7 Beginner Psychic Development Tips [#3 is a Must Try!]

beginner psychic development tipsPsychic Development for Beginners

Let’s talk about beginner psychic development tips, shall we?

When I first started my journey in 2000, I had a toddler, a newborn, and a husband that traveled for work. I hardly had time to shower, let alone develop my psychic abilities.

That means I had to find easy ways to practice opening my intuitive gifts.

Fast forward 20 years, and now that I teach psychic development, I know that there are lots of ways to develop clairvoyance, clairaudience, and the other abilities.

And today, I’m sharing them with you (don’t miss the bonus tip at the end!)

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7 Beginner Psychic Development Tips

Intuitive guidance and inner knowing are natural. But we often make psychic development harder than it needs to be.

In reality, there are lots of ways to blend intuitive development into your day.

In fact, this is the best way to develop your gifts because it not only strengthens your abilities, but it also helps you learn to trust them.

When you are connected with your gifts, you’ll see that being psychic isn’t about doing; it’s a state of being.

So now, let’s dive into some beginner psychic development tips that support our mantra that being psychic is a state of being.

1. Strengthen clairaudience

Did you know that there is a simple exercise to strengthen psychic hearing? Yep!

Next time you are sitting in the doctors’ office waiting room, or in the car waiting for the kids, use the time to develop your psychic clairaudience.

Here’s what to do:

  • Sit comfortably and take some deep breaths.
  • Then, set the intention that you want to increase your psychic hearing.
  • Now, pay attention to the sounds around you. What do you hear? Rain pelting the window? Someone’s cell phone buzzing?

The Beginner's Guide to ClairaudienceTaking the time to tune-in and listen is a powerful way to quiet the mind, connect with your Higher Self, and develop psychic hearing and extrasensory perception.

In time, your clairaudience will increase and feel natural. Soon, you’ll even hear intuitive guidance from your Spirit Guides!

Tip: Why not make “intuitive time” a game with your kids. Take turns tuning into sound with your kids, and sharing what you hear.

2. Practice giving intuitive readings

We all have talents and gifts and need practice to master them. Developing your psychic abilities, mediumship, and reading tarot is no different.

Are you gifted? Yes! But you still need to practice. Even the best athlete’s practice.

In fact, giving practice readings is key to developing your abilities.

To get started, schedule two practice readings. Ask a friend, or a friend of a friend if you can read for them.

If you’re a beginner, that’s okay. This is just for practice, so don’t stress yourself out.

At first, you might not feel like much is happening, but trust me, it is. Your gifts will get stronger each time you practice.

Tip: You can also give a reading by holding an object. This is known as psychometry. With psychometry, you read/sense the energy of objects. For example, if you hold someone’s necklace, you can feel their energy on it!

This is a great technique for psychic beginners. It’s like training wheels for psychic readings.

3. Name your Spirit Guide

Do you feel like you could have a warm and fuzzy relationship with someone whose name you didn’t know? I didn’t think so.

That’s why, starting today, get to know your Spirit Guides.

After all, they offer divine guidance, and want you to live your best life — so it makes a big difference when they feel familiar to you.

And all you need to do to start connecting with your Spirit Guides is to learn their name. Don’t stress, though. It’s easy to get to contact your Spirit Guides.

  • Sit quietly for a few moments.
  • Tune into your heart and choose a name for your Spirit Guide — yes, choose. Allow your intuition and heart to lead you. Your Spirit Guide will be honored with whatever name you choose!
  • Next, start chatting with them! Yes, I mean to chat with your Guides throughout the day… Like when you are making dinner and realize that you are out of an ingredient — say, “Joel, can you help me?” You may feel an inspired idea about a different ingredient — or decide that it’s a pizza night instead!

4. Keep Your Energetic Vibe High

Keeping your vibration high makes it easier for Spirit to connect with you. It also makes it easier to develop psychic and mediumship abilities.

And it doesn’t have to be super complicated or hard.

One of my favorite ways to keep my vibe up is by listening to music (it really is good for the soul).

So, pop on a song you can’t seem to get through without dancing, and listen to it while cleaning up the house. It will raise your vibe, and help you feel more spiritually connected.

5. Use crystals

Crystals hold powerful energy — even if they’re just sitting on your bookcase! For example, fluorite can help open your third eye, and selenite can increase clairaudience.

So make good use of that “passive” energy by placing them in the corner of your office, under your bed in a crystal grid, or near your pillow.

6. Take a mindfulness walk

My mom loves that her dog gives her an excuse to get out and walk a few times a day. Walks can be a great place to connect with nature and ground yourself.

They can also be a time for you to squeeze a mini meditation session in!

Try concentrating on each step as you walk. Focus on the movement of your body and say the word “step” with each step you take.

It will strengthen your intuition, clairaudience, and clairsentience.

7. Eat high-vibrational foods

Adding high vibe foods to your diet (like fresh fruits and veggies) will help keep your energetic vibe nice and high.

Don’t worry about overhauling your diet though. Just add some greens, fruits, or even dark chocolate (score!) to your day and notice the difference in how connected you feel to your psychic abilities.

Bonus Tip for Psychic Beginners

This is so simple, yet super powerful:

Do something to develop your abilities every day.

Jerry Seinfeld used this method to write jokes — and we all know he did pretty well!

So, get yourself a calendar, then, use one of the tips on this blog each day. When you are done, draw an X over that day on the calendar. This will help you use your intuition every day. (Plus, it’s fun to see how many X’s you can make without breaking the chain!)

Here are some ideas:

1. Meditate for 10 minutes to raise your vibration and connect with your intuition.

2. Grab a family heirloom and try psychometry to strengthen clairsentience.

3. Practice visualizing to increase clairvoyant ability.

4. Read a chapter of a psychic development book.

5. Sit with your pet, and tune into their energy to see how they are feeling.

6. Ask an elder family member for some photos of loved ones who have passed away. Spend 10 minutes with the photos and see what you can sense about the people in the pictures. These mediumship tips will help.

7. Ask your Higher Self or Spirit Guides for guidance. Then, pay attention to any signs or intuitive nudges you feel.

8. Practice telepathy. Sit for a few minutes and think about a friend, then, set the intention that they will call or text you within 24 hours. Imagine sending them an energetic signal to connect with you.

9. Try binaural beats. Have you ever noticed than an hour-long TV show is like 30% commercials? Instead of wasting that time, DVR your fav shows and skip through the commercials. Then, use those 15-minutes to connect with your intuitive abilities. Try 15-minutes of binaural beats* or journaling instead.

*The Spiritual Awakening binaural beats that I recommend is my favorite for psychic development. If you buy through this link, I will earn a small commission.

Want more ideas? Here are 28 psychic development tips.

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