Aqua Aura Traits and Characteristics

To have an aqua aura is awesome! It’s also gorgeous, rare, and super cool!

People with a bluish green aura are bearers of healing, mediation and peace. Can you say, Om?

You’re mostly calm and chill, and your understanding and compassion is a gift to everyone you meet. In other words, you totally rock.

As a person with an aqua aura, you’ve got some great qualities, so let’s dig in and see what they are.

aqua aura traits and characteristics

Aqua Aura Personality

When aqua is in your aura, it’s because you live your life with a focus on joy and innocence.

(Here’s a post on how to see auras in five minutes.)

Innocence doesn’t mean you don’t enjoy a Pinot Grigio or use bad words once in a while. It means you are a sweet, happy soul, who:

  • Minds your own business
  • Marches to the beat of your own drum
  • Believes that everyone should have the right to do their own thing
  • Is pretty chill most of the time
  • Totally respects other people

Aqua aura people are ‘whatever floats your boat’ people and fall in the blue aura category.

You get along great with people, and they are drawn to you because they can sense your authenticity.

On a Saturday, we might find you:

  • Strumming out on your guitar
  • Hanging around in your yoga pants wearing a messy bun (or man bun!)
  • Curled up on the sofa reading a book with your puppy

Fun fact:

If your aqua energy is located above your head (at the crown chakra), it means that you love music, so crank up the radio and sing along!

If the energy is around your throat, it means you are an awesome communicator.

Talents, Gifts and Jobs for Aqua Aura People

People with a lot of aqua in their energy fields are intuitive healers.

They make wonderful, compassionate, and ethical:

  • Reiki practitioners
  • Psychics
  • Mediums
  • Counselors
  • Teachers
  • Energy healers of all kinds

Aqua aura people are wonderful listeners, and bring a healing and calm presence wherever they go.

And they are usually the ‘peacemakers’ of the family.

Aqua Auras in Business

Even though aquas are very spiritual, they make excellent business owners.


Because they are super patient, and okay with delayed gratification. They know that if they put in the hard work now, it will pay off later.

And as nurturers, aquas are happy to invest time and love into their business, and watch it grow!

Aqua Aura Traits and Characteristics

1. You are Nurturing and Patient

As we just talked about, people with aqua in their energy fields are very nurturing and patient.

Not only are they good with people, they are also good at growing plants, veggies and flowers!

And of course, their big, nurturing hearts LOVE animals! (If you love watching cute kitten videos on YouTube like me, it might be a clue that you have a lot of aqua in your aura!)

You have a loving nature, but can be firm, too (the old expression “velvet glove, iron fist” comes to mind). Because of your kind heart, you have the ability to “say it with love.”

Your friends know that you tell it to them straight and sprinkle in some jewel of wisdom when they ask you for advice.

2. You are Sensitive

No two ways about it — you’re sensitive.  You cry at sappy movies and are super empathic.

When you give a hug, you know precisely how much to squeeze.

As an old soul, you know when to be supportive, and you know when to give someone their space.

If you’re travelling in another country, you’re mindful to be respectful and honor their customs. (You could even become a shaman, as the study of metaphysics would really interest you!)

3. You’re Profound

Like a Rubik’s Cube, you are an unusual combination of what is simple and what is most profound.

I’d like to say you have a lot of layers like an onion, but aqua aura people would much rather be compared to a gorgeous multi-faceted gemstone!

You’re as much at home eating a cheeseburger as having foie gras and Chardonnay for lunch!

Of course, you know exactly how to talk to people so that no one is offended or left out — you can be deep and analytical or make light and friendly small talk.

Some people might have a tough time following you when you speak because you say so much so quickly!

But when you meet another ‘quick-to-get-it’ soul, magic happens… mind flips and hee-haws!

4. You Like the Classics

You aren’t into trendy things, and prefer the classics… white subway tile, a little black dress that will never go out of style, a stylish and classy haircut.

5. You’re Unique

You’d be comfortable living off the grid growing your own organic veggie garden, with wind-powered electricity. Maybe up in the mountains, or off a country road, off the beaten path. Mmm, yes!

You may even choose to wear one of those big, floppy sun hats while planting your carrots as you sip on fresh squeezed lemonade.

Self-Care for Aqua Color Auras

As an aqua aura, you love and need alone time. Rest and relaxation help you stay calm and grounded, since you are continuously giving to others.

This balance is a MUST to keep you feeling good.

If people try to take too much from you, you need to learn to tell them NO so you don’t get burnt out and lose your shine.

It’s important that you learn how to cleanse your energy or take an aura cleansing bath to release negativity.

How to Bring More Aqua into Your Aura

I have a lot of aqua in my aura, and it makes me feel SO calm to surround myself with this color in my home.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money or go crazy — I have some throw pillows in one room, and my bedroom ceiling painted aqua with a pretty white chandelier! Total cost of paint $12!

For us aqua aura people, it can also be fun to have an aquamarine stone.

These stones help open the throat chakra, develop your intuition and clairaudience, and protect your energy. This one from Amazon (full disclosure – this is my affiliate link) is so pretty!

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