Blue Aura Traits and Meanings: 7 Classic Signs

It’s time to talk about those beautiful blue aura traits.

We all have that one adorable sensitive friend, right? They cry when they’re happy. They cry when they’re sad. Or mad.

Sometimes, they even cry during commercials. (Seriously, have you seen those ASPCA commercials? Who can blame them?) On the flip side, they always know when something is up with you.

You: “Hey, blue friend!”

Them: “Oh my goodness, what’s wrong?”

In short, those with blue auras are full of peace and positivity. They are sensitive, offer unconditional love, and value relationships above all else. 

blue aura traits and meaning

Blue Aura Meanings

No, this is not like 50 Shades of Grey. The color blue is complex because the color spectrum is vast and there are so many shades of blue.

For example:

  • A turquoise aura could mean that you’ve experienced a past trauma.
  • Periwinkle-blue auras show sensitivity beyond the norm of royal blues.
  • An indigo aura moves you closer to the psychic purple (and is connected with clairvoyance and the third eye).
  • A completely true blue aura, while rare, is found in people with strong personalities.
  • Light blue auras (sky blue) demonstrates serenity.
  • A blue-grey aura indicates religious feelings ruled by fear.
  • People with aqua auras are super chill and go with the flow.

But with all the differences, blue auras have a lot in common. (Learn how to see your aura.) Take a look…

Blue Aura Traits

Someone with this energy color is the friend you call when the chips are down. They’re that generous, open minded friend that takes the time to listen (or rearrange your closet), and gives you fab advice.

On a Saturday night you may find them:

  • volunteering
  • learning about crystals
  • fighting for a cause they believe in
  • helping or listening to a friend (or animal!)
  • journaling
  • meditating
  • enjoying some alone time with a good book

Now, let’s dig into their characteristics…

1. Caring and Compassionate

These folks are cool, calm and collected, but also sensitive to negative emotions and extremely intuitive.

They shine when helping others, and their caring traits kick in! Plus, their thoughts and emotions unify when they focus on others.

Tip: Due to their sensitivity, those with blue energy need to keep their aura fields clear of negative energy.

2. Generous

Blue’s are generous — almost to the point of fault. If you have this color energy, make sure you don’t forget about yourself on Christmas!

3. Wise and Trustworthy

People with blue auras emanate positive, spiritual energies. Because of this, others find them wise, trustworthy, and compassionate.

Have you ever noticed that you feel more at ease with some people? Or are inclined to trust others? That’s their light blue aura at work!

4. Balanced

Those with blue auras see possibilities where few others can (this is one of their best personal traits!)

That makes them sought after for ideas, and of course, they are most generous in sharing them!

Blues can also find a balance between their head and heart to keep themselves grounded. For example, when their blue energy gets off balance, they can easily even it out.

5. Intuitive and Intelligent

A high level of intelligence and strong dose of intuition are two of my fav blue aura traits! These people are passionate about doing what is right and true, and fighting for justice.

These traits, along with their intuition, creates a force to be reckoned with. This is thanks to their balanced third eye chakra, and throat chakra.

In fact, if blues weren’t so honest, they could steam-roll over others. As it is, they are motivated and inspiring. I’m guessing Benjamin Netanyahu could have a royal blue aura!

6. Introverted

Blues dig the concept of a silent hide-away. They can’t bear constantly being with people (again, can’t blame them there!) They need alone time to recharge — maybe with a nice bath.

And as natural caretakers, it’s super important for them to get this time apart. Otherwise, they will give too much and burn out.

7. Careers

As I said, those with a blue aura gravitate towards helping others. Because of this, they are often found in careers like:

  • Teaching
  • Psychology
  • Healthcare
  • Writing / blogging
  • Psychic medium
  • Reiki or crystal practitioner
  • Yoga instructor
  • Art

Writing this, I couldn’t help but think of JD from Scrubs. If you’ve never seen Scrubs, watch a few episodes and see if you can pick up on JD’s blue aura traits!

As a doctor, he’s dedicated his life to caring for others. But that’s just the start. Our boy JD is by far the most empathetic and sensitive character on the show. He once sat with an elderly patient for hours after his shift was over — just to talk.

And when one of his friends needed him, he skipped a big event, brought take-out, and sat on her floor with her as she cried. Sensing the pattern here?

He has excellent communication skills, and doesn’t give up on anyone… even when they push him away. Well done, JD.

How to Get More Blue in Your Aura

Fun fact: it’s possible to change your aura to have more blue in it. (In fact, your aura changes all the time.) And with these fab traits, who wouldn’t want their energy fields bursting with blue?

You see, our aura reflects our emotional state. So, if we do things that align us with a blue aura, we’ll enjoy some of the goodness and traits we’ve been talking about.

Here’s how:

  • Meditate (my Intuitive Throat Chakra meditation is PERFECT for this!)
  • Decorate your space with blue accents
  • Invest in a blue crystal, like Lapis Lazuli, Blue Kyanite, or Fluorite
  • Get yourself a blue crystal bracelet or mala beads
  • Go for a walk in nature to ground yourself
  • Make a gratitude list
  • Share or donate something (or your time)

Blue Auras in Relationships

If you’re looking for a loyal mate (yeah, I know, who isn’t?), look no further!

Also, in the bonus column, those with blue aura traits are stellar communicators. That’s because blue is the color of the throat chakra, where communication is centered.

Plus, intelligence and intuition have taught them a lot, so they have a lot to say. And remember the part about them being wise? It would be to your benefit to listen to them.

Blue Aura Takeaways

The world would be a more peaceful place if there were more blue people in it. They are the genuine friends and neighbors that have your back — and their advice always comes from the heart!

People with blue auras are:

  • smart
  • intuitive
  • helpful
  • kind
  • compassionate
  • generous
  • trustworthy
  • caring
  • introverted
  • grounded

How many of these traits resonate with you? Can you think of anyone around you that might have a blue aura? 

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