Abundance Manifesting: How to Journal Your Dreams into Reality

Abundance manifesting and journaling go together like peanut butter and jelly…

Plus, journaling has so many benefits, including increased:

But did you know that you can super-power your journaling efforts to manifest abundance?

Yep, that means you can turn even your loftiest dreams into reality!

It’s easy, fun, and today, I’m going to show you how to do it. (Seriously, you’re going to want to get your sparkly pen ready.)

abundance manifesting - how to journal your dreams into reality

New around here? Learn how to get started journaling.

Abundance Manifesting

You’ve probably heard the saying “like attracts like…” You know, that little idea that the universe provides what we focus on and direct our attention to.

Whatever we’re focusing on creates a vibration and energy in us.

In turn, the universe responds by sending something of the same energy our way.

For instance, focusing on:

  • A lack of money can result in the universe providing more lack.
  • The money you have (and being grateful for it) can prompt the universe to send MORE abundance your way. (Yes, that means being grateful even when you only have $2.11 in your checking account.)

What we want to do is laser-focus our journaling to increase abundance. 

Here’s how:

How is Abundance Manifesting Different From Journaling?

Journaling usually involves writing about our day, how we’re feeling, and any other details we’re prompted to dish out.

But journaling for abundance manifesting is different.

We need to flip the script and write about our DREAM FUTURE in the PRESENT tense.

To be clear, this means we are thanking the universe for something it hasn’t given us yet.

This is key, friends!


Because the law of attraction says that when you FEEL something, and your energy matches that feeling, the universe MUST turn it into reality.

It’s a universal law.

Tip: Some people feel guilty about manifesting abundance. But part of being spiritually healthy is allowing abundance and joy into your life.

The BEST book I’ve ever read on the subject is The Millionaire from Nazareth. It will change your entire perspective!

Does Abundance Manifesting Work?

If that sounds a little out there, let me assure you, this flippin’ works!

The other day I was cleaning out my closets and started flipping through my old journals, and holy cow!

I realized that SO many of the things that I’d wanted to manifest had actually come to fruition.

I’m talking about:

  • A blog with over 2 million views
  • A psychic development community of over 20,000
  • Credit card debt paid off
  • My first 6-figure year
  • A better marriage
  • My husband’s vehicle paid off in less than one year
  • And on and on!

So how do YOU get in on this goodness?

1. Get clear on your vision

Abundance manifesting works best when you are crystal clear on what your dreams are.

When you think about the future:

  • What parts are non-negotiable for you?
  • Do you want to live near family?
  • Have a certain job?
  • What does your actual day-to-day life look like?
  • What time do you wake up?
  • Which restaurants do you frequent?

These types of specifics will help you manifest abundance with intention and clarity.

So, stop for a minute, and think about your dream or goal.

If it helps, go on and create a vision board to look at every day. Tip: you can create an online vision board if that’s easier.

2. Write as if it’s already happened

Sometimes, I’ll write a page or two with the words, “I am so happy and grateful now that I _________ .” (Have paid off my credit cards, can go out to dinner with my husband every Friday night, etc.)

The page looks like this:

I am so happy and grateful now that I have paid off my credit cards!

I am so happy and grateful now that I have paid off my credit cards!

And I’ll just write that junk out like a hundred times in a row, allowing myself to get EXCITED.

I also allow myself to FEEL what it will be like when my credit cards are paid off.

With each sentence, allow yourself to believe what you are writing because…

Writing about our goals as if they’re already accomplished puts us at the energetic level we need to manifest them into fruition.

3. Tell a story

Another fun way to manifest abundance through journaling is to write in story form.

In other words, imagine you are living in the future and writing in your personal diary!

Here’s an example about manifesting a dream weekend:

“Dear diary,

Today was a perfect Saturday! We slept in until 9 am. When we woke the weather was gorgeous! It was a warm 70 degrees and we could feel the breeze coming through the window. I loved watching the curtains billow in the breeze… there’s something so romantic about it!

We made coffee and we took our time sipping on it while we talked about what we wanted to do today. Around 10 am, we got up, got dressed, and took a stroll at the beach, then window-shopped downtown.

Of course, nothing sets the “beach and window-shopping mood” like my favorite blue and white striped shirt, white capris and flip flops! And of course, my favorite necklace with my initials on it (swoon!)

After our walk on the beach, we ate brunch at our favorite downtown restaurant. I had scrambled eggs and homefries… Hubby had French toast and bacon. After that, we did more shopping and sat on a bench watching the water and sipping on iced coffee.

When we got home, we straightened up the house a bit, then relaxed in front of the TV for a cat nap. Tonight, we chatted, laughed, and enjoyed our time together. Our day ended with our traditional milkshake and fries combo from the local burger joint, eaten while binging our fav show!”

In this example, the abundance goal was about love, marriage and living a stress-free life.

My husband and I don’t live by the beach (yet), but I did get a gold necklace with my initials on it. Also, my marriage is more wonderful than ever! (And yes! We do drink coffee in bed on the weekends. Yay!)

4. Allow room for options

While it’s important to get clear on your goals, it’s possible that those goals will be fulfilled in ways you can’t imagine. 

Abundance manifesting comes in many different forms, so don’t limit yourself.

That’s why I like to include the phrase, “I intend this or something better.”

This gives the universe options to bring something about in an unlimited number of ways.

If your goals have you living on the beach, but you’re not sure which beach, leave it up to interpretation!

Focus on the specifics you DO have and allow the universe the flexibility to bring it into reality for you.

5. Believe it’s possible

The universe can’t be fooled.

The Law of Attraction states that when you feel something AND your vibration matches that feeling, the universe must turn it into reality.

This means that journaling dreams into reality isn’t like Tom Riddle’s Diary in Harry Potter (thankfully!)

As you journal, you must be sincerely grateful as if it’s already your life — that is what brings your vibration up.

Writing something down and not feeling it will not deliver that fabulous beach house.

Abundance Manifesting Takeaways

Journaling your dreams into reality is seriously powerful and, if nothing else… a fantastic exercise because it forces you to think about your future in a detailed and specific way!

Plus, it brings immense thankfulness into your life. The universe in turn delivers whatever you were thankful for.

So get those goals down on paper!

Dream up your perfect life and watch as it starts to occur — maybe in ways you never even imagined.

In a year, pull out your journal and see what abundance-manifesting has happened for you!

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