Let Your Spirit Guide You: Are Spirit Guides Ever Wrong?

In meditation last week, I heard the wise words, let your Spirit guide you.

The next day, Laura reached out to me with a fantastic question related to this wisdom:

Are spirit guides ever wrong or suddenly change their minds? Do they get your hopes up and then decide to put you on a different path the next day?

let your spirit guide you

First, it would kinda stink if our Spirit Guides were indecisive and confusing us!

Second, while let your spirit guide you are really wise words, it’s not always easy, is it?

In fact, it’s normal to have trouble trusting intuitive guidance, especially when you are first opening up and using your intuition. 

So don’t beat yourself up… remember, most of us weren’t raised to follow our hearts and souls.  Most of us were raised to trust things like logic, reason, and algebra!

It can be especially hard to allow spirit to guide you when you don’t have the support of family or friends, or they think you’re a wacky woo-woo person.

If you’re feeling confused, it’s OK.  Just take it slow and first realize that:

Spiritual guidance comes from our Spirit Guides, but we have many other awesome helpers as well!

First there’s your Higher Self.  There are other names for the Higher Self, such as authentic self, soul, God self, or Inner Being.

Personally, when I allow my spirit to guide me, I most often feel connected to my Higher Self.  I like to think of my Higher Self as the wisest, most confident, and most loving version of me!

You also get intuitive guidance from your:

  • Angels
  • Ascended Masters (these can be the “big” spiritual teachers you’re familiar with, like Jesus)
  • Loved ones in heaven

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Your Spiritual Team Works for Your Highest and Best Good

Our spiritual helpers always support us for our highest and best good.  For this reason, they’ll never guide you in a “wrong” direction.

That said, they’re not in charge of your life, either.  Like Bradley Cooper in American Hustle, they play a supportive role.

Your spiritual team offers guidance which we receive in the form of intuitive nudges or feelings.

It’s like when you ask a question, and then start getting signs EVERYWHERE as to the answer :)

But of course, because we have free will, decisions are ALWAYS our own.

Tip:  It’s easier to surrender and let your spirit guide you when you remember that the Divine always guides us in love.

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Your Spiritual helpers are like a football team

Were you raised to let your spirit guide you?  I sure wasn’t!  I, like many, was raised to think with my logical mind based on facts and “what is”.

Feeling connected to the Divine – and trusting that guidance – is easier when you are aware of how your spiritual helpers work to support you.  They work a little bit like a football team.

Imagine you’re a football player running towards the end zone to make a touchdown.

Let’s think of your spiritual helpers as your football coach.

As you are running towards the end zone, you hear your coaches voice in your head.  You know what you need to do, and what would help you get to your goal.

Coach has given you lots of guidance, but as you run down the field, you are scared.  And who wouldn’t be?  There are big linebackers all around, just waiting to tackle you!

Your logical mind is saying, I might get tackled!

– or –

Coach told me to throw a pass to the wide receiver, but what if I throw a bad pass and it’s intercepted?

You WANT to trust your coach.  You KNOW he always works for your best and highest good – to make you the best player you can be!

Even more – you WANT to make that touchdown!  Coach sees how passionate you are about the game.  He will move heaven and earth to help give you all the tools to be the best you can be.

But that little seed of doubt and logic says, yeah, well, what if coaches guidance is wrong?  He’s not the one out here on the field!  What if this is a bad play?  What if I fumble?

Somehow, through your fear, you decide to trust your coach.  You make the touchdown.  And the crowd goes wild!

Are spirit guides ever wrong or suddenly change their minds?  Do they get your hopes up and then decide to put you on a different path the next day?

So to fully answer Laura’s question, no.

Your spirit guides won’t suddenly change their minds.  Neither will any of the other members of your Divine team.  They are here to support you, guide you, and help you be the very best and joyful YOU that you can be.

But YOU might change your mind choose a new path the very next day :)  And that is OK.

The main thing to remember is that your spiritual team is always working for your highest and best good.  For example, last week, I trusted my intuition and completed a project.  It was WAY out of my comfort zone.

When I sent out the project to my community, it was a disaster.  I felt so upset and embarrassed.  But in the end, I saw how the “mistake” was really for my highest and best good… I got some really supportive and sweet emails, and got to see that the world didn’t end because I made a mistake!


It’s Hard to Pick a Path

Sometimes, it feels like it would be so much easier if we could all just pick a path and stick to it.  I know I’ve felt that way LOTS of times!  But, like a buffet, life gives us many choices.

As we find new things that interest us, and new paths to explore, our souls are expanding.  We forget that this is why we are here having a life experience.

The trick is to begin to trust the inner guidance you are receiving.  Your Inner Being won’t steer you wrong because your soul IS you – the spiritual part of you that is only love without fear.

Your Spirit Guides and other Divine helpers always support you with love.  And the best way to know you’re on your path is to take notice of how you feel.

Passion and excitement are wonderful indicators that you’re on the right path and aligned with your spiritual self!

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4 thoughts on “Let Your Spirit Guide You: Are Spirit Guides Ever Wrong?”

  1. So grateful to you, Jessica, for raising this subject and tackling it (no pun intended!) with such honesty and wisdom. You are such a gift to all who know you. Blessings, Reba

  2. Hi Jess. My name is Tamika. I’ve been having headaches when I go to bed and some during the day. I had visions in my dreams. And they would come true, but I haven’t had any for sometime now. I have vived dreams and can remember what happened, who was in my dream, things like that. I also get tingle hands like they have gone to sleep, but it’s a different type of feeling. Do you think I might have a physic ability? It would be very helpful if I could see your point of view. You are very wonderful! – Thanks Tamika

    1. Bridgette Franitti

      Hi Tamika, thanks for reaching out! If the energy is giving you headaches, and there is no medical cause for them, you can try soaking your feet in some warm water.. adding some nice bath salts would be a plus, too! I’d say, if you’re wondering whether or not you have psychic abilities.. then you probably do! The headaches and tingling hands are often signs that things are opening up! Yay, you! <3

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