9 Sexy Traits of Aries Men

Want the scoop on sexy Aries men? We’ve got it!

Most people know Aries as the sign of the ram (ruled by Mars), and the zodiac sign for late March to mid-April. You may also know this sign has some intense, “sound the alarm” traits.

Because Aries is associated with strength and power, these guys often get a bad rap and are seen as “alpha males.”

But let’s debunk that myth right here, right now. In reality, this zodiac sign has lots to offer, from strength to leadership qualities.

So, if you’re dating an Aries guy, here’s the real scoop on his most swoon-worthy traits! (You’ll find a complete list of astrology signs and compatibility here.)

9 sexy traits of Aries men

Aries Man Traits

1. Aries men make the first move

Can we get an “Amen”? You can rest easy knowing that he’s a natural leader, and will almost always make the first move.

He knows what he wants, and he will stop at nothing to get it. Yep, that means you don’t have to worry about sending a double text or asking him if he wants to make it official.

When he falls in love, you’ll know…

The only downside here is that because they know what they want, these guys also know what they don’t want.

So, if you’re interested in this fire sign, and he’s not making any moves, don’t be surprised if he’s not interested.

He won’t beat around the bush. You can count on him giving you a yay or nay rather than sending you passive-aggressive signals.

Our advice? If your Aries man isn’t pursuing you or making the first moves anymore, ask him about it. He’ll most likely give you a straight answer.

Tip: Aries is most compatible with Gemini, Leo and Sagittarius.

2. Aries men are romantic

A man who is a romantic and makes the first move? Yes, he’s one of the most romantic sun signs in astrology!

You see, Aries guys value their relationships and love life. And that’s something their significant others love.

He wants compatibility and to build a strong foundation with his soulmate. He is much more driven by this than sex and lust. We won’t go as far as to say he’s a hopeless romantic, but he’s definitely got romanticism in his blood.

3. He’s a leader

Aries men have leadership in their DNA. They’re also strong, assertive, and decisive. Because of this, they make for great leaders in all areas of their lives… That includes relationships, which could be a plus or a minus for you.

If he gets to be too overbearing, make sure to have a conversation with him. Open communication will be important in a this relationship. So, don’t hesitate to open those doors of communication when needed.

4. He’s motivated by competition

Being competitive is one of his best-known personality traits. He can’t help it — it’s how he’s wired. (This sign is known as the God of War, after all!) He wants to do, and be, his best. And if he feels like he’s falling behind, he’ll do everything he can to get back on top.

If you’re with an Aries man, this can be tough. You may feel like your guy is prioritizing other things over you to succeed. In this case, a gentle reminder will do the trick.

And if he feels like your relationship isn’t up to par, his competitive instincts will get it back on track.

5. He’s a straight shooter

If you’re in love with this astrology sign, you’re probably not into mysteries and intrigue.

That’s because Aries men tell it how it is, and their actions mirror their values. Always. Don’t try to play games with him, because he won’t understand or play them back.

6. Aries guys are consistent

As you can guess, this guy is pretty predictable. He’s not predictable in the sense that he’s boring, but he’s a consistent guy with a steady life.

Aries males are not driven by their emotions, but can deal with people who are. So, while he may not be the best for someone who is ultra-sensitive, he can handle emotion. In fact, his consistency and emotional detachment can be beneficial as a partner.

7. He’s all in

When the Aries man is in, he’s ALL in. He doesn’t do anything without maximum effort — including your relationship. Good news for you, right?!

On the flip side, his intensity can be a lot at times. So be sure you are ready for it… or ready to let him know if things are getting too intense for you.

8. Aries men at work

You’ll notice that most Aries men are hard workers who become successful in their careers. But the interesting thing is, most of them are not motivated by money.

Instead, most Aries males are passionate about their work, and would rather work towards goals. And, because of their nature, they also work hard to outdo the competition.

9. He’s serious, but fun

The Aries man strikes a balance between being serious, driven, and fun-loving.

Men with this zodiac sign need fun and adventure in their lives, but they’re never over-the-top about it. These aren’t the kinds of men that need to go on a hike or a bike ride every weekend. But if you present him with a fun adventure, he’ll be up for it!

And while they’re serious with work and responsibility, they’re also able to let loose!

Aries Men Takeaways

Aries men don’t sound so bad after all, do they? They’re fantastic, and contribute leadership, diligence, and loyalty to the world… and of course, to you.

If you are dating this fire sign, count yourself lucky because he’s a romantic who cares a lot. Heck, he’ll probably do some reading up on your sign to understand how lucky he is to have you!

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