Are Spirit Guides Ever Wrong?

Are Spirit Guides ever wrong?

Are Spirit Guides Ever Wrong?

Are Spirit Guides ever wrong? Do they suddenly change their minds? Do they get your hopes up and then decide to put you on a different path the next day?

These great questions found their way into my inbox, and I’m excited to answer them and set the record straight.

  • First off, it would be lousy if our Spirit Guides were indecisive and confused us!
  • Second, it’s normal to question the intuitive guidance you receive, especially when your intuition is first awakening. 

Don’t beat yourself up, though, it’s not your fault.

Most of us were raised to trust logic and reason, not our heart and soul.

That said…

Your spiritual helpers always support you for your highest and best good.

For that reason, they’ll never guide you in a “wrong” direction. 

On the flip side, they’re not in charge of your life, either. Like Bradley Cooper in American Hustle, they play a supportive role.

How Do Spirit Guides Work?

Think of your spiritual helpers as your football coaches.

Imagine you’re a football player running towards the end zone. As you do, you hear your coach’s voice in your head…

They have given you a lot of guidance, but as you run down the field, you are scared; and who wouldn’t be? There are  linebackers all around wanting to tackle you!

Now you start thinking, “I might get tackled,” or “Coach told me to throw a pass, but what if it’s intercepted?”

You WANT to trust your coaches and know they guide you for your highest good, but a little seed of doubt says, “But what if their guidance is wrong? They’re not the ones out here on the field? What if I fumble?”

So, how do you get from here to trusting your intuition? Let’s talk about that next.

Learning to Trust Your Intuition

Part of our human experience is discovering things that interest us, exploring new paths, and expanding our souls… though sometimes it feels like it would be easier if we could just pick one path and stick to it!

But like a buffet, life gives us many choices.

And sometimes those choices and options can be SUPER overwhelming…

Should I send Johnny to this school or that one? Do I take that job and move across country to California? Should I end this relationship or try to make it work? What’s my purpose; what do I want to do with my life? How can I do what I love and still earn enough money to support myself?

The key is to learn to trust the inner guidance you receive

You see, you receive intuitive guidance from your Spirit Guides and other spiritual helpers EVERY DAY in the form of intuition and gut feelings. 

Trust me, your soul didn’t just drop here and leave you stranded like the Hunger Games.

Your Guides and divine support team always support you with love. (Read about the day I met my Guides, and the amazing validation I received.)

And the best way to start hearing and TRUSTING their guidance is to TUNE IN to how you feel. 

For example, these are all great indicators that you are in alignment with your spiritual self:

  • You feel inspired or passionate about a project you are working on
  • That “little voice” inside is telling you this is right
  • You have a gut feeling that this is what you are supposed to be doing
  • You have a vision or “see” yourself reaching a certain goal

On the other hand, having the opposite kinds of feelings can indicate that you are not in alignment with your Higher Self.


Your Spirit Guides and divine support team won’t steer you wrong or suddenly change their minds.  They are here to support and guide you with love, and want to help you be the most joyful version of yourself that you can be.

But it’s totally okay if you change your mind and choose a new path. You have free will and decisions are always yours.

The main thing to remember is that your spiritual team is always working for your highest and best good.

So, pay attention to how you feel; trust your coach and make the touchdown. :)

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4 thoughts on “Are Spirit Guides Ever Wrong?”

  1. So grateful to you, Jessica, for raising this subject and tackling it (no pun intended!) with such honesty and wisdom. You are such a gift to all who know you. Blessings, Reba

  2. Hi Jess. My name is Tamika. I’ve been having headaches when I go to bed and some during the day. I had visions in my dreams. And they would come true, but I haven’t had any for sometime now. I have vived dreams and can remember what happened, who was in my dream, things like that. I also get tingle hands like they have gone to sleep, but it’s a different type of feeling. Do you think I might have a physic ability? It would be very helpful if I could see your point of view. You are very wonderful! – Thanks Tamika

    1. Bridgette Franitti

      Hi Tamika, thanks for reaching out! If the energy is giving you headaches, and there is no medical cause for them, you can try soaking your feet in some warm water.. adding some nice bath salts would be a plus, too! I’d say, if you’re wondering whether or not you have psychic abilities.. then you probably do! The headaches and tingling hands are often signs that things are opening up! Yay, you! <3

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