4 Causes of Psychic Awakening

I’m a nuts to bolts type of girl, so today let’s talk a little bit about what CAUSES psychic awakening.

We are ALL born with intuition.  You, me, the mailman, and even Taylor Swift.  But most of us are taught to park our intuition on the sidelines and rely on logic only.

Some people are naturally psychic, but they never use their intuitive gifts.  To me, that’s sad.  It’s like eating a cupcake with no frosting.  Sure, the cupcake is good, but we all know the frosting is the best and most magical part.

Sometimes though, you get your hands on a cupcake that’s loaded with delicious frosting and life is never the same.  The cupcake is life, the psychic awakening is the frosting.  And life is better with frosting.

causes of psychic awakening

4 Causes of Psychic Awakening

1. Accident, Trauma (including Illness), or Near Death Experience

Have you heard of the medium Maureen Hancock?  If so, you probably know that her psychic awakening occurred after a severe auto accident that left her in a coma.  John Holland is another famous medium whose gifts awakened after an accident.

Accidents can be a doorway that allows psychic ability and mediumship to open up.

There is no proof of why this happens, but one theory is that a near-fatal event brings you closer to Spirit and reminds you that you are a spiritual being.

Also, trauma (such as abuse) can cause a psychic awakening.  Victims of abuse learn to rely on their intuition for survival.  They become more sensitive to energy, thus increasing their psychic ability.

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2. Death of a Loved One

The passing of a loved one is one of the most difficult things a human can experience.

I have been inspired time and time again by clients who tell me they feel closer to the Divine, having a “knowing” of the afterlife, and start living in a more authentic manner after the passing of a loved one.  To me, that’s incredibly courageous.

So why would a tragedy, such as the death of a loved one, be the cause of a psychic awakening?

There are two reasons, and I share them with the utmost respect and compassion:

  • Losing a loved one causes many people to seek comfort from their spirituality.  For some, this leads them to rediscover their own Divine essence and connect them with their soul.  And where there is connection with the Divine, there is intuition.
  • Many people begin to notice their intuition or psychic ability increase after a loved one passes away because they begin to notice “signs from heaven.”  Noticing when the energy of a loved one in heaven is around (like when you smell their favorite perfume), can heighten your sensitivity to ALL Spirit energy.

3. New Baby

Many people, especially women, notice their intuition cranks up a notch after they give birth or adopt a child.  They begin to intuitively KNOW what their child wants or needs.  It’s intuitive, natural, and a beautiful doorway to Spirit and the intuitive realm.

My own psychic ability opened up after the birth of my daughter who I’ve taught to use her own “int-wish-un.” :)

4. You Experience a Healing

I once had a past life regression to help me overcome a fear and it really ignited my psychic ability.  I know others who have had similar experiences.

Past life regression, Reiki, cranial sacral therapy, and other spiritual healing modalities can cause a shift in your consciousness, allow you to turn your attention within, and awaken your psychic gifts.

Have you experienced a psychic awakening?  If so, what do you feel caused it?  Share with us in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “4 Causes of Psychic Awakening”

  1. Mine all started when I was 10. I got very sick, with a very high fever when I had German Measles. I was out of school for over a month. After that, is when it all started with weird dreams and my artist life really took off as well. I think a certain part of my brain got activated when I had the high fever.

    1. That is so interesting, Donna, because I became really sick at age 11. For me, I was always intuitive, but I just thought everyone was like that. I think for me, I suppressed it until my daughter was born, and then it really blossomed. For me, I had strange dreams, too! – Jessica

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