Are you ready to develop clairvoyance in a way that’s easy, practical, and totally achievable? If YES, then I know you’re going to love this book!

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The Beginner’s Guide to
How to Access Your Gift of Psychic Seeing with Confidence and Ease

I created this Guide for people who want to develop their clairvoyance, but don’t know where to begin. It will help you start developing clairvoyance with confidence — even if you doubt your gifts, worry that it’s all in your head, or aren’t seeing things with crystal clear clarity. Spoiler alert: You’ll soon see that you are totally clairvoyant! Woo-hoo!

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After Using This Guide You’ll:

Know how to use your clairvoyance to access guidance from your Spirit Guides.
Have complete trust in the clairvoyant images and visions you see.
Have a rock solid foundation that you can build on — and learn to go on and give intuitive give readings, if you wish!
Honor your soul’s gifts and reconnect with your Divine wisdom!

Imagine how it will feel to start using and trusting your clairvoyant abilities, and have access to Divine guidance for yourself and others — whenever you need it!

Here’s Some of the Good Stuff You’ll Find Inside


A super thorough and practical explanation of what clairvoyance really is, including how to ensure you don’t have scary visions. (Chapter 1)


9 clairvoyant exercises that you can easily blend into your day — while at home or work. You’ll even learn how to develop clairvoyance in your sleep (hello, convenience!) (Chapter 3)


A Clairvoyant Checklist so you can be certain you’re truly experiencing clairvoyance. Never wonder if you’re making it all up in your head again! (Chapter 5)


A “cheat sheet” of all the ways you can experience clairvoyance so you can kick doubt to the curb. (Chapter 2)


Journaling prompts and pages that will give you major clarity and insight about your gift. (Chapters 1-5)

Bonus Exercise

A bonus exercise that will help develop ALL of your psychic clairs! (Chapter 7)

A Look Inside The Chapters

What is Clairvoyance

In this chapter, you’ll learn what clairvoyance is, where psychic visions come from, and how to ensure that you never have a scary vision!

Signs You’re Clairvoyant

A list of surefire signs that you’ve always been clairvoyant — and didn’t even know it! (The childhood signs will leave you saying, OMG, it makes so much sense now!)

How to Develop Clairvoyance

9 simple, yet powerful clairvoyant exercises that you can blend into your day (even at the office or while washing dishes.) You’ll open your third eye, see auras, connect with your Spirit Guides, and learn how to develop clairvoyance in your sleep!

Crystals to Develop Clairvoyance

Crystals are not only OMG-gorgeous, they can do wonders to strengthen your psychic sight. This chapter will teach you the best crystals to support clairvoyant development, how to use them, and how to make a crystal grid.

How to Know You’re Experiencing Clairvoyance…

and NOT making it up in your head. This chapter will help you know for sure when you’re experiencing clairvoyance. Includes a Clairvoyant Checklist to boost your confidence.

Clairvoyant Affirmations

Repeat these powerful affirmations during meditation or whenever you need a third eye boost!

Bonus Chapter: Develop Your Psychic Clairs With Zener Cards

This super fun chapter teaches you how to use mental telepathy (yep!) to strengthen ALL of your psychic clairs, including clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance!

You’ll Also Get These Bonuses to Boost Your Clairvoyance


Bonus #1: Activate Your Clairvoyance MP3

This powerhouse meditation was created with the help of my Spirit Guides to activate your clairvoyance in just 10 minutes. It’s the perfect way to set your intention and let the universe know you’re ready to develop your gift!


Bonus #2: The Beginner’s Guide to Clairvoyance: How to Access Your Gift of Psychic Seeing with Confidence and Ease! AUDIO VERSION

Rather pop in some earbuds and listen? I’ve got you covered! This MP3 gives you the freedom to chill out and listen to the clairvoyance Guide instead of (or in addition to — why not? :)) reading it.

Ready to Get Your Copy of The Beginner’s Guide to Clairvoyance?

If you’re ready to start developing your psychic sight with soooo much ease and confidence, get your copy of The Beginner’s Guide to Clairvoyance now.

You’ll get the digital (PDF) version of the Guide, plus the Bonus audio version (MP3), and meditation to activate your clairvoyance!

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