What Does a Black Aura Mean?

Black aura meaning. Some people think a black aura means the presence of evil. While it’s true that an aura loaded with this color can mean run…

Even awesome people like you can have black in their energy fields; it doesn’t mean you’re an awful person.

Black auras can be caused by negative emotions: feeling hopeless, miserable, depressed, and even hate on the extreme end.

You know Winnie the Pooh’s pal, Eeyore? He isn’t evil, but he does have kind of a negative attitude. He probably has some muddy-looking colors in his aura, for sure!

And I’m sure that when I went through a challenge a couple of years ago, I had some muddy colors — even black — in my aura, too. And generally, my aura is bright and sparkly!

We’re human, and it happens.

So, let’s talk about why your aura might have some black in it, what it means, and how to make it healthy again.

black aura causes

Black Aura – Your Spiritual Alarm

Truth: Sometimes we feel more like rain than sunshine.

Because we are spiritual, energetic beings, energy shows up for us in a lot of different ways. One of them is the electromagnetic field around our bodies called our aura.

The colors in our aura reflect the state of our physical and emotional being.  

If someone sees black in your aura, don’t freak out.

It can actually be a good thing, like a smoke alarm. When a smoke alarm goes off, what do you do?

Call for help and get to safety pronto!

So, discovering that you have black in your aura can work the same way.

Think of it as an early warning system telling you that something is wrong — that one wheel is off the tracks.

In a nutshell, you’re not happy.

Your aura colors exist because of the thoughts you think, the feelings you feel, and your general vibe.

If you’re feeling negative, it makes total sense that your aura would be black (and your chakras likely need cleaning-up, too).

In fact, that heavy energy can even cloud up the other colors in your aura… like causing the color to be murky green instead of a sparkly emerald green. Makes sense, right?

Causes of a Black Aura

1. Not Being Able to Forgive

Holding onto grudges and not forgiving can harden your heart, send negative vibes into the universe, and show up as a dark color in your aura.

Is it hard to forgive sometimes? For sure!

We’re human and this stuff isn’t easy!

But feeling unforgiving never touches the person whom you are angry at. It only affects you.

And you are SO worthy of joy and letting it go.

2. Grief

I don’t think it’s an accident that the traditional color to wear at funerals is black.

Grief over the loss of a loved one, loss of a job, a divorce, or ill health can show up as a black aura.

And depending on the intensity of how you are feeling, the shades of black can vary, too, from a grayish color to a more intense charcoal.

3. Lack of Willingness

When we hold onto negative feelings and think we are justified in holding onto them, it affects our energy fields.

Our natural spiritual state is to be loving and forgiving.

When you feel bad and hold onto stuff, your aura can show up as bruised, darkened, and manifest as a shade of black until you release it, and let it go.

The thing that helped me let serious stuff go was watching Esther Hicks’ videos on YouTube. Following the teachings of Abraham (channeled by Esther Hicks) has totally changed my life for the better.

Here are two videos that I found super helpful:

4. Depression and Hurt

I’m not a doctor, and I don’t play one on the internet, but I know I manifested a black aura when I was severely depressed due to my daughter’s illness.

“Deep, dark depression” is the way it’s often described (meaning, it’s more than just feeling blah for a week).

For me, it took time, serious self-care, and an amazing spiritual counselor to figure out what I value most in life (then living and making decisions based on what I value) to make me feel better.

Only when I learned to have a new perspective, let go of what I could not change, and make joy a priority, did I feel like I was connected to my Higher Self and living my True Essence again.

There were days I never thought I’d feel better, but lots and lots of self care helped a lot.

5. Hopelessness

Life is supposed to be about being happy.

If you’ve had a lot of negative experiences in life, a black aura can be that spiritual “alarm” that you’re off kilter and need to tend to yourself ASAP to start feeling awesome again.

6. Being Cold or Irritable

Some people think, “Why should I be nice when life has treated me like crap?”

Developing a sense of compassion and empathy for yourself first will begin to lighten your vibration, and brighten your heavy aura to a lighter shade of gray… then lighter still… and brighter… and more vibrant!

See if you can discover some real meaning for your life that’s different from your negative perspective.

Improving Your Aura Colors

Ready to improve your aura and bring more joy into your life? It all starts with learning how to see auras (don’t worry, it’s easy and only takes about five minutes!)

Next, set aside some time to take an aura cleansing bath, or use one of these ideas to remove negativity.

Once you’ve taken the time to remove negativity, think about what color aura you would like to have. Each color has specific traits and characteristics associated with it (which you can read about in-depth in the articles below).

Then, meditate for a few moments and imagine surrounding yourself in the color of your choice:

  • Aqua aura – This color symbolizes spirituality, calm and peace.
  • Purple aura – Symbolizes intuition, creativity and passion.
  • Blue aura – Peace and positivity. Dark shades (like indigo) indicate psychic ability, while light shades mean serenity.
  • Pink aura – Ranging from light pink to vibrant magenta, this color indicates love, kindness and connectedness with your Higher Self.

Black Aura Takeaways

  • Having some black or gray in your aura doesn’t make you a terrible person or mean your life will always be doom and gloom.
  • We all experience heavy, negative emotions sometimes. The way we feel physically and emotionally is reflected in our aura. Yucky emotions make our aura darker and muddier. When you feel better, your aura will be beautiful!
  • If they can make toothpaste that can give us a brighter, more dazzling smile, we can totally have a brighter, more dazzling aura, too! We can do this by working to release negative emotions from our heart.
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