep your dream journal handy for when you wake up.

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