The Critical Thing Every Beginner Psychic Must Do (but Doesn’t)

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There is something important you need to do if you’re a beginner psychic, having an intuitive awakening, or wondering, “Am I psychic”.

Sadly, almost no one takes this step because most spiritual mentors don’t teach it.

But don’t worry. If you’re a beginner psychic (or have been struggling with your gifts), you’re in the right place.

I’m going to teach you exactly what to do and why it’s so important. Best yet? It’s going to be enjoyable and insightful!

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Why Every Beginner Psychic Needs to Do This

Did you know that, even though I felt called to use my psychic abilities, I almost quit dozens of times in the beginning of my journey.

It wasn’t because I lacked inspiration (I had plenty of that). Heck, I had even done a total life “recalibration”, dropping out of college to follow this calling.

I almost quit because I was afraid that I wasn’t psychically good enough. And I was afraid of being wrong, and worried that people would think I was crazy.

You may resonate with these fears, or there may be something else holding you back.

So, I’m here to tell you as someone who struggled tremendously as a beginner psychic:

To develop psychic ability with confidence and embrace the journey, you need to take the time to connect with your intuitive gifts.

Trust me on this.

Having a relationship with your intuitive abilities is like having a GPS into your heart and soul. You’ll see what I mean when you read the next section.

That said, here is what every beginner psychic needs to do in order to develop their gifts with joy and confidence.

Getting Comfortable with Being Psychic

As I said, it’s important for psychic beginners to connect with their abilities.

Think about this:

Sure, you could meet a total stranger and run off and get married via Married at First Sight style. But if you’ve seen the hit TV show, you know that most of those relationships don’t turn out great!

In relationships, isn’t it better to get to know the person before rushing to the altar? You know, actually enjoy some of the first date conversation, “Your favorite color is periwinkle blue, mine, too!” *kismet*

It takes time to nurture the relationship, and get to know, connect with, and trust the person.

It’s the same with your intuitive abilities.

As a beginner psychic, you need to take time to:

  • Connect with your gifts, whether they be clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, or claircognizance (or all of them!)
  • Learn how to work with your abilities.
  • Practice using your abilities to gain trust.
  • Embrace them as a positive part of your life.

Are you having an ah-ha moment right now? I hope so.

Honestly, I had amazing mentors, but I had to figure out this connection aspect for myself.

Instead of struggling for those years, I could have been helping people with mediumship and intuitive readings years earlier than I did, and with MUCH more confidence.

I’m excited to teach you what I know so you can avoid struggling, enjoy your journey, and use your spiritual gifts to put positive energy into the world!

So, let’s take the next step together.

Connecting with Your Psychic Abilities

If you’ve been around for more than half a second, you already know about my affection for journaling.

It’s the peanut butter to my Reese’s chocolate cup because it:

  • Helps provide clarity
  • Increases psychic abiilty
  • Declutters the mind
  • Raises your energetic vibration

Along with these benefits, it’s also relaxing (and fun with sparkly gel pens).

But reading, “Journal to connect with your intuition” is about as helpful as reading, “Buy some cold medicine if you want to feel better”.

There are loads of cold medicine options, just like there are loads of ways to journal!

But I don’t want you to do any old freestyle journaling. I want you to use specific journaling prompts that will connect you with your psychic ability.

Here’s how to connect with your intuitive gifts via journaling, step-by-step:

  • Grab yourself a notebook and pretty pen. This is a special exercise, so go ahead and splurge on a notebook or journal that you love.
  • Then, choose a quiet time when you can have 15-20 minutes without interruptions. If you want, meditate or take a warm bath first. (Totally optional, but helpful.)
  • Get comfortable.
  • Next, set the intention that this journaling exercise is for your highest and best good. Invite in your Spirit Guides and/or angels, if you’d like.
  • Then, take a look at the following journaling prompts and choose one that you’d like to try. Don’t overthink it. Go with your gut.
  • Next, write out the question you chose in your journal.
  • Relax and let that sparkly pen fly!

Tip: Don’t filter anything or worry about spelling or grammar. This is for your eyes only. Also, don’t think, just write from the heart and soul. Let your intuition guide you.

Journaling prompts to connect with your psychic ability

  • In my soul, why do I feel called to develop my intuitive gifts?
  • What uplifting message does my soul/Higher Self have for me about my psychic development?
  • How does my heart feel if I imagine I’m allowing my gifts to blossom?
  • What is the next step I should take in my psychic development journey?
  • When I feel doubt around my gifts, what can I do to get back into the flow of trusting again?
  • When is a time that my intuitive gifts helped me?
  • In what positive way(s) will my life be impacted if I start living the intuitive life I was meant to live?

At the end of your journaling session, thank your Spirit Guides and angels. Then, do something to ground yourself.

Repeat this exercise whenever you’d like or whenever you feel you disconnected from your abilities.

If you’re struggling with fear around your intuitive gifts, try these journaling prompts:

  • Where is the fear around developing my gifts coming from?
  • Am I afraid that someone will be angry, disappointed, or upset with me if they find out I’m working on psychic development? Why?
  • What specific thing(s) can I do to empower myself in this situation?
  • What other fear have I conquered that prepares me to conquer this one?
  • In what situation/area of my life do I feel powerful and confident in? How can I transfer that power into embracing my intuitive gifts?
  • How would my life look if I was living for me (and not others)?

And for more about overcoming fear around your psychic gifts, read this post.

Troubleshooting Tips: What If You Feel Stuck?

If you’re:

  • Drawing a blank. Sitting in your comfy corner, pen in hand, and still drawing a blank? Don’t force it! Even the most seasoned journalers will tell you to take a break if the words just aren’t coming. There’s no harm in taking some time off and returning in a few hours.
  • Stressed about daily obligations? Enlist the help of your trusty smart phone and set a timer. That way, you won’t be wondering if you’re going to be late picking up your kids from school mid-juicy journal thought.
  • Feeling totally blocked? Pop some peppermint, lemon, or wild orange in your essential oils diffuser! Those oils promote creativity and offer energy… they’re some of my favorite journaling buddies (minus my pens, of course).
  • Can’t quiet your mind? Try a quick meditation before you pick up a pen. Meditation will quiet your mind and allow you to focus on your journal prompt and get the most from your session. Plus, you may come out of your meditation with a few nuggets you want to write down!
  • Don’t be a perfectionist. Don’t freak out if the words don’t flow the first time. Remember, we’re building a connection here, not rushing to the altar. And like all psychic development, this will become easier with time. Baby steps, okay? (You can also read: I Want to Develop My Psychic Abilities but I Feel Stuck!)

Beginner Psychic Journaling Tips

I’ve used all of the above journaling prompts and could give you sample answers for each prompt, but that wouldn’t serve your highest good.

The best advice I can give you is:

Don’t worry about being right or wrong in what you journal.

This is a great exercise in trust, too!

Once you select a prompt that speaks to you, sit down in a cozy spot and pull out your journal and pen. Then, relax, and let the words flow from your mind to the paper — you’re the only person that will ever read this.

Don’t stress about sounding whiny or anxious. Just let what’s in your heart and soul out!

I LOVE helping beginner psychics embrace and develop their gifts. I’m so excited for the insights you are going to uncover with this psychic development exercise.


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